Deeply in love with a gemini...

  • i met this gemini girl who seriously, made me fall in love with in a couple months. she teaches me so many wonderous things...and we go wonderous places. with her...i even have fun in a 99 cent store. i cant explain the happiness she brings me.. but im not sure if i have her heart like she has mine. i know she has a boyfriend...who she talks alot about. which annoys me because prior nights ..she'll amaze me with a nature walk followed by watching a sunset. and listening to love me..she's nearly perfect. =]

    one day, she'll give me so much attention..the next day,it seems as if i dont exist. sometimes she calls me mean names..but i think thats how she shows she cares. ?? =/

    with her i cant really explain how i feel for her...because she gives me mixed signals...either she wants to have sex with me, be my friend, or secretly loves me. or all of those possibilties.??? i've tried initiating with her... but when i try..she laughs in my face...which confuses me so much more.

    another weird thing she does is talk about the future with me. one time i was playing with a smaller child..and she said to me "i cant wait until you have children." i think she wants to be good friends....but then another day..she tells me she likes me a then runs aways from me.

    i dont mind being good friends with her...but then her flirtation gets out of hand. sometimes she'll call me a million times...._.. she tried giving me love advice...about marriage...[something im not thinking of at all.] i asked for her advice on a girl i was seeing. and she told me "stop messing around with her because once you're married u can have sex with your one and only whenever u want. and she will give you good sex." i have no clue what shes talking about. she gets upset when i go to places with other girls...but her jealousy is slight. i told her i love her...but we usually mess with each others heads. she responded by saying "you love me in a non-long-term relationship right?" i said yes..because i believed that if i would have said would make our friendship awkward. i would really appriciate help about what this gemini wants. and if i should pursue. and how i should pursue.


    lost libra =[_

  • She is infatuated with the attention you give her. No real love here. Move on.

  • ah thanks for the reply.

    ill take this into consideration

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