Aries men controlling???

  • I'm dating an Aries male (3/29) and I'm a cancer (7/9). He seems to be trying to control me. I'm a very independent woman. When I won't something done I don't sit around and wait for someone to do it. I get impatient and just do it myself. He thinks he should be with me at all times. My best friend who I haven't seen in years came into town for a few days to visit and he had to go with me everything I would go see her. I don't understand why he feels to need to go with me everywhere. Then, he tries to tell me I can't go do something or go somewhere without him. What is the deal with Aries??? Also, one minute we are arguing and the next minute it's like everything is great. I don't understand it all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Please!!!

  • Well, my experience with two aries (husband & son) is if they're not controlling in the beginning of the relationship they are at some point later. They definitely are control freaks. You have to set them straight & I'd suggest you do so now rather than later.

    Good luck,


  • What's the best approach when setting an Aries straight without him going off the deep end?

  • Just be honest, blunt but with tact. Being an aries he should appreciate assertiveness. Just say "I really like how you care for me but I need to do what I need to do without you at the time. I'm independent and It doesn't mean that I don't want you around. I just need to do this myself. However, I'd like to see you ....; are you available then?"

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