Cancer guy has me confused?????

  • Been working with shy cancer guy for about 8 months. Asked him out for a drink when i first started work as i got the vibes that he liked me - when he did mention my texts he never gave me an answer but i never bought it up either (shy!!). I kept my distance and so did he. Then 2 months later he started talking to me again (work related) but quite a few excuses to talk, we got on quite well, text a bit and then he went weird again and avoided me. We texted sometimes but not too much in this time. He shows signs he cares what i think but then he acts cold which hurts my feelings.

    My birthday is beginning of Oct, so i asked if he wanted to help me celebrate, he said he didn't know. wanted to know who, where etc. said might end up being just us, not sure, well he never mentioned again. My birthday came and went lol! I have asked him if he is single, but he just won't answer.

    He seems nervous when he talks to me, and rarely makes eye contact. Some days he makes sure he is where i am and other days he makes sure hes not. On occassions, he does have trouble getting the words out. coz he's so nervous. I feel hes scared of me - even though my friends have told me i'm far from scary. It does seem like he wants my attention.

    Well i decided to try again and asked him round for dinner and watch a dvd (thought maybe being home would be better than going to the pub), well he never answered again and hasnt mentioned it, i find it difficult to get him alone to bring it up. I know he gets one of the other guys to sit in on my conversations with the others at work, and he sometimes hovers when im on my mobile.

    I would like your views on what is going on here?? It is driving me potty and i'm beginning to lose my patience.

  • Cancer is most emotional signs of the zodiac. If they like you, they like you. if not, well...Is this guy straight?

  • He could have been in a relationship, even casually. We are very loyal and will not lead someone on if we believe there is any chance of a future with another.

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