Forever or done?

  • Hey Gang - I'm new to this site and I have a situation that I'm unable to get beyond. I'm a Libra, he is a Pisces. We met 10 years ago. We dated on and off for the entire time - moved in with each other 2 years ago. I asked him to move out last month because I've been going through lots pf personal turmoil - work, divorce/custody case, etc....I know - in my heart that I love this man and we're supposed to be together - I can't get him out of my system. He's so hurt by my decision to break up that he won't even speak to me. He won't respond to my emails, texts or calls. I tell myself this should finally be the end of us once and for all - but - I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Can someone do a reading fo rme and tell me if i should pursue us or find a way to walk away? I need some direction or insight.

  • as libras their is always double thinking, also water and air! is very are feeling guilty right now, and he knows this and is playing a game. give it a little time, and focus on why you booted him to begin with...good luck, and stay strong!

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