Cannot do readings for myself

  • It looks like I cannot do readings for myself... I feel like I am not objectiive and too emotionally attached to result. I think I see in the cards what I want to see instead of the truth.

    I am currently pursuing my dream job and wonder when I will land my dream job. Can anybody help me? My DOB is 12/26/68.

  • Futurist, I wish I could do a reading for you. I feel that I may be more of an empath and am working on trying to deal with that. I wrote to get a reading and never really heard anything back. I do hope you will get a reading. I did feel like I needed to write you since we have the same birthday mine is 2/26/61. Maybe if you do a reading you can do one for me. I am at a crossroads and starting over after 30 years of marriage and needing direction to start over. Being alone after all these years is definately taking it's toll. I will hope that a reading will come for you and me. Hope is a powerful thing.

  • Olive Branch: You need to start over with baby steps. i see you will get an invitation to a gallery opening, art function, women's club? or maybe even a movie but it is a party setting. There is a punch bowl there and you meet interesting people..perhaps a man but i see you speaking with a woman. She is empathetic and guides you into something to do. You are like a small child opening your eyes to the world around you. I think you should take a class in something "Green" are looking into the future and I see you with a job somewhere in that field. If money is not an option, then you get a part time job or do volunteer work..but i see you sitting at a desk answering a phone. Is there a children's museum where you are? I definitely see a function of some sort..This woman has something to do with that...perhaps her name is with an E..elie? ellen?..? Good luck..take baby steps.

  • Futurist: The job comes after the first of 2010..i think in February..Spend as much time as you can honing your interview skills and training for this job. The interviewer will ask you pointed questions with regard to the duties of the job..and you shine. I am not sure you should go with the biggest company..I see that the biggest company makes you a small fish and the small company gives you more duties. Even though it is not the highest paid, you will advance quickly. i see feng shui around you..Look for oriental motif..maybe the wallpaper or furniture looks oriental. That is a good omen and where you should be. May even be the interviewer's dress or the receptionist but I see an oriental looking scene..Good luck

  • Dear Cajuntemptation, I am not sure what you are referring to but will keep an eye out for it. I do not socialize much, mostly because when I walk in a room the emotions of the people overwhelm me and I have never felt good in crowds. Yes, I have thought about doing some volunteer work at the library or art school and both of those have children. I am good with children, just never had the urge to have them. Thank you for the insight and if the situation comes up I will definately pursue it. Can you tell me if J will be back in my life, gemini 6/10/63 and I am a pisces 2/26/61 or if another man will come into my life. I am lonely and would sure like to have insight on this. Thank you again for sharing your gift with me.

  • I have trouble reading tarot for myself as well. I have no problems interpreting tarot for others but when I do a reading for myself I am always so confused, I am never seem to be able to understand what the cards are telling me. Not only that seeing certain cards really upset me and sort of throw of the reading, coupled with the anxiety I feel my readings never make sense. I was wondering if this is normal?

  • I do not know the answer but maybe we are not meant to read ourselves or we have a protection that prevents us from doing so and unless that is opened you can not read yourself. Seems to make sense that we should not read ourselves, possibly if we do it is hard for our emotions to not get in the way and that causes confusion. Maybe someone else will give their insight or idea.

  • Generally, even specifically most people do not read for themselves well for takes considerable discipline, ageing and more objectivity [most likely a combination of all three]that comes with much practice and or is a gift natally. When you truly focus on assisiting others from the and delivering, help will show up for you...'as you do unto others so it is done unto you.'

  • Dear Olivebranch,

    I can do a reading for you. But I would prefer sending it to your direct email address, if it is possible. Please let me know.

    Take care,


  • Dear Cajuntemptation,

    I appreciate your response. Did you reveal this information for me through a tarot reading?

    Many thanks,


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  • Olivebranch,

    I will send you a reading shortly. Take care.

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