Why it is difficult to date a cancer?

  • Hi I am just catching up on this thread. I'm not sure about my cancer. I'm not really sure if I read too many of these cancer threads and I am assuming he is playing games or he really is busy. Sounds like he is-he's gone 3 to 4 days in a row (international airline pilot) covering for 3 pilots that quit.

    Sandran-you mentioned that cancers can't do long distance relationships. Well, my my case even if I lived in his city it would be long distance since he is flying all the time. I don't even know what country he is in.

    Right now I have let go of my attachment to him. I've been super busy anyway.

    Saranee-you said your cancer was 33. So is mine. What day is his birthday? Hope it's not the same guy, haha.

    Someone mentioned somewhere that when cancers get hurt or rejected they hold a grudge forever. I rejected and hurt my cancer nearly 14 years ago. He was just 19 then. I know he did hold onto that hurt for a long time. I'm just wondering if that's the reason he seems to be extra cautious about getting emotionally involved with me. Is he afraid that I would reject him again? How can I reassure him that I won't without scaring him?

  • @llindieloo --- Yes that's what I'd do too 🙂 And glad to know you're not sitting around just waiting for him...Life's too short to be wasted over just one person (unless they deserve it). So how are things with your 'new' cancer? Any progress yet? Do keep me posted...

    @Luazinha --- Well, I don't want to scare you any more than you already are but YES cancers do hold onto hurts and grudges from their past. Its as if they never move on...14 years ago may just be yesterday for a cancer, you know!! But that shouldn't deter you from loving him at the same time. If you're determined enough he'd come around...Cancer males tend to like stronger and determined personalities (But come on too strong at him and he'll poof, LoL). As for your cancer being extra cautious about getting emotionally attached...Which cancer isn't !!! Most of them don't commit easily due to their high standards when it comes to settling down with someone for good. sigh Nothing can ever reassure a crab, Lady!! They are ever so insecure and yet want to control their environment and relationships emotionally. But You can still show him you care this time around by taking li'l and non-frieghtening measures...Hang onto him even when he disappears for days...meaning DO NOT show him you feel jittery when he does that...Space and Time...shower him with plenty of these two and he'll take notice for sure. And do show him you care from time to time...

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  • @keldjoran --- haha...just see what falling for a 'crab' can do to a normal person !!! LoL . Hope things are still 'interesting' between you n your scorp. Wish you luck and peace :):)

  • Luazinha:

    yes he is 33. 2nd July 1976...

  • Keldjoran:

    I just find out from another thread that all those advise are from a cancer MALE lol..i had no idea so far...

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  • Keldjoran:

    lol..i guess you forgot...j/k... but i truly appreciate all your suggestions and that did helped me. I was totally lost before....but i am getting there...slow but steady. 🙂

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  • I have decided to let him go and move on....

  • Luaz>>Someone mentioned somewhere that when cancers get hurt or rejected they hold a grudge forever. I rejected and hurt my cancer nearly 14 years ago. He was just 19 then.

    Sandran>>That was my post.

    I should have mentioned if the person hurt us continuously.One time we can overlook.It's on an on we will never forgive and forget.

  • Saranee-my cancer was born July 12, 1976. At least it's not the same guy, haha!

    Sandran, ok so maybe he's overlooked the first time I hurt him but he came back 13 years later to tell me about how much me hurting him affected him the last 13 years. I hope he can trust me now.

    Keld-nice to have you here helping us understand the cancer male.

    My cancer called me on Friday. He was sweet. He said he can't come see me until January. He said he sent me some presents. I still like mine, although a Libra has been showing me some interest lately.

  • astro-thanks for the advice. This time I am not planning on rejecting him. I do not want to scare him, I do respect his need for space, although since he lives in another country and he's an airline pilot i don't know what country he is in from time to time...he called me on Friday-he's been trying to call me. He saids he's been working alot and can't make it here until january. I think he's sincere about wanting to see me. I didn't sound too disappointed or jittery, I didn't even tell him I missed him. I'm feeling more secure about him now, I know that even if I don't hear from him for a few days doesn't mean he stopped thinking of me. I do love him.

  • Hi. I'm a Cancer female and I hope this may help you a bit. We Cancers have a VERY hard time of letting go of a love. At least I do. I also have a bad habit of feeling very close to somebody and just assuming they feel it too. Because of this I don't always verbally express me feelings as i feel it's just "known". Also I have a tendancy to take my love ones for granted when I'm in a mood. I will just assume they will always be there because i love them. Even if I don't call, text or email I feel that they know I love them, that's enough. Not always true.

    One thing I am true to is my guy. Nothing can tempt me when I have a guy in my heart-- nothing. BUT if I'm not happy, I'll drop my guy like a hot potato and move on. When we love you it's usally forever, but once it's dammaged or broken we think it's not easy and sometimes not worth it to fix. Not always, but usally. Hope that helps. Good luck.

  • Luazinha, I'm a Cancer lady.

    I don't know the differences between the male and female varieties very much, plus it depends on the moon sign and ascendant. I know I do not really liked to be chased, I'd rather be the chaser. It sounds ideal to me that you've decided to trust him and be patient with his schedule and need for time. I'd think that he'd be appreciative of you for trusting in him. Believing he's sincere is an extra brownie point for you as well. So the relationship seems it'd be a strong one to me.

    Do tell him you love him, just don't over-do it. Keep it at a pace with whatever exciting moment entices you to say it to him, for it must be believable. If a Cancer hears too much adoring words, then they'll doubt the sincerity.

    Looks as if you've caught yourself a Cancer mate to me.

    I wish you both luck and love.

  • moonbeauty>> also have a bad habit of feeling very close to somebody and just assuming they feel it too. Because of this I don't always verbally express me feelings as i feel it's just "known

    Sandran>>>I feel like this too.I recently contacted an old classmate.He is also a Cancer.A few days from my birthday.I am sorry.But, I think Cancer men are stupid.Or if they are not stupid they are having a blonde moment.He makes it very hard to communicate with.If I weren't a Cancer myself I would have gave up long ago.Told him don't write me a certain address.And damned if he doesn't write there.I am not sure where he lives now or I would call.I hate emailing forever in a day.

    This is not an online Cancer guy.But, that is how I found him.I found him to have similiar interest in things that I do.I am curious to meet him because I haven't found a Cancer man up close and personal.Except my pastor at church.But, he is married..LOL

  • LOL>>>>>>LOL>>>>LOL>>>15 Yrs. Cancer man.. Aries woman.. Run.. Run>>Run

  • spairr6>>LOL>>>>>>LOL>>>>LOL>>>15 Yrs. Cancer man.. Aries woman.. Run.. Run>>Run

    Sandran>I hope you are not 15 years old.I am Cancer and spent a good part with an Aries man .And he ran and kept running back to me.So where do you think you are running to??

  • Haha... Lots been changed since I was away, eh!!!

    Love to see many cancers finally deciding to be 'open' about their ways on here...You have NO IDEA how important all these inputs have been to other signs, Crabs 😉

    Gosh...am sick of seeing new 'Cancer' posts every few days !!! People, how about grilling some other sign for a change now !!!

  • Iloveharper-thanks for your input. I do trust him, but I am not ready to tell him that i love him yet. I am afraid that that would make him run. I have a feeling that he's pretending that all he feels for me is physical. I must admit that that aspect has really been fantastic..but I know he keeps it at that level because he's afraid of getting deeply involved. I know he feels more than that for me.

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