Why it is difficult to date a cancer?

  • "once she starts ignoring him, she'll become a challenge to him and he'll start trying to find ways to get her attention again, but will ultimately give her the cold shoulder once he "wins". We always like to win in the mind games department"

    jaw drop you're right, that's completely twisted. Wow. So, how is she, or any woman, supposed to tell the difference between "Oh shit, what have I done!? Wait, come back!!" and "Oooo...this looks like fun."

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  • LOL you guys are such women.

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  • @saranee --- Babe I've had some friends who helped me learn some hindi years ago...Guess I still remember it 🙂 And 6 months is NOTHING when you're involved with a cancer...haha. Their mind games continue through out you're with them...And as I already told ya I am another water sign, a piscean but with a gemini rising...gives me additional resource to play these kinda games....hehe. BUT am not a cancer...don't even have any placement in cancer in my chart...so I lose after a while !!!! I've seen all I could with my 'cancer' and what now left is only the 'tail' as they say... 😞 Mine's almost stalking me now...Shudder....just blocked him at a coupla places. Such a pest and a persistent one!!! Just miss those early morning coffee cuppas with him though and the warm hugs and cuddles and those pecks when least expected...Am I getting emotional again...Time to switch to my taurus and gemini sides...haha...wish you relief and happiness :):):):) Have faith in ur abilities and keep all of us posted.

  • @ Astrodame:

    "the warm hugs and cuddles and those pecks when least expected"... i miss those too 😞

    Still i cant do games...it bothers me so much..makes it difficult for me to concentrate on other stuff.. sigh...he still didnt reply my text though....


    So you think thats the reason to disappear..i had this feeling...he is been doing all this contradictory things...he told me he does not like the idea of kiss on the first date...but he did...he told me he like to take things slow...but i had to slow him down lol. its not that i didnt like those lol but makes me wonder why his actions does not match his own words????? how can you trust somebody if they say something but has different things in mind...

  • Sandran712:

    My idea was to slow him down...that was not a rejection. If i rejected him...why would i text him try to talk to him....make no sense...damm this guy is 33 and acting like a baby..

    What should i do now?

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  • hers a wuestion I would love an answer too. Why (and this is just my experience with the three or four that iv know) why do cancer women always go for men that you cant have? I:E hes got a girlfirend, OR A WIFE!

  • OMG it isn't me. You have no idea what a relief THAT is...I've been with a Cancer man for eight years, five of those have been married years and everything was great.......until.......a family member of his came to visit I noticed in her manipulation, passive aggressive tendencies....I started looking all that up online because knowledge is power right? Then I really started to notice them in him....apples don't fall far from the tree. HE USED TO tell me I love you first, I was pretty, walk up and give me a hug for no reason. Then in April he stopped wearing his wedding ring....HHHMMMMM. Doesn't know why. Don't think he's cheating, we live in a REALLY SMALL town it would have come out by now. He has had two other wives, should have been a red flag for me HUH? They cheated on him.......now, I think I know why, he pushed them over the edge with the witholding of affection {except when it's convenient for him} and all the other passive/aggressive crap he's doing. He asked me how to fix it, I told him. The situation got WORSE! I'm 49 he's 51 shouldn't he be passed all this mind game stuff? His other two wives divorced HIM. I really believe that's what he's after. I've outlived my usefullness.

    I could divorce, believe me I have choices. But, I'm choosing to stay cause I've worked really, really, really hard on my credit score and I'm afraid he'll ruin it if I divorce him. He can't even pay his medical bills and he has the money to do so. He gets the bill.......not taking the chance on him paying OUR bills. He has assests he could sell to get us out of debt and divorce me, I've asked him to do so......but.....of course he hasn't. He wants me to cheat so that he can be "POOR HIS NAME" in front of our friends. Saranee, don't know what to tell you, cause I'm in the same boat maybe between the two of us and our combined vibrations we can get through.

    Good luck.

  • Keldjoran:

    I would not say he was lying...i felt he was confuse....and when i asked him about breaking his own rules he said "i can make an exception"....and its amazing you said someting similar too...

    wish i talk to you guys earlier....but looks like its too late now...not sure what he is analyzing with all my reactions now.... 😞

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  • Astrodame. i have decided to take you advice and not to tell him about my new fella just yet . I still have not heard a word from him. He is due back from India on the 12th or 13th so i just hang in there till then . If however I do find out he has got married ,then I will email him and tell him i'm getting on with my life , and i will tell him about my new fella while i'm at it . What do you think ? Take care ...

  • keldjoran>>As Cancers, we like someone that can understand us without us having to explain it

    Sandran>>That would sure be lovely....LOL

  • llinidloo>>He is due back from India on the 12th or 13th so i just hang in there till then

    Sandran>>If he is due back..I thought he lived there.And was going home to be hen pecked by his mommy..LOL

  • ok...here is some updates...

    so there is this girl who is suppose to be his best friend. and according to him she wants more but he does not. He just wanted to be friends...so i was on his myspace profile and saw her online...so wanted to chk her profile out of curiosity but it didnt let me because i am not her friend but i saw her current update... "HAD AN AWESOME TIME SINGING WITH "J" IN MY MUSIC ROOM LAST NIGHT!! READY TO DO SOME MORE .."

    whats going on..? any idea??????

  • thought he said he was avoiding her..... sigh 😞

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  • Keldjoran:

    I dont know if he likes her more or not...i dont even want to know. For some reason i was angry and sad last night. I deleted his phone number..and remove him from my msngr list if that helps..

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