Why it is difficult to date a cancer?

  • Hey Luaz:

    Can you do another reading for me pls.. its my Aqua friend..

    DOB - Feb 8 1979

    time- 3.30 am

    place- Mesa, Arizona

    can you email it here

    Thanks in advance... 🙂

  • its actually natalie underscore dever.. lol

  • saranee just onde5ring what happened to your cancer guy. mine doesnt call for days, weeks even

  • wondering

  • Hey Kmuse,

    I think the last time i talk to him some time around January,he disappeared after that. And i knew that's it...too much drama..so i never tried to contact him since then and guess what, he message me on yahoo end of last month(after 5 months) saying " just checking on you, how are you?"..i didn't reply so he message me again after few days...so i just said..i am good. He left couple message after that..but i am not going there anymore...

    Whats your guy up to?

  • oh its actually me Saranee...just a different id ..

  • well i found my old id lol..

  • Hi peeps! I was so glad to have found this forum. It kind of gives me new insights to my cancer man. I'm a leo woman. We have been in a relationship coming to 3 months. I knew him 5 years back in my ex-company. Before he left for his 5 years studies, I wrote him an email telling him that I like him, and though I knew we can only be friends, but I just want him to know. I then move on with my life.. and we were never in contact. Just in this year feb, he dropped me a msg @ facebook saying he will be back and ask me if I'd like to meet up.

    I was still single then and so was he. We dated for a few more times before we are officially together. Time with him was great. He's funny, cute and romanic. I enjoyed every moment with him and thought I must be the most blessed woman.

    However, he then began with his new job. He got really busy with work. Even so, he finds time to meet me.

    Things started to change over a small innocent misunderstanding with his mum without me knowing in the 1st place. He suddenly disappear during that week and I quickly sense something was really wrong. When asked, he then told me about what happen after 1 week! I quickly clear things up with him and to his mum. Things started to get slightly better after that. But things were never the same.

    He still ocassionally asked me out and we were still happy together; But during times when we were apart, I would hear NOTHING from him. No texts no calls. It's freaking me out! Like now, he's in his shell again. We haven't been contacting for a week plus and I finally cannot stand the silence anymore. I text him and say that we need to talk. He replied shortly and said that it was not a good time as he is busy with work. Then I asked if something happen again as I knew something must be bothering him. He replied that "no, just something I dun understand. But I can't talk now. I've issues at work."

    Gosh! I'm a leo. When there is a problem, I'd want to address it quickly and make best out of situations. But for him, sitting on the problem seems to be a better option. I really dun get it! How can a relationship substains without communication?! How would a problem be solved if dun tell the person who is involved.

    I understand Cancer needs his thinking time and space. But why does he only thinks about himself. Have he ever thought that he'd leave me stranded and clueless about what's happening. And it is hurtful to me when he just disappears without telling me any reasons? I'm losing my confidence. The more he do this to me, the more I felt insecure. Though I still know he cares as he will reply to my texts.. but this crab is making this lion feeling extremly confused.

    Anyone to shed some lights please. Thanks!

  • wow Cancer men seem to be trouble but amazing and perfect at other times. I dated a Cancer on and off for three years and being an Aquarius I often felt suffocated by his emotion. With my ex I never noticed the famous dissapearing act but maybe because at the time i enjoyed my space. Back in April I started talking with another Cancer man who is absolutely beautiful inside and out and we do kinda flirt online, but with him i have noticed this dissapearing thing and im not sure its so cool. Its hard not to take personally even though by these forums i realize its not personal at all. we didn't talk for a month once and when we did his first thing was "where you been hiding"- uhh nowhere, you were the one that dropped off the face of the earth!

    Anyways maybe this will turn out good for all of us, or some of us! but at least we're not alone! haha

  • My cancer man accused me of something I never did and refuse to meet up for a talk! He left me stranded despite me asking repeatedly to meet up to sort things. He ignore my messages and calls for a week. Then I finally gave up and I wrote in a nasty letter saying that I moving forward. I've enough of his crap. Guess what? He reply immediately and then twisted my words and say that it was a smart move on my side to pushes all the blame to him! I mean hello? I had pleaded many times for a meet up but he childishly ignore it. Of course it is naturally for me to conclude that he wants to end this relationship but he can't man up to tell me in my face.

    And why did he ignores all my texts and messages and reply only when he saw my nasty text? It appears to me that when he saw that I am moving forward and getting over him, he's back to haunt me and make sure that I'll continue to be miserable! Why a sweet caring guy would turn into such a devil just because of a misunderstandings?

    Anyway, I've enough of his crap. If a guy couldnt fufil my emotional needs and have to flee at sight of problems.. Then my life is much better without him.

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