Why it is difficult to date a cancer?

  • saranee>>But its very disturbing how sick a person can be playing with other peoples emotions

    Sandran712>>I know it may feel like that.But, try living a Cancer's lifestyle.We put friends on the back burner all the time.Most of it has got nothing to do with being controlling or messing with people's emotions.That is just the wat we are.I admit we "use" when we get mad.But the tone in our voice usually gives you a hint.Gotta admit some out there are mean and nasty.But, Not All Cancer's are like this.Our mood swings can get bipolar at times.Especially when we get upset and played with.But, any sign can get hurt.Even a Cancer gets hurt.We just deal with it in ways other signs don't.Crawling in a hole and not looking at anyone helps...LOL

  • Keldjoran:

    I dont know how to thank you. I am so lucky you all are here for me.

    Love you guys.

  • Luazinha:

    Thanks for your support.


    I am sorry if i sound mean..i just thought its not right what he did. He didnt had to do that...he was with his best friend or whatever she was when he started talking to me. if he didnt liked her why didnt he just broke up and try to find someone thats what i would do.... and all these times he told me she was just a friend and same to her that i was just a friend. He create the whole mess and involved three persons i am not sure what was his plan. The funny thing is i really thought she was his friend but she didnt believe him so she had to find me to know the truth.. when she knows him long before i met him..

    Anyway its for the best..

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  • Keldjoran:

    I feel pity for him...if he didnt realise soon and correct himself there will be days when he will be lonely..but it would be too late then. Anyway its his life..let him deal with it...

  • Keldjoran:

    I havent talk to him since i talk to her. What do you think i should do....

    Do you think i should just ignore him..

  • saranee>>I am sorry if i sound mean..i just thought its not right what he did

    Sandran712>>I did not take offense to what you said.This guy shows alot of immaturity.In one of my threads.I do not know which one.A guy does not develop maturity like a woman does.The guy actsd 10 years younger.I got this info from a therapist.So..if he is 20 he acts 10...LOL

  • Sandran712>>So..if he is 20 he acts 10...LOL And I am sure Fisher Price could help him Play..Laugh....Grow...'cause he desperately needs it...LOL

  • Saranee. I am so sorry, I know exactly how you feel . I still think about my X Over 8 weeks now , but its getting a litle easier each day that goes by . Hoped he would of wished me a Happy Xmas , but no such luck . ahh well ... You know you have my support and I am here for you always .

  • Lindieloo:

    I know you all are here for me...and i am glad that i joined this forum...but i am much strong this time...with all of yours support.

    God bless you all


  • hi. i'm new here and i already posted my story in another topic, but i might get some more advice over here too.

    i am seeing a cancer guy for 2 months. before we got together i knew him already for like half year and there was attraction between us from the beginning. but i was still in a 5 year relationship, living together with someone else. my now already ex is/was a friend with him too (though not really close friend).

    we started to e-mail and meet in secret, but only as 'friends', nothing happened till i broke up with my bf. but all the time he made me comments about how he thinks about me. like he wishes he had a gf like me, and that i am so unique and great and he has never met a girl like me etc. then going more straight like sending me texts how great he feels with me and pity im not single etc. my relationship was already quite bad and finally i broke up (not exactly because of cancer guy).

    we immediately got together. he was amazing, hanging on me, wanted to spend a lot of time with me, he was surprisingly open (at least compared to what i read about cancer men in general about not trusting at first and hiding their feelings). i was over at his place every weekend for like a month. he told me all the time, he does not deserve me, i deserve much better, and how lucky and happy he feels with me. and that if i ever disappeared from his life he would feel heartbroken. etc.

    after one month because of a small misunderstanding he totally shut me out for two weeks. then he was willing to meet again. but he is very different. we meet much less then before because he 'never has time'. but he is always telling that he will try to meet more, it never happens at the end. when we meet, he is still hanging on me, telling me i am beautiful, but since this 'problem', he never ever let me go over to him. though when he is not able to meet me for a week he always tells he is sorry that he couldnt see me. and how much he missed me etc.... once i broke down and wrote him a mail. i told him that im not blaming him and im not angry i am just confused and very sad and i cant figure out, even so that i try hard what ive done wrong. and he sent me a textmsg. immediately telling that 'you havent done anything wrong, you are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time..."

    so i am really confused. much earlier comments on this forum makes me feel now, that i shouldnt wait for him anymore, cause he is just holding on to me until he gets a new one...

    but then, can someone tell me why is he still recently telling me when we meet that he misses me and he is sorry and that i am the best thing that has happened to him? though he is not communicating with me too much about his feelings, his non-verbal actions, how he kisses me, how he holds me, how he looks at me... they all say that it is much more in him that just 'liking me'... it somehow makes me feel most of the times like he would really feel what he says but something is keeping him back...

    is it good if i just shut up and wait and don't contact him too often, wait until he does? are those things he told true? or did he just want to get me?

    thanks in advance if i get any answer. he is really important for me, so if there is anything i can do to save this... (sorry for those who read my story in another topic.)

  • Sandran712:

    if he is 20 he acts 10...LOL

    I remember you saying that before....he did act like an immature person. well his life..

  • Katie:

    Wish i have answer for your question..the one i was seeing put me through lots of drama and now finally i found out he was not being honest with me. anyway its a long story...and i finally deside to let him go..looks like these ppls are full of drama...i can only say whatever you deside be strong...this one is a pain..and dont let them manupulate you..


  • saranee: thanks for the reply, one thing is sure, it is a pain really... it is just hard to decide whether it is worth or not. on the other hand i read more of the topics on cancer and people are laughing about someone like me who complains about things after two months... as i see some others were put through already much more for much longer time... it is just that i've never met a person like this before. for me something is black or white.. if he likes me, if he misses me, if i haven't done anything wrong... and there is nothing (appearent) wrong going on, then why just not to be together... and i am a really straight person. so not really up for games. i could not sit back and do like i wouldnt care about him , but that would be a big fat lie... so why play and waste them, when people otherwise could be happy... yes, im definitely naive... maybe i should just let him be and he can go with his life how it was before me... but then i would love to tell him not wish loudly a relationship with a girl like me...when he can have it, he is retreating... 🙂 sorry for your case too... 🙂

  • Katie:

    I agree with you. i still dont find any logical explanation behind his action. I am in school so i have lot going on, i dont have time for this. I have tried but i cant keep go back and forth..its tiring specially when you know you didnt do anything wrong. We were fine and all of a sudden he disappeared on me...since then i am going through these. but i have found some really good ppl in this forum they help me to go through this. I know i deserve someone better than him..so i deside not to waste my time,energy and let him go...

    I have learned my lessons.. stay away from cancer lol... cartainly not for me.

    whats your sign by the way?

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  • Keldjoran:

    Thanks..you are right. I have desided to ignore him too.

    I really appretiate your suggestion...if you didnt told me earlier about involvement of another women it would be really difficult for me then.

    Have a happy and safe new year!



  • keldjoran>>Do NOT appologize for anything, do not rush to send him an email and see if everything is alright, let him come to you.

    Sandran712>>I recently asked this Cappy if he was mad at me.But, I am not bothering him anymore.Us Cancers cannot tolerate bulllshittt.I think with Cancer's we are more disgusted and pisssted off more than having our feelings hurt.Ya all can tell from my posts by now that I am not falling over heartbroken if a man does not call or email me.I am too strong a person for that.Now..we may have a little fun pinching the balls off of them when they start straying.Or..wash the floors with their tongues..LOL But, we get over it!!LOL...

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  • keldjoran>>Sandran!!! You should know better than to do this!! lol

    Sandran712>>Yeah...I know but, I was bored.And I get turned on when a guy pissted off at mme!!!!LOL

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