Why it is difficult to date a cancer?

  • Najeweh:

    Thanks for replying my post. men can be weird..very true lol. we were out of touch for almost 2 months and i thought its over so i was concentrating on school...but for some reason he deside to come back...but i wont let him play again so i am not showing him much excitement...we will see how it goes now?

  • Taurusapart:

    You know he wanted me to meet his mom...but for some reason a week before that he deside to disappear lol...but this time when he came back..he said he is sorry about that and he wont do it again...lets see..

  • taurusapart>>fact that you have not re-engaged in another relationship after 23 yrs gives proof that you still hold a grudge or a candle for he/she whom left you or other

    Sandran712>>I am not basing my own life around someone elses.This is my choice.I have been on dates after this relationship.I did not wait after 23 years to move on.I've never been engaged either.I am not holding a grudge.This guy in my life passed away.I was just on a date with a guy 5 months ago.If they don't come back it ain't my fault.

  • Sandran712-you are right, I think he is very stressed. The decrease in communication started when his flight schedule increased. Also, he has only lived in China for a little over a year, and the culture is very different from warm fun loving Brazil. I can understand being depressed just from culture shock, not just being away from family. He's 33 btw. I think he still has trust issues with me because of what happened 14 years ago. I want you to know that no matter what anyone else says you've really helped me to understand the cancer psyche and I've always enjoyed your input, as well as your humor.

    taurusapart-thanks I'll try doing the writing down pros and cons thing. But I disagree that if someone hasn't been in a relationship for 23 years that means there's a grudge or she is still holding on. I also did not get involved in a serious relationship for nearly 20 years, and didn't date at all for 13 years, and it wasn't because I was holding a grudge or a flame for the last person, but because I felt more at peace on my own. I just did not meet anyone I felt like was a vibrational match to me and I felt more at peace on my own. I think you can be at peace and not be in a relationship. I don't really know what made me decide to get back involved with this guy I had met 14 years ago and I had totoally forgotten about. Something drew me in, must me something strong because I have not been drawn in by anyone for many many years.

    saranee-just have to wait and see, let us know what happens. don't have any expectations even if he saids it will never happen again.

  • Luazinha:

    I agree with you...and thats why i still worried about him. he called me tonight...and we talked for 30 mins...it was nice to hear his voice though..

    about your guy you said he is probably stressed and thats why not contacting you. I think it happens for cancers...because when mine was gone...he said he was having lots of problems..and probably stressed too...and didnt felt like talking...

    its just an assumption...not sure whats exactly going on there head.

  • luazinha>>has only lived in China for a little over a year, and the culture is very different from warm fun loving Brazil.

    Sandran712>>This has got to be killing him inside.Cancers get very homesick.and to make matters worse he is in a different culture.As for the past where he was hurt 14 years ago..I think when he brings it up....you just have to reassure him it will never happen again.I know it will get old telling him that.Over and Over like a broken record..I think the reassurance of trying to change his mind into thinking he can trust you is the key.And Thanks for the help here that since I am not in a relationship that I don't know what I am taking about.Just because I am not married does not mean I never been with anyone.I am not a bitter old lady because I have no one in my life.Men can be wicked and cruel.I am blessed that I think like one..And maybe that is why I can't find a good one.

  • Sandran712:

    I know what you are talking about. My first love (when i was in college) dissappeared on me after our 3.5 years relationship and never came back. Well actually he did came back after couple yrs lol but i deside to let him go then...and it took me a while to get over it...i didnt date anyone for almost 4 yrs. Right now i cant remember if he was cancer or not lol.

    I hope you will find someone nice...because you deserve that 🙂

  • Sandran712-You don't have to be cancer to be homesick and be stressed when moving to a different culture. I'm not even Brazilian and I was depressed for a long time when I left Brazil and went to live in the Pacific islands. Ironically it was my cancer guy's father (also a pilot) that really helped me through this, by bringing me things from Brazil like food, books and magazines in Portuguese, and eventually a Brazilian boy, (his son) haha.

    As for hurting him 14 years ago, he hasn't mentioned it since the first night he poured his heart out. Either he really got closure and started over or he's still testing the waters. I feel like he's being cautious though.

  • luazinha>>Sandran712-You don't have to be cancer to be homesick and be stressed when moving to a different culture

    Sandran712>>Oh..I know any sign could get hit with being homesick.But, I think it hits us real hard.Because we are more of a homebody than any other sign besides a Scorpio or Virgo.

  • Luazinha>>Either he really got closure and started over

    Sandran712>>>I really hope he found the closure.That is a long time to hold a burden.

  • Sandran712-I guess for cancers the homesickness is harder.Kinda strange to me that a homebody would have a job that requires him to hardly ever be home, always in different countries. My father also worked for the airlines and he was never home but he was an Aquarius.

    I hope he got closure too. I had no idea that he had been holding onto this so long. To me he was just a teenage boy that had a crush back then. I actually looked him up and called him in 2000 when i went back to Brazil for a visit, but I guess he wasn't ready to talk about it back then.

  • I was wondering if anybody can do a reading for me please...i want to know if its a possible long term relationship or not?

    His DOB is July 2nd 1976 and mine is Feb 1st 1977.

    I would really appretiate it..

    Thanks in advance:)

  • Keldjoran:

    "he's probably just testing you out to see if you're a good fit for him (meanwhile on the side, he's testing out other women too). "

    you are so right about that...the girl about whom he said his best friend and only friend lol nothing else she found me on face book and we chatted. Looks like he is not being honest with both of us. he told me she is just a friend and told her i am just a friend lol ...its a long story ..but looks like he is playing with both of us...i told her you can have him... i am out of here.. damm Cancers lol

  • saranee-sorry about your guy, but it's better that you fiund out he was playing you. Now you can move on.

  • saranee>>but looks like he is playing with both of us...i told her you can have him... i am out of here.. damm Cancers lol

    Sandran712>>I've been in this department.Difference it was in person..no internet at this time..... the guy wanted me to fight the other girl.So we staged a fight.And we both dumped his azz.And he was all alone.Like most men should be when they act like an A Hole all alone to themselves.

  • yeah ..well..

  • saranee>>yeah ..well..

    Sandran712>.I know you are hurting.It will get better...

  • sandaran712:

    Thanks..i guess its not that difficult this time for me because he came after 2 months and all this times i was sure its over and i made up my mind. So when he came back couple weeks back i was surprised i was not sure about him either. But its very disturbing how sick a person can be playing with other peoples emotions. Anyway i am thankfull to keldjoran he almost told me the same thing so i was kinda mentally prepared something wrong but still it hurts.

    I am glad that i have you guys here..

  • So sorry saranee, I know it hurts. I agree it's wrong to play with people's emotions. We are here for you.

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