Why it is difficult to date a cancer?

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  • This forum has been very enlightening. I heard from my first 'love' in mid-September and he is a Cancer. His behavior was confusing and now I know why. Thank you!


    sigh... 😞 i give up. i did all i can...i cant keep doing that.

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  • Keldjoran:

    So you think all those emotional talk and everything was just a part of a game huh..? He probably never meant anything... wow !!!!!!

  • @saranee --- you giving up so sooooon???? LoL No, seriously I'm glad you've decided to move on. I invested almost a year in my relationship with my cancer before I realized it wasn't worth it... keldjoran is dead on about cancers coming back once they come to know you're moving on...thats whats happening to me now...more I try pushing mine away, stronger he puts his claws around me and believe me, Its taking all my energies and sanity to hold things together at my end. LoL And all this when I am a fish with a gemini rising...Can myself play some similar games with people when my stars are favoring...hee hee....

    @Keldjoran --- LoL YES thats the problem...you cancers SENSE things as soon as they start changing within other ppl's minds...I hate that, LoL !!! Anyway, u and Sandran712 have really been helpful to us other 'poor' souls on here... 😄 Thx a lott...and hope to see yu two around in future too 🙂

  • Astrodame:

    lol its not soon baby...i have last seen him 11th october lol and since then we probably talk couple times. I tried to text him today...no reply as usual..at this point it seems hopeless. I cant do it anymore...

    But yes Keldjoran and Sandran712 have been very helpfull..all this time... and you too astro 🙂

  • @saranee --- How many times have you texted him already since he last initiated a contact with you...?? My opinion...Don't text now...AT ALL...I do that myself and the results have been surprising. He's come around often...LoL And don't even bother replying at once when he texts or calls you this time. Take a few days and then reply casually (all this if you're still interested in playing his game his way) and don't worry sweetheart, all of us are here to guide you through 🙂 🙂 India mein kaha se hai aap ?? 😄

    p.s.- mine responds better when I don't take his calls a few times and don't reply to his texts. More busier and unavailable (but still feminine) you appear, more he'll like and respect you. For e.g.- after mine started playing games some 6 months sgo, I too shifted gears and sorta became like him...the only difference was...me supporting him whenevr he needed emotional reassurances...for instance me texting him 'Take good care of urself. Ppl need you' once he texted me about his ill-health. But other than that, I've been very strong, unavailable and complex with him...:-) 🙂 All this and I still don't have him exclusively to myself....go figure!!

  • Cancers live in the realm of fairy tales, daydreams, wishful thinking, unicorns...you get the idea. They are not logical cats. They do what they FEEL like doing ALL the time, not just sometimes like the rest of us. It sounds like he feels like being with this other woman and he only feels like calling or texting you once in awhile. I'm thinking you might be better off with someone who can be there by your side...like you probably deserve.

  • oh astro you are such a sweety 🙂 how do you know hindi? Are you from India too? i am from eastern part of India the city called Kolkata...but guess what.. the guy i am talking about is not Indian ...

    well he called me last wednesday and we didnt get to talk as i was with my friends...but i didnt text him till this afternoon...and no reply...but i dont want to play games...i am not good at those..

    you really wow me...how did you do this for 6 months...i dont have that patience lol

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  • keldjordan - Wow, doesn't that seem like a LOT of effort to go through for someone? I mean, maybe Cancer's are different in this area, but I know that I sure as hell wouldn't try REALLY hard to get someone's attention unless I actually really liked them. I mean, you know that whole saying 'if you love them let them go, if they return they were yours all along?" or something like that. So, she's distancing herself and letting him go,and he's responding and trying to get her back with every 'trick in the book'.....what's the point if there isn't something there?

  • saranee>>sigh... 😞 i give up. i did all i can...i cant keep doing that.

    Sandran>>The reason why it's so exhausting is because you are making all the moves and he is doing nothing.A relationship really shouldn't require so much work as it would to mow your back yard..LOL If a man don't budge you don't either.It will make you sick and have a nervous breakdown.And seriously I ain't seen no man to make me wanna get mentally ill.I would step back..See him as needy and an opportunist.Which means someone that is only out to get something from you.Once they have theirs needs met.They run off.Hmm..I meet more men that run faster than doing a marathion..

  • Maria>>what's the point if there isn't something there

    Sandran>>Exactly..If a man responds to you that's nice.And you respond back.But, if it goes for days on end don't question it.I am sure if they cared they will call.I have to admit I am so bad at returning the call.I don't do it to make a person miserable.I get caught up in doing things and forget.Sometimes a Cancer needs reminded.But,calling often gets to feeling you are smothering us.That is what made me bring up the I don't like a phone or texting thing.

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  • Sandran712:

    you are funny...but it is exausting...you are right about that...i feel like its taking all my energy.


    Last time we hung out...i told him i think he is moving too fast i want to take it slow...do you think it has anything to do his disappearing.....just wondering..

  • Keldjoran:

    "once she starts ignoring him, she'll become a challenge to him and he'll start trying to find ways to get her attention again, but will ultimately give her the cold shoulder once he "wins". We always like to win in the mind games department "

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like a never ending game? whats the point? thanks keldjoran...I know now what i am going to do....you have been really helpfull..

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  • keldorjan>>Last time we hung out...i told him i think he is moving too fast i want to take it slow...do you think it has anything to do his disappearing.....just wondering..

    Sandran>>Yep!.Still keep in touch.But, always make it clean to take things slow so he won't see it as rejection.Or better yet..do not tell a Cancer to take things slow and expect a happy face from it..LOL

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