Why it is difficult to date a cancer?

  • No one has been here since I last posted. I've had some progess since then. I have no doubt that he wants to be with me. Just working too much. I would like it if he contacted me more, but i understand that since he is stressed with work, he needs to have space to just chill out.

  • Dear Luazinha,

    I bet he does feel more than just the physical, but he'll prolly hide out in a shell from telling you so until he is exactly right on the timing and feels it can only move forward together from there. If he says so too soon, then there could possibly be uncomfy~ness or worry or all the things a Cancer stresses over. It's like a chess game in our heads. Keep smiling and enjoying.

  • Luazinha:

    Well its good that atleast you figure out something about your guy...i kinda give up on mine. Probably its for best.

    good luck and keep us posted 🙂

  • saranee sorry to hear you gave up on your cancer guy. I still haven't seen mine, but I've talked to him-he's called me again and I've been feeling positive vibes.

    Iloveharper-I know in my heart he loves me, even if he doesn't say it. He's not as affectionate with words but he is in his actions. he gives me little gifts just for thinking about me. I've never had any other man buy me gifts, even on my birthday!

    I am learning not to be so worried or insecure, and allowing someone to be who they are. I think in the past i messed up relationships and chased men away for being too demanding or being upset that they weren't acting the way i wanted them to. So I think if nothing else i am learning from this experience and growing as a person.

  • ok...here are some updates about my cancer guy. thought you guys can give me some suggestions. I am visiting my family for my sisters wedding. I will be out of country for 4 weeks. I left USA dec 4th and wont be back till jan 7th. The night before i leave, i just called him to say bye but he didnt answer as usual so i left him a message that i am leaving tomorrow morning and so forth. i left early next morning..and my phone was off because i was flying most of the time. but i checked my phone in between couple times and saw he text me twice and called me twice and left message that he was sorry because he missed my call...and he is looking forward to talk to me when i come back. he also asked me to call him if possible while i am waiting on the airport because he knew i have to change flight 3 times. anyway...i didnt get a chance to call him...i just send him a casual text...

    what do you guys think?

    why he called me back after a month? i wont be able to chk my msg anymore till i go back so i dont know if he replied my text or not...but any suggestion?

  • @Keldjoran...

    Can you give me any suggestion?

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  • @keldjoran

    yea he knows why i am going home. he said that in his message that he is happy for me going home and see family...but i dont understand why he replied...think he is trying the game thing again?

    Thanks for your reply...i am having blust here... 🙂

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  • @saranee --- Hey good to see you again albeit after ages! Have a blast at ur sis' wedding (Indian weddings are fun) and do not think about the cancer too much :):)

  • @astro

    whats up gal? good to see you too :)...how is things going between you and your guy? I am not thinking about mine much...have this feelings he is upto games..he msg me on face book. In the mean time i met one of my old fling here...we dated for a while back in those days...and he asked my phone number and said will call me..hope he is not Cancer lol..the wedding was great by the way... :)... any big plans for holidays?

    Do you think mine is upto game again?

  • Hey guys, I am back lol..the wedding is over and my sis is off to Thailand for honeymoon 🙂

    Now about my cancer guy..looks like he is comming back to me. He called me and text me several times but i didnt reply none of those as i have my phone off. So he msg me on facebook saying that he miss me..i was online this morning and he was too(i didnt realise that) so he started chatting. The first question he asked "when are you coming back?" I said i wont be back..lol..he said i am going to go India and find you...and i was like good luck with that lol but anyway..he knew i was teasing. He said " i would like to see you again..like we used to..he told me he missed me..and never stop thinking about me" He also wanted to call my home in India (he said he just wanted to hear my voice) which i was not sure is a good idea..because of our cultural differences and everything so i said no. He was sweet and romantic like he used to...i asked him why he didnt call me or text me all these times...he said he was having lots of problems...I am happy that he came back...but also worried what if he disappeared again..

    So here i am. thought he was done with me...looks like he is not.

    What you guys think?

    Thanks all of you for your suggestions...you guys are sweet friends 🙂

  • cancers in general are tender hearted,but at the same time are cold and unloving at times they also love to be 1st.

  • @whitewitch1970:

    I agree with you ...he is very sweet and romantic...but sometimes i dont understand him atall...what do you mean when you said they also love to be 1st?

    Thanks for replying my post 🙂

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  • Keldjoran:

    oh..you think he is playing again 😞 you are probably right..do you think he really have any kind of interest on me...or its just time pass game..?? then again why would some one waste his energy and time every now and then to make sure if he losing control or not..if he not serious on the first place? I have read in other posts that cancer need to see and talk ..when they are in a relationship..otherwise they cant do it..but he is doing opposites...confusion..confusion...confusion lol

    "But it is important that you talk to him from time to time and you have to initiate a conversation at least once every two weeks or so or you risk loosing the Cancer's attention "

    I cant do that...if i am in a relationship i need to talk to him atleast every other day,spend time with him..you know stay in touch...otherwise i dont feel like i am in a relationship..i should not have call him to say bye before i leave...my bad.

  • Sandran712:

    Since october 30th i have talk to him once..then again couple days back. i think we last saw each other sometime 2nd week of october. All this time he didnt return my call or reply my text. So after a while i stop texting him and calling him. He called me once sometime in november and i was at my friends place so i said can i call you back in 30 mins..he said fine. but when i called him back he didnt answer..so that was it. I left USA dec 5th...and the night before i called him to say goodbye. my phone was off most of the time next day..later i saw he called me and text me few times...and day before yesterday i was online when he msg me and we chat for a while...he sounds completely different like he used to...sweet and romantic...he told me he never stop thinking about me...how much he missed me...blahh..blahh. he even asked me do you ever think about those time when we kissed...and i was like wow..thats sure is different...and here i am confused again...lol trying to figure out what he is upto this time..

    so thats my story....

  • hi saranee

    My cancer is the sam, sometimes he's sweet and romantic, other times he disappears or is cool and unromantic. Right now he's being cool and unromantic so I am playing it right back at him. If you absolutely need someone that is sweet and romantic all the time, then cancer is not a good match for you. he'll go hot and cold. If that is torture, forget about him.

    I am starting to enjoy this game. I don't really want a full time deep romantic relationship right now anyway, and the physical aspect is too good to give him up so I'm kicking back and enjoying the game. I'm thinking of it as a game to see if I could stay ahead, manipulate right back, strategize so he'll play it the way i want to.

    Keldjoran, I appreciate your posts. I am going to use your advice for saranee, I'm going to ignore him for awhile, and see if it drives him crazy, meanwhile posting on twitter about how much fun I'm having in my life, haha. he follows me on twitter so he'll know I am having fun without him. I can play this game too. Any other ways i can drive a cancer male mad? Your suggestions will be appreciated! help me stay ahead of the game!

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  • Luazinha:

    Hey how are you?Thanks for your post 🙂 i appreciate it. well about me its not that i always need someone sweet and romantic but when i am in a relationship i need to know that he is there. there were times when he didnt reply my text or answer my phone for several weeks..i dont understand the reason behind his action..i thought its rude..you will talk to me when you miss me..but what about me..why cant i talk to him when i want to..anyway i actually follow keldjoran's aadvise. he was online this morning so we chatted...he initiated the conversation. he said when you will get back we will do stuff like we used to...so i said hmmm..we will see. he was like hmmm? you are playing hard to get? I said i dont play and told him that i dont like the way he treated me and everything i wanted to say all these times...he said sorry and he wont do that again. we will see how it goes now..i am not paying much attention to him...he send me a miss you card..i will take it slow now..

    when is your guy's b'day? mine is july 2nd...my sister just got married to a cancer and she is an aqua too...not sure how she manage him lol...there must be a way lol

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