Why it is difficult to date a cancer?

  • I am having some weird experience with a cancer guy. I meet him online and we started talking over phone as he said he is more comfortable talking rather than chatting. We continue to talk for three weeks and he use to send me text several times a day and we talked every day for three weeks. finally we met after three weeks it was great , our first date....and i was totally attracted to him. he told me he wants me to meet his mom and so and so..it was going fine for a while suddenly he disappeard for 6 days and he send me a message after 6 days that how am i doing and blah blah...i called him and he told me he is having some problem with his best friend because she wants more and he wanted to be just friend. anyway we talk for few days and he disappeard agian. he send me a text after 5 days that" sorry i was not around hope you are not mad at me..." i said no i am not i was just wondering how have you been? and i hope i didnt do anything wrong. he text me back "blow me a kiss i will be better and you have did everything just right nothing to do with you" lol we talked the same night. next day he disappeard again and its been 6 days havent heard from him anything...i dont know what to do...i am a grad student and i have lot going on but i cant just stop thinking about him...i am so confused too...i am an aquarius i like things to be straight forward....i am not good at mind games. any suggestion for me...please..

  • Do not be so fixated on this guy, celebrate your life there where you are. Go on upon your way. And if you really still feel for him, then go and visit him.

  • Thanks for your reply hanswolfgang..but do you think its just a typical cancer thing or a guy thing...?? he told me he missed me and like to talk to me...then what is the reason behind that?

  • Have experienced this, and it's not you. Think cancer guys do this all the time. Read the other thread lol...I kept on taking it personally, but apparently them 'disappearing' is normal o_o.

  • I had my cancer guy disappear for a month, no text, email or phone call. We had been talking for 4 months and getting more into an emotional relationship when he thought I was "still looking" as he put it and disappeared. After 30 days I sent him a goodbye email and he contacted me saying he wanted to work it out. I still have fears that he will do it again but so far he has been very dilligent in staying in touch daily. I guess when confronted with his fears of trust and the fear of losing me..losing me was worse for him and made him reconcile his feelings. Good luck with your cancer, they are interesting but very devout when in love.

  • I am going to add my 2 cents because I keep running into cancers and was married to one for 10 years. They are hard to deal with ~ it is not just you. I tend to want to run the other way once I find out that a man is a cancer.

  • Ok I fancy myself quite the Cancer expert. I'm a Scorpio, My husband was a Cancer, both of my boys are cancers, One of them is dating a Cancer woman and my cat is even a Cancer. It seems I'm a Cancer magnet. I have found that they are very loving at times and then completely distant. My husband was either bringing me roses or beating the tar out of me. For the most part, my boys are awesome and caring guys but for every one step forward they take, they seem to take two steps backward. Good luck my dear.

  • Thanks all for your reply....last time when he disappeard for 5 days he told me he is been thinking about lot of stuff in his life last few days. not sure what he is thinking this time... i am suppose to meet his mom tomorrow...thats what he said when we talk last time and that was a week before...i dont thats going to happen...we havent seen each other for three weeks and talk on and off only few times between.

    Raqtopcaligal: i think i am going to do the same. i will wait another couple weeks and send him a good bye mail. thats a good idea. It is hard for me to involved with someone without knowing what going on...and i hate to stay confuse...

  • charmedprinces: you are right about that sometimes we talk for 3/4 hrs..and he is so sweet,sometime he will just send me text or e card to say thinking about you.. but then i dont hear anything from him next 5 days.. he is 33 yrs old he is not a kid...

  • hi ms saranee, i wanted to reply to your statement about cancer men. Hi, ive been through almost the exact same thing that youre talking about for the past two months with my now ex bf. we are both cancers but im a year older than him and hes in the military and school and Im in marketing and in school as well. We seemed to have alot in common at first, as we all know about the moody and many emotions of cancers I thought he would be a refreshing change of scenery, but he did all the same things you said your companion did. It was fine when we first started talking, I mean late nites talking until 3 or 4 in the morning, texting all day, had all the same little weird habits and past relationship problems as well. Then all of a sudden it was every excuse in the world of why he could not call or come see me anymore and not seeing me in weeks! but when I confronted him about it he wouldnt seem sincere in changing his ways and finally I could put up with it anymore, I was tired of threatening to leave and being the only trying in the relationship, and now were on bad terms but I dont think its the last i will hear from him. Ive dated MANY cancer men before thinkin we would connect bc of the same zodiac and its always the same story...

  • @cancergurl21... thanks for replying my post. he is the first cancer person i have been with an i am going to make it last lol. peole with drama are just not worth my time...i am suppose to meet him tomorrow if he doesnot show up i think i am going to end it...it was not that easy at the begining...but its been 3 weeks since we met..and i dont want to do anything with an unwilling person if he still wants to be with me and talk to me...he knows where to find me...and he will find me...again i am not sure after all this drama if i will feel comfortable with him or not...

  • its been my experience that the less intrested you act the more they want to be with you. As long as you dont disconnect youself all the time. Continue on with whatever life you had before they came into it. Dont jump in head first it scares them even if they are into you. its all about maintaining. continue doing things with your friends and by yourself. But when you are with them make the time count. Good luck everybody. I think this rings true with any relationship. Would you like a guy to drop everything he was doing before he met you and constantly be questioning what kinda mood your in and where you stand? I have had this before its called a stage 5 clinger and its no fun. Have fun with your man but stay independent, it drives men crazy when they dont think you need them.

  • @ lovinmylife....thanks for sharing your experience...to be honest i am started to loosing my interest on him...my problem is that i value honesty too much and i feel he is not being honest with me. if he cant being honest enough to be my friend i dont see its going anywhere....

  • I dont blame you this one is a pain in the ace. Good luck. ( ;

  • saranee,

    I do think its neither just a typical cancer thing nor a guy thing.

    The reason behind that is that he has wonderful ideas and is making an approach towards you.

  • Hanswolfgang: "he has wonderful ideas and is making an approach towards you?" can you be more specific please? do you think he likes me..then what is the reason for this silence? he was suppose to see me yesterday....he didnt show up...he didnt inform me before either..what do you think i should do?

    Thanks for your reply...thanks a lot 🙂

  • He thinks he has to protect himself with hardness and material strength.

    Yes, I do think, he likes you.

    He is still indecisive, but he wants relating with you, that is the reason for this silence. He is, like most men, not talkative in heart matters. Women can talk endlessly about their heart feelings, but men talk about mind matters, but their heart is in a way more innocent because it lives in a space of silence, it has not yet learnt to speak.

    You should trust your hope.

  • Hanswolfgang:

    wow!! that was informative.. so i will take your advise and wait and see if he takes a step forward and contact me...lets hope for the best... 🙂

    Thanks again..i appreciate it.. 🙂

  • Hanswolfgang:

    He text me today " I have lot of things going on right now, please dont be mad at me. i will call you later". Why cant he share his problem with me...wish i could help. Still confuse though...not sure what to do...but anyway ...!!!!

  • Maybe you are right...maybe he does likes me 🙂

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