Any help on advice on what I should be doin?

  • Anyone care to tell me what this spread says... in a very sad positon right now and any type of guidance would help alot. Thanks

    Love Celtic Cross

    Love and Me: Three of Swords

    Challenges: Seven of Swords

    Higher Power: Eight of Swords

    Situation: queen of cups

    Background: Ace of Coins

    Recent Past: Knight of Swords

    Near Future: The Hanged Man

    Issues: queen of coins

    The Loved One: The Tower

    Love Advice: The Devil

    Long-Term Potential: Page of coins

    Thanks... i'm just looking for some guidance anything to help me out in my situation.


  • Hi Jay, your sadness truly reflects through these cards, and your current situation. One of my least favorite (the 3 of swords) cards in the "love & me" position shows your heart has been broken, and represents loss of a lover, separation or sadly divorce. Regardless it signifies a deep emotional hurt.

    However, in rare cases when the tower, or many sword cards show up (you have 4 here) together with the 3 of swords, it can signify a death or near death experience of someone you knew. If the key cards such as 3 of swords, tower, 8 of swords came up reversed, it shows the hurt/grief starting to lessen some.

    Your challenges are the changes you desire to make but probably feel like you are running in circles. With the 8 of swords, shows you are blocked from doing so, stuck in a rut and unable to move in any direction which could be of your own making (mentally speaking). It's kind of like a self imposed imprisonment. You may need to seek outside counseling for better direction which may help you to see the positive approaches that must be taken to move on and away from this dark cloud that surrounds you.

    The queen of cups as we all know represents water signs..Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio, it also represents tuning into our inner emotions, intuitions and hunches. If this is a female in question regarding relationships/situations she could be your best friend, lover, your mother and someone who is very intense, emotional pyschic, passionate and feels deeply. If reversed she could very well be the cause of your hurt and the situation you are in now. Quite possibly because of the Ace that follows could be the beginning of a new relationship or someone who is standing by you throughout your sadness who may feel more for you than she is letting on. Regardless you both have a solid foundation built within this friendship. She is loyal, she believes in you and she may also aid you in opening the door to a financial opportunity.

    Obviously the Knight of Swords showing up in the recent past would be those panging reminders of the distress you've experienced, not to mention the struggle that continues for you to move on. Stay away from those who lack emotion/feelings, or overbearing right now. These are people who think strictly with their minds and not allow feelings to enter the field before opening their mouths. Keep the past where it the PAST.

    Near future shows you trying to move on but still with slight delays and small obstacles. This is a testing period, and shows you taking your time and reflecting. The hanged man also signifies a sacrifice for a greater good. Bad habits, being around a group of people in a similar situation as yours and giving up an old way of life for the better. Sometimes when this card shows up we tend to withdraw from society to meditate, soul search and simply put things into perspective which is a very positive thing for someone emerging from a negative past.

    The issues card shows us the Queen of Coins/Pentacles a down to earth woman who appreciates tradition & is generous. This is also the card of business matters and financial matters. She may open the door for you to regarding business or help you financially as she has the means to do so even if it's teaching you money management with guidance. Yet the Tower card comes after as "the loved one", and could signify a forced change in your life that needs to happen in order for any changes for the better to ocur. The tower is the card of major transformations in ones life unexpectedly, clearing out the old to make way for the new. The advice in love - the Devil, forces us to ask ourselves how we are enslaved in your current life. It could be this significant other who has hurt you, and it is also the card of drugs, alcohol or some other substance controlling ones life. Some of the key words with the Devil is co-dependency & addiction. You may be feeling overburdened by a heavy committment to this person, and at the same time feel trapped. You must let go of this negativity because it will only continue to bog you down with a feeling of hopelessness. Once you realize this, and completely move on your long term potential opens up so many opportunities for you. The Page of Coins/Pentacles shows the beginnings of a solid foundation, beneficial change, and a message of useful information to help you move in the right direction. It could be continuing education, apprenticeship or even starting a new business.

    Now the readings I do, I have a corresponding letter that goes with each card pulled. Do the names Cheryl, Mary or Chris have any immediate ties to you? If not, ignore. Cheryl stood out immediately. Anyway Jay, I wish you much happiness and healing in your journey.

  • Thanks you! I really appreciate that you gave me your advice. I want you to know that it's people lie you who make a great site. Also that you helped me out a lot. I was in a 3 year relationship. It's still hard for me to accept... but I started making plans already to save some money to move out of my town. So I can continue going to school for Game Art.

    it's just hard for me to accept that I lost what I thoght was going to be forever 😞 ... it's scary because actually I've been keeping to myself alot lately. It helps me to put things in perspective 😮 ... lol so I probably seem like an anti social monster lol. The names you gave me dont' really ring a bell ... except for chris.. that's my brother names .. but Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate it 🙂


  • Well best wishes to you. As the heartbreak lessens, and the more you put it behind you, the easier things will get for you. You need to do whatever you can to push past this. Time heals all wounds. 😉

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