Cris1962 Can you help with relationship ?

  • Cris 1962,

    Thank you for the reading you did for me previously. I was wondering if you can tell me anything about my current relationship with a Cancer. Not sure what info you need from me, ie. birthdates etc. Wondering if I can email info. to your email if that is okay instead of public forum. Or I can send you my email.

    Hope you are doing well as I keep you in my thoughts as well. 🙂

  • Hi 25laura,

    The first thing I get here is that this relationship has been a bit topsy-turvy, particularly lately. What's new in this wonderful year of 2009??

    I don't get that you've been together all that long - a matter of months, I think - and that he is one very insecure fellow. I feel you're the rock in this partnership and that he is one who comes so close, then backs off. He's a bit emotionally immature too, which is a great drain on your energy. Having said that, he certainly does give you a lot of nurturing and understanding which makes you feel wonderful, then drives you nuts, because he's like that in one breath, then off with the fairies the next.

    I think, considering this rocky year we're all in, it may be best for you to sit tight and wait this one out. He's worth the bother; but you know that. He loves you, yet doesn't seem to trust his own instincts enough. Cancerians can be SO frustrating (I know, because I'm one!) as they can be very open and loving, then back off and hide. I think you will see a whole new start to this partnership around Feb/March next year.

    I also get that there is something he is keeping from you, but it is nothing very serious. It is more like some sort of embarrassment or shame thing, rather than deception or betrayal. He'll spill the beans around December I think, and over the Christmas break, you just might consider taking off somewhere where the two of you can get away from the hum-drum and talk seriously about things.

    I strongly feel as a result of this spell away, he will realise he can trust you completely, and that he can actually trust himself as well, thus bringing about the next level in this relationship that I think you've been sweating on because you know he's the one for you ... if you don't mind me being so forward 🙂

    So, welcome in the new year with a fresh attitude, both of you, and all the very best of luck to you!

    I also get he's got a very sunny smile too; one that lights up a room, but you haven't seen much of it lately. That'll change too :))

  • And by the way, I'm doing okay 🙂 Hubby and I have decided to split after all, which is truly the best thing for both of us. We're dealing with it amicably and fairly, which is hugely important when there's children involved. I'm moving out and may have found a place, but time will tell. Am a bit scared about the coming changes, but know they're necessary, so thank you for your concern and I sure hope this reading makes some sense to you! :)))

  • Cris 1962,

    Wow again you are completely right with all you said. Amazing and it all makes sense. You are right that I feel so strongly for him and us, but I am nervous that there is something he is not telling, quite mysterious. We are getting much closer and he has opened up alot to me, so much I think it does scare him a bit. I know he needs to take his time and I completely understand that. I will take your advise because he is definately worth it . Cancers are really warm, caring, and wonderful but mysterious. Thank you so much for taking the time for me I wish I could return the favor.

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I know how all that is with children involved, so glad your

    spouse will be fair and amicable, makes it so much better for everyone and the kids. You are a strong, warm, caring sweet person and this year is so difficult seems for so many of us. Hopefully sunny, bright, loving days lie ahead for all us. I have you and your family in my thoughts. I wish you peace and strength and things do get better in time. Keep your friends close as they help us through these hard times. ❤

    Thank you again for the reading you truly are a wonderful person. 🙂

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