Stuck on stupid

  • when i was pregnant i bumped into a long lost love from J.H. we dated for to between our relationship he fund out a recent ex was pregnant and he left me.but she ended up miscarrying.we had an on and off thing then ended up not speaking for 3mo.i found out that he was in a relationship that he didnt even tell hurt me deeply.he never attempted a relationship with me after his last relationship.just recently i spoke with him.i asked him if there were possibilities for us and he said yes.but the last time i saw him was the first week of aug and didnt hear from him since.i sent an email asking what happen and he responded that he was stressed .dont know what to think of this im confused

  • he is not somebady to rely you think you can bild a life, a mariage or anything with a person like that?!...........somebody that tells one thing and then for months does another?!...because he was stressed?! serios!.........he is a losser.........he doest know what he wants!.............when we are talking about people like that we are better on your own................don't worry the one that is meant to be will apear!

  • well one of my ex's recently did that to me i asked him if we could try it again he said yes and then we broke up again

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