How do you know?

  • how do you know if he loves you? is there any real way to tell if he is the one? can we really HAVE that feeling deep within?

  • to each their own.

    some people may never feel it, but some do.

    I felt it when I met my hubby. we met on a chat room. I fell for him instantly, just within the first hour we chat. I didn't do anything because I was in a long distance relationship with someone else at the time. So we became friends, nothing more.

    But things happened between me and the other guy. He said he would visit me to propose and wanted to settle down. He never showed up and I thought that would be the last time I ever wanted a man.

    I didn't go online for months, when I did I found a message from my hubby. I logged to chat and I told him everything even how I felt for him and that I couldn't do anything because I was in a relationship with someone (who was a liar anyway). He was kind and patient then, he is still the same personality now. We have been married for almost 9 years. This is our first marriage and only took 6-8 months of intense communication. We were truthful to each other, our past, who we are. So when we finally got married there was not much surprise aside from the ones we couldn't control like death of loved ones that drained our money etc

    So I would say such a thing as 'knowing he is the one' did exist. I know there are people that do not believe it, but I wouldn't worry too much about what others said.

    The future of your life and every aspect of it is your own making. The universe will send you problems to deal with and learn from. How you deal with these challenges, is your choice. If you deal with it right you won't lose out in life, for you will be in the path you supposed to be. In time, the universe will put just the right person for you in this very path.

  • The "Feeling" is diffrent for everyone in my opinion and the experience is also diffrent. For me i've had encounters that would end in failure but I did feel something for the person either love or a thought of love. Best advice that I can give is go with it and see where it takes you dont live in regret of what you could of had. Again though thats just my view on it

  • That's a lovely reply leoscorpian : )

    When I met my husband he was literally better than I had ever day dreamed about, which is incredible because I had set some pretty high standards. He was unlike anyone I had met before and I just knew he was he was the person for me.

    It's hard to answer the question how do you know if he loves you because I think it's different for everyone. People show love in different ways. And there's also another aspect that people tend not to mention. There is no happliy ever after. Every relationship is hard work. That's making sure that every day you're both in it together and trying to make it work. Of course every relationship has it's ups and downs, noody's happy 100% of the time. But as long as there is love, honesty, respect and a willingness to work together, you should have a pretty decent relationship. I think I've veered slightly off what you were asking guessinginsouthga, sorry : )

  • yep ineedtomediatte, life is no fairy tale

    the universe will send us what we desire, but how we keep and nurture it, is our responsibility

    my husband and I have been through quite a few things that made us pretty much appreciate the same values e.g loyalty, honesty and money management.

    we just opened up to each other, good and bad before marriage, so our marriage life really isn't much drama or surprises.

    grats to you ineedto, and may your marriage is blessed with longevity and joy

  • when everything just feels right. the situation, the location, the person you're with, everything. It's when you feel completely comfortable with that person,they make you smile, and the feeling is mutual

  • I take comfort i what youare all saying about love issues. Thanks for sharing. I lose hope sometimes and it makes me feel physically ill. I fell hard for someone I know and it was unexpected. Its like no other love I have ever felt for anyone before. sadly it dint work out because I didnt know how to handle the relationship. I think he still misses me though and well maybe someday....until then I am trying to work on my own issues and maybe theres someone else out there for me that I am unaware of since this one didnt work I still want to share my life with someone special and feel that love again. (sigh)

  • lovinmylife, it's normal to miss someone and a bit despair when not having someone love you back. all these feelings are meant to be experienced by every living being in the universe. in fact if you haven't experienced it, you will.

    keep sending positive thoughts and keep exercising, you'll find the one you deserve someday.

  • Since you ask, that means you allready know what feeling you are talking about. So yes, one can really have that feeling.

  • I believe that there is a different feeling when you fall in love with each different person. You are always falling for different things about each person... Lovers, Friends, animals. But you DO just know. I told everyone for a long time that me and this "someone" were ment to be... I felt and ment it. I felt obsessed with him and I hardly if ever spent time with him. I gave up... quite possibly I felt that I never even tryed. But life just gave us a few occasions to feel love for each other. Then months inbetween where we were strangers. I didnt now this man, Yet I loved him. I wrote him letters and Poems that I never intended to give him and never did. But He came to me one day. We Loved And always have since then. Life just put us together and somewhere inside of me I knew It would. This doesnt make me believe He is the only one I could Love, But early on I decided He would be the only one that I Would Love. So We Do! Good luck, You'll feel the feeling again, and when you do you just have a decision to make. Do you want to love this one forever? thats YOUR choice. It Has been harder than anything Ive ever gone through, But I choise Him as My ONE! So Good Luck again! I hope this helps!

  • mellisajane, that is exactly what I have been going through, its really hard but its worth it. I have felt in love feelings for others but it always faded away, this one doesnt. I have had a hard time letting go but I know once I do then real progress can begin. I am getting there slowly but surely. I knwo in my heart we will be together again. I just need to quit dreaming about it so I can move forward. Thanks for sharing, you give me hope. I prayed for confirmation that I wasnt being dillusional and you have said the magic words I was wanting to hear, so thanks again.

  • lovinmylife I know what you mean, but 'knowing he is the one' is different from 'I love him'

    when the time comes, you will know. I can't describe how I know I just did

    Hubby had feelings for me, but he is not one that wears his feelings on his sleeves so he never said anything or acted on it until I broke up with the other guy and we came in contact.

    It was I that asked him to marry me, the feelings were so strong I just jumped into it. I guess being a Leo it's not the first time I did that LOL like a cat 🙂

    I didn't know he would say yes or not, I just took my chances. I thought he had been nice and caring, he was single and many values we hold are similar. I made a point that even if he refused I wouldn't ask another man. But he said yes 🙂 so we got married after 6-8 months of contact. The rest is just how we deal with problems in our marriage, that's how it lasts.

    It takes time I understand. Sometimes you feel it and the other doesn't, or he does but he thinks it's too good to be true. So it also depends on the other person, for there are two of you in it. It says It takes two to start and two to make it last, but only one to end it.

  • Im glad That things are good in your marriage LeoScorpian...

    Your name suites you! I can feel it by the way that you say things~!

    Youre absolutly correct about everything. Im very young... I feel sometimes like I dont know anything... But hearing someone who has gone through somethings makes me see my progress and growth, especially in relationships.

    Dear LovinMyLife:

    Man that made me feel good that I could help! 🙂

    Good luck, you know what youre doin, and take it easy...

    Just take it easy 😉

    Happy Halloween!

  • hi melissa

    not sure what you mean when you said my name suits me 🙂

    what does leoscorpion mean to you, aside from leo sun scorp rising?

    I found a website that explains it but not sure how it suits my post or how do you feel about it

  • Well...

    My best friends... at least two of them.... are Leo and Scorpio,

    You have the forewardness of Leandra (Leo) and the Imput of Danielle (Scorpio)

    Its just funny that I can notice.. no offense though.

  • I see. was curious, not mad 🙂

    I found website that explains this combo but never heard anyone really mentioned their experience with me


  • Hi all of your replies. Incidentally, LeoScorpion, where is your Moon? Aquarius, Taurus, ..?.

    Talking about THAT feeling; when the pit of your stomach goes and you can hardly eat a thing, THAT is love! Also the object of your attentions ' looks familiar' even though you' ve never seen them before...could there be some sort of past-life recognition going on, I wonder? Peace and love everyone.

  • if I remember correctly it is in Gemini

    everything else I don't remember, I have my birthchart somewhere

  • ooohhh I have a gem moon and dam do I get moody. I also change my mind a million times a day. Its exhausting. Always thinking and love to talk talk talk. Do you get that way too?

  • changing mind, yes. and I think it makes me chatty too

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