• is it crazy to just feel that you KNOW that a relationship is going to last and that it is right? does anyone experience that?

  • No, you are not going crazy. You might have been mislead into a false belief, however.

    When I met my first husband, the moment I saw him I knew we would be married. I automatically added the "happily ever after," even though I never sensed this would be the case. I just assumed it would be a good marriage. How else could I explain have such a vision?

    Years later, I can see it was meant to be a warning, not a promise of a good relationship.

    The feeling of "knowing" can be sooo strong, and yet we dare not utter the words aloud out of fear of the Wicked Witch of the East, who likes to turn desires into curses. Once the words are uttered aloud, the universe seems to move in a spiral, twisting fate to another dimension, one that you may not be prepared to face.

    Feelings such as these ought to be examined and considered from an objective point of view, preferably from someone who can help you understand how to deal with this instant knowledge that comes out of the blue.

    I'd say your intuition is probably correct. However, I'm sensing other energies involved. Allow yourself to be open to new information and be cautious to whom you share secrets.

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