The Soul Would Have No Rainbow If The Eyes Had No Tears

  • Whether you believe in God, Goddess, Great Spirit, or "Higher Power", as human beings inhabiting Mother Earth, we were created to learn and grow through our life experiences... For every sorrow we feel and every tear that we shed we have the ability to hold more Love, joy & happiness in our hearts... The very pain that carves into our heart is exactly what gives us the ability to fill up that carved out space with Love, joy & happiness... By staying strong in your heart you can endure hard and discouraging times only to rise like the phoenix with a new clarity of vision in your life... When others say or do mean and hateful things to you it is not your job to get revenge or feel joy at their misfortune... Whether you call it "Karma", "What goes around comes around", "The laws of sowing and reaping", there is a force active on Mother Earth that returns the energies we put forth, negative or positive... The return of these energies is also ten times stronger of what ever we put out... Needless to say, no matter what others may say or do to you, good or bad, they will be repaid without you even lifting one finger... Every day of our lives here on Mother Earth should be a learning experience... Ever refining ourselves and growing spiritually so we may shine our light on the world... So as to experience the true Yin & Yang, motion and resting, flowing effortlessly one into the other... To all of you I say, Love, Light, & Peace, Dharma Karma Rose...

  • yep dharma very true

    the universe has its own way of doing things and we all have to abdie to its law

    for we are all part of the universe

    positive energy gets returned positive, same thing with negative

    I have been blessed by the universe' generosity and help for 3 years which is about how long I have refrained from negativities, whether sending it out or sending out of revenge

    if you read my posts you will see I am saying this again and again

    of course then we all have free will people decide what they want to do, not necessarily doing it the way I advice them to do.

    which is fine, it's their lives not mine. we get out of it what we put into it. and the universe is always fair and just. this year has been a great year for my spiritual life. I now have quite a few mentors, a spirit guide and the universe just recently sent me new power animals.

    I am humbled by all these gifts from its abundance. I have a feeling that there will be more for the universe is not lacking in anything. but for now, these are all I need to proceed in this path.

    may the universe shares you its abundance too for you have shared such a kind and selfless message to others.

    Love the pictures. did you draw them? very pretty

  • Leoscorpion, I thank you for your words of kindness regarding my post... It is wonderful to hear that you have started on your path of enlightenment, mine started seven years ago... It is so true what you said about the abundance of Mother Earth, The Universe, providing for those of us who seek peaceful, positive paths... Little do most people realize, is that every thing we truly need is provided for us... Most people today are lost in materialism, or the trap of thinking that someone other than themselves can make them happy... For these unfortunate ones I pray that someone somehow can spread truth and light into their lives... I will be checking out your posts, it will be interesting to to see your views on some of these topics... I look forward to hearing from you in the future... I almost forgot, I do draw a lot but I can not take credit for these, however I feel they were appropriate for the post... I actually found them at a great site for graphics so check it out I think you will enjoy looking around there...

    Love, Light, & Peace,

    Dharma Karma Rose

  • nice thanks for the link 🙂

    I wish I can draw LOL nope I really am numb in that field

    you are right about materialism. I notice more and more people are drawn to spirituality the last 2 years. I am hoping this is not my imagination or just a temporary thing that people do when they are out of job.

    I myself still have a lot to learn and the universe sends me a kick now and then to remind me not to do what I did or even typed what I shouldn't have typed 🙂 I'm learning it slowly

    take care now and hope only the best for you and your love ones

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  • quenkath, unfortunately the universe timing is not linear like ours. 24/7 is human definition of time. the universe does not bow to this rule. if you ask the universe, 'when will I get my revenge'? it will say, 'when the time comes' which can be pretty much anything.

    I had seen it lately returned negative energies someone sent me when I was a child

    so it was roughly 30 yrs span since it happened when I was under 5 and I am 34 now

    the challenges the universe sent you is meant for you to learn from them, you have learned to protect your loved ones but doesn't necessarily mean you can take revenge and hurt them back.

    hurting others is negative energy. sending it out, revenge or not, will make the universe send you back the negativities, so you will suffer first the negativities others have done to you, then you will suffer the negativities you sent out yourself. is this what you want?

    do not let yourself worry and despair of what others have done to you, the universe will take care of that. keep living your life, keep sending positive thoughts, for these will be returned to you also. wouldn't it nice to get some nice surprises after long perilous journey?

    nothing and nobody is bigger better stronger than the universe. in no way you should take it in your own hands what the universe does not set you out to do. protecting your loved ones can mean defending and supporting them. if it is meant to be that you have to attack others to do this, the universe will send you help and you will know when to strike.

    I have been in your shoes I know how you feel. But there is time for everything. Don't waste your time waiting, live your life the way it should be lived. If you live in anger for revenge or any kind of negativity, then these people have been successful hurting your loved one, you and take away everything you stand for. Don't let them take more than they already have. Nurture yourself and your loved ones, your spirituality and your physical. Live your life, for one of these days sweet surprises might come your way and you need to be healthy/ alive to enjoy it.

  • Well said.

  • thanks poetic

  • I have been going thru a hard time w/someone who seems to spew out trouble. I guess what concerns me is that they can't see themselves. I don't know how karma is going to fit into the picture although sometimes it's hard not to correct. And when I do, the story is suddenly different. Is that being caught in a lie. Manipulation by lies--not a good thing. And why would someone think so negatively about themselves. I don't like being involved in the game.

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  • quenkath, it will happen. I hope the universe sends you support and guidance.

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