How many of you here are single and looking for love??

  • I have noticed there are quite a few broken hearts here (mine included) and many other people who are single and hoping to find their soulmate. I was just wondering how many of you are out there 🙂

  • me! definatly haha!

  • I was.. been on my own for 7yrs.. joined online dating fell in love with the ideal of a man that i would love..does that count?

  • I am recently broken up, but not necessarily looking for love just yet. I have found that the good ones come along when you aren't seriously looking.

  • hi I too am single but not really looking for love and the drama that goes along with it..searching for someone who is healthy (emotionally, psychologically, physically, mentally etc) I have several potential people in mind but I don't know yet...not sure if I am ready for some one in my life..been single for about 8 years..raising my children, job, classes etc..filled up my time and kept me busy...

  • Robbigal that is so true. I am not really looking now and I met a wonderful guy so sweet and so genuine if only I could put my heart into it.

  • I've never had a relationship I've always been single, don't know if its bad luck or lack of confidence thats stopped me prob a mixture of both. though I've always thought that everyone should be single for a significant amount of time in life, it helps you know yourself and what you want and need as well as giving you independance. that doesnt mean i wouldn't like to meet someone but i know that if i do, I'll want to be with them not feel like i have to be with them, does that make sense?

  • yes that makes sense..not being needy..thats how I enjoyed my single time...I can go wherever, do whatever..etc..and not have to ans to anybody...

  • I've been single for more than 2 yrs.

    I'm interested in someone but it's complicated.

  • Single 5 yrs. this time. Not sure if I even want more than just a good friend now. Someone with the same interests makes it much more rich and informative.

  • well i have been single for almost two months. I've been dating but its no use. I dont believe in soulmates so my ex was the first man i saw a future with so I am not even sure what now

  • Yeah I am single and searching for that femme woman...where is she

    mmmaybe here ?

  • I too am in the dating whirlpool. It's certainly nice to know there are other out there! Sometimes I feel like the only one left. That's what happens when you're in a small town I guess. : ) I wish everyone the best of luck so we can get a forum going on FINALLY being happily in love!

  • yeh I know what you mean...about small town...know most of the guys here and their pasts and it aint pretty or else all they want to do is difficult..I do travel to different places so it gives me opportunity to see other kinda met or should I say a friend is seeking more than that now...but we will see how it goes...I enjoy our time together..its just more up to him now...

  • honestly ive never tried to be in a relationship before, cause ive never looked cause of being insecure etc.... but i do know that whoever i be with i will treat them like a goddess lol but thats just me. but she has to have independence also, and strong and able to take care of her herself, (but that still wont stop me from being protective lol) , im a gentleman which arent many left i think, i geuss i kinda just waited around to have someone find me rather than looking for love. which good things happen when your not looking for them which now am a believer of. cause out of nowhere my brother told me about this libra girl im dating, and i actually see a future with someone finally, kinda scary!! lol

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