Hi Chris1962,Curious about guy from my past.

  • Hi Chris1962 , sorry to bother you again . In the previous insight that you gave me (http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=2983&replies=1), you said that there is someone from my past who still loves me today.

    As I said ,I have never been in a serious relationship all my life . So I really wonder who that someone from my past might me. Even if I have had strong feelings for one or two guys in the past,they never really noticed me . I was a joke then. No guy ever considered me to be their girlfriends.When I think about them , I don't think they were worth it anyway because none of them cared to show any interest in me when I really wanted to be with someone and be happy too.

    I trust what you said . I really want to find love but quite apprehensive about the guy from my past .

    Do you pick up anything that could give me a hint who it might me please ? Thanks again ..

  • Hi there misshopeful

    I haven't read anyone for a while, but this one piqued my interest. I get a name: "Andrew". I don't know if that helps you at all, but as soon as I finished reading your post, I got that name. That may not be his first name either; it could be a middle name or surname, ie, "Andrews". The only other details I get are that he could be between 25-30 now, not attached and like you, never been too serious about anyone. You'll run into him some time soon, but can't see an exact time frame. And you may not remember him from your past either 🙂

  • Hi cris1962, I really can't believe it myself but I think I've found out who the guy from my past is ! He works close to where I work and has been noticing me since a while back . He told me he knows me since 2 years and a half and fell in love with me the first time he saw me . I am so freaked out and he wants a chance to get to know . Although you have told me about that person , in reality it's just so hard to believe ..lol . Who falls in love with someone without ever talking to her ever and still love her after more than 2 years and a half . He didn't tell me about his feelings when he had first seen me in the past . Then I had left that place and he didn't see me . So this makes sense to what you said in the first reading you gave me . Still I really don't know what to do and if I should believe all this .. He seems kind of sweet and polite .

    I don't know his full name yet , just his first name but it's not Andrew . Once I know his full name , I will let you know ... I never noticed him or know him from my past . This has caught me off guard . I was expecting him to be someone I knew at least ... Now I'm lost and I will be avoiding him I think .

    Thanks a lot cris1962 🙂 You are so freaking accurate . Take care.

  • Hi again Cris1962 , just to add , I didn't expect him to pop up in my life so suddenly ? Do you get a good feeling from this ..

  • YES!!! Go for it, or forever keep yer silence :)))

  • By the way, your past can simply mean a few months ago. Whatever has been, is the past 🙂

    Don't be put off if his name isn't what I've suggested above either; it could be something that sounds like it or some other thing. I do get though, that he comes from a broken home and that MAYBE his mother's previous surname was Andrews, so this is where readings can get a bit, er, confusing! Still, that's the name that popped into my head and as is the case with this stuff, you go with what you get.

    Don't let readings rule what you do either. They are simply pointing out "signposts" in your life and are not carved in stone. Remember this: your own free will is the thing which directs your life, not psychic readings, which are only there to point out what may come up in your life. So go with whatever your gut tells you; you won't make a wrong choice :))

  • Hi again cris1962 and thanks a lot 🙂 I haven't given him a reply yet and haven't replied to any of his messages since Saturday . However haven't been able to get this all my mind at all !

    I am scared and also not too happy that he didn't come to ask me my number personally and went through someone else to get it . I understand his position and how he had to make many efforts to get into contact with me but still . I don't want to make things too easy for him .. I'm a jerk I know . And I still can't understand how he can possibly love me .

    I will have to get in touch with him soon to tell him whatever my reply is . I will go with what my gut tells me ... Hope I make the right choice .

    Thanks again . Wish me luck 🙂

  • Please do get in touch with him. Stop worrying about how he can "possibly" love you! What does that mean?? We're all deserving of love, so get rid of that limiting belief and go for it. God knows you've waited long enough. GOOD LUCK :))

  • I sent him a text just a few minutes ago ... I can't get this out of my mind and this is the problem .. However before I start a friendship or something more with him ,there's something that he needs to know about my family background. This has been worrying me and I don't know how to tell him all that and how he'll react. But he needs to know ..I'll feel guilty about it if I don't .. It's so tough . Thanks again for your kind advice cris1962 .

  • Hi Cris1962,

    Wondering if you could do a reading for me? Birthdate is April 11, 1980. I am getting out of a long relationship and wondering if I will ever find love again in the future, and if it will be a forever kind of love? I also would like to know if I do find love again, how this man will be with my kids?

  • Hi cris1962 , an update on what happened , we actually didn't click . I mean there was no chemistry/connection between us . He said he liked me etc but that something was clearly missing . But it's ok , I figured out more about myself and what I want in a relationship if anything ..

    Still hoping I'll find love and feel that special connection 🙂

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