Aquarius man needing space?

  • okay so me and this aqua have been together 2 yrs next month. around the middle of the month he got to distancing himself so i asked if he needed space he said yes. now we only talk 2 days a week and see each other once a week. he complains that i dont call him anymore when he calls to. i dont call bc he said he needs space. he still say i love you. my question is is this normal and how long do they usually need their space?

  • A person should never say,"I need space," and have it granted, to only complain about it later. Love is not selfish. Love is not one-sided. Have you and this man had a face to face talk about your relationship? Also, how are you feeling about him now? Absence may make one heart grow fonder while the other heart grows cold. It may also strengthen a relationship. Taureans are strong people. I should know. Both my mother and favorite aunt are Taureans. Taureans do not like to be BS-ed either. Therefore, sit your man down and get to the root of what direct your relationship will take. You might be relieved by the outcome.

  • if he is strongly aquarian, aquarians generally think with their head rather than feel with the heart. They are generally not overly emotional and look at their emotion with an almost detached point of view. They are extreme lovers of freedom, and although very social they generally dont get as close emotionally as others. They're not ones to be told what to do or kept watch over. Being a Taurus who is alot more patient, sensual and loyal this can be a tough situation. it may be normal in that he is feeling restricted or there maybe something deeper going on. I would ask him to talk about what exactly he wants from you in terms of his space (what he is expecting from you), whether he means it in an emotional or physical level or whether there is something deeper going on.

  • To love lotus... no when he said he needed space i left it at that. i will admit as you probably already know it is hard for us taurus to let go but i am being strong about the situation and no i havent set him down to talk bc i thought maybe it would push him further away and he is as stubborn as me meaning if he doesnt want to talk about it right then.... he wont

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