3 Fates Tarot Relationship Reading..

  • HI there, I have been doing tarot for my friends and myself for about a year now, The cards always seem to be so accurate and clear to me when looking at other people's lives and problems, However when doing a reading for myself I find it hard to put the cards to the situation in a clear productive and helpful way.

    If anyone can help me please figure out where i am going wrong and if there is any hope on the horizon for my next relationship I would be very grateful. I am single and have not had the best luck when it comes to men, I am fairly placid and easy going, and ambitious and funny but men don''t seem to want to date me long enough to be in a relationship and those that do always seem to finish it.

    But i am a good person and strongly believe in Karma, and doing good deeds and helping others I feel the time is so right now for me to be in a relationship seriously and I have never had such a strong urge (not need) for this.

    I decided to do the "3 fates reading" past, present and future in terms of relationships and i pulled

    2 of wands -PAST

    The Moon - PRESENT

    8 of wands- FUTURE

    Please may someone give me some clarity or advice on these cards in relation to my love life, I would return the favour happily.

    Many thanks,


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