Burning Secret

  • Would someone do me a reading please...

    I have a secret that i want to tell my mother or sister but im not sure if it's the right time or if i should trust them. Im afraid of their reactions. Im afraid they will not understand me. What should i do? Should i trust them or should i wait a little longer? Or should i tell someone else?This secret is burning me from the inside. Please someone help me.

  • It might be better to share it with us first. Then, you may get more insight on how to approach your family.

    In my family, my psychic gift was not appreciated. I was told I was a liar and making stuff up to humiliate my family. Sometimes, it is necessary to remember how your mother thinks and views certain subjects. What may be gloriously happy for you may come across entirely different with your family.

    My mother is the kind of person who enjoys control issues. No matter who I dated or made friends with, there was always something wrong with each choice I made. Then again, some secrets should not be shared, especially if you want your family to be happy for you. It may be best to wait until that "other party" is with you to share your news.

    You may not be as prepared for their reaction as they are as equally unprepared to hear it. Wait awhile longer and think matters through before spilling the beans.

  • Wow your a psychic! Awesome! I do believe you. I know that sometimes having such a rare gift could bring people to think things like that because not many have that power.

    Oh about the secret well, what i want to tell them is that I am bisexual. Yeah it's a very hard issue to deal with and I have been like this since a long time. Now is like i dont care anymore wether they know or not, but before it used to take a lot of me. I would get depressed all the time and I would constantly cry. Of course they never notice when I'm down. I'm very good at hiding my emotions. It's because they're used to see the strong, non-emational side of me that I don't dare show my other side as well.

    Yeah i think you're right. I don't think im prepared for their reaction and maybe neither are they.

    But I have been having many dreams about this issue lately. And they come out of nowhere because i dont even think about it anymore.

    OH BTW I love this psychic stuff. Are you practicing on making your gift better/stronger? I have read some books about people who are psychics and people who can see ghosts. I just love it. I've read Conversation With The Other Side, The Other Side and Back (My fav.), Talking to Heaven, Ghosts Among Us, When Ghosts Speak, etc. Yeah I'm weird lol. You should read them if you haven't. They totally changed the way i used see life and they changed my life as well.

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