• I love this site and had my first tarot reading and loved it. I would like to look in to learning how to read tarot cards, can anyone tell me the best way to go about this? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

  • The very first thing I would do is go to a local bookstore and find a set of Tarot cards that I feel a personal resonance with. It is much easier to learn how to do the readings if one is pschologically drawn to the cards. Usually these sets come with a book on how to interpret the cards, and have a few basic layouts in them. This will help you get started. I was taught by a family member that the cards represent the wheel, therefore as a cicle they have no beginning and no end. one of the excersizes he had me do was to sit in the center and lay the cards in a circle around me in the order that they were represented in the deck. That way I could learn the relationships between the cards. The next thing he had me do was to shuffle them and then repeat the process--amazingly, there was still a cohesiveness that I could see, but was hard pressed to verbalize. Anyway, that was what he called a centering excercise. Now, if you want to get further involved in the layouts for readings, and at some point incorporate runes into the readings, there are several good books available on the subject. Again, a trip to the bookstore is in order. Who knows, maybe you will become like me, I collect the different sets because the artwork is beautiful, and some make me feel more in touch with the person I am reading for than do others. At any rate, happy hunting, much luck in learning the systems, and blessed be.


  • Thank you Willow, I did go to the store last night and got the Universal Waite Tarot cards. There is a book "Tarot Made Easy" that I want to pick up in the near future, have you heard of it?

    I am an artist and do love the artwork on all the cards I looked at yesterday, that was fun. The store owner gave me a wonderful basic over view of the cards. He mentioned not to be concerned with the reverse of the cards; what is your feeling on that?

    I will try your suggestions on exercises and I am looking forward to learning.

    Thank again


  • Hi I am new, my name is Donna. I have a set of Tarot cards, "Universal Waite Tarot'. I bought them at a bookstore. My neighbor was really Into readings. She told me to purchace a deck that I was "drawn" to. I ended up with these. She always had hers wrapped up in a beautiful scarf and in a wooden box{the box looked like it was something special}. She never explained why. Any answers? I learned to read by a book and actually, do a pretty good job. Well, I just wanted to say hello, and if anyone that can answer my ?, I will appreciate it. Thanks...

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