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  • A week ago, I felt an ex lover (I believe he's my soul mate) lay with me and showed me through his eyes how precious I was to him, and felt his love; not mine. I didn't want his presence to leave, I've felt my love grow but this was different. I felt like he was telling me to hold on, he loved me, and more importantly that I was in danger and I was precious to him. Later that day a man I'd started talking to became very threatening. ... was this a warning from him? Is it possession he knew I was in danger spiritually? I have never experienced anything like this before. I haven't heard from Tom (Virgo) in awhile, but I feel him like he's a ghost. .......but he's not passed on so it makes me feel nutty. His signs are sun: Virgo, moon:cancer, rising: Libra. Mine is sun: cancer, moon: Sagittarius, rising: Virgo

    Any insight?

  • They don't have to be dead for you to experience a vision, which is what occurred. Congratulations!

  • I've started having dreams and day "coincidences" with someone I recently I sent him a message, and felt a shudder in my body just before he replied and my phone vibrated ... we had a nice rapport on Blackberry Messenger and then as I left office, I saw him drive right in front of my car...why do I have these frequent sensations? Does this mean this person needs me in some way or is this my calling up this person - why this keeps happening? It has occured with three most recent relationships/friendships I have had...

  • ShroudedHeart,

    So does Tom realize that this has been going on? If not, what do you think he would say?

  • Shroudedheart4426

    All of my life I have lived as a Pisces...

    many Pisces traits explain me perfectly...

    my birthday is March 20th, the Day of the Cusp between Pisces and Aries...

    I have Obviously picked up mostly Pisces traits but my birthchart, i reciently discovered, reads:


    Moon: Virgo

    Asending: Cancer

    the reason I am saying this, though it still have no relevence, is because I noticed He and I have some similar signs...

    the other day... no mores than 5 days ago... I went through an event where I transferred some thoughts to a few people who were close to me...

    Completely By Accident...

    but I believe it was because these are the important people in my life and I felt strong feeling for them...

    that sounds some what similar to what you believe could be hapening with him..

    or quite possibly you were having an experience like mine and mixed up some pychic experience you were having about him, with one that was warning you about yourself...

    you understand?

    because in my experience I not only connected with them, learning about feelings they were going through, but a lot about myself,. And in my case a lot of those feelings were jumbled together. It took a lot of observing to set them apart.

    But I do believe he could send you messages if his feelings for you are as stronge as you feel they are...

    and so my conclusion is that

    I AGREE with BLUE,

    you should talk to Tom about it... in as sensitve of a way as you feel comfortabe to...

    good luck

  • Interesting you guys suggest I contact Tom about it, I tried to call him several times, saying I needed to talk to him and it was important. No response, I really really believe that he was experiencing something very similar. Before I left (I moved to another state away from him in July) I gave him my soul friend ring that I've worn since I've known him, I tend to transfer my energy into objects that I've worn and usually if I give them away people will pick up on it, if they're "sensitive"; and I feel like he either was holding my ring or had it nearby for such a strong vivid connection to have happened. For the first time, during this experience, I didn't once feel my emotions, (I did feel sorrow that I didn't want his presence to leave me other htan that, I felt him)

    Anyway.... I felt like the reason I hadn't heard from him was probably because when I told him I'd received a dream of him (didn't detail) it probably scared him because I think he felt it too, or dreamed about me also since in the past we've both admitted to having simultaneous dreams. I finally put the entire thing in an email and have sent it to him. I don't know if I'll hear from him, primarily because I feel that he was aware of that connection and since hasn't expressed a lot of spiritual beliefs to me, this may have freaked him out, which is a tendancy for him. Since his Moon is a Cancer, it says a lot about his romantic traits and has held true for our entire relaionshp, including a incident where he mentioned "sensing" me in his town.

    I hope I hear from him soon, but I'm pretty sure it was a simultaneous experience based on the intensity of this experienced. There have been times when I get a word, or phrase will go through my mind and the person it's related to with confirm verbally whatever the "word or phrase" was that I got, it's random and at times maddening but this was probably the most intense spiritual experience I've ever had... aside from beinga around Tom lol 🙂

  • Firefly 01:

    Knowing this guy has caused me to have a few "images" in my mind that end up occuring with him if it is in regards to him. Often times my advisors have told me that they are visions and that he does experience the same things as I do and they scare him a bit more than maybe they scare me... more often the frustrate rather than scare. I just wonder since I was able to get myself out of the situation I found myself placed in where is Virgo going to fit into my l ife, if at all really. Anyway since then I've redirected myself towads my school work, and family otherwise I just tend to get into a mess

  • Girl, you sound a lot like me, and some of the things I experiance. When is your bday? , and if you don't mind my asking what are your feelings for him now?

  • bluecat123:

    I'm a cancer 7-2-1982; no matter what happens, I will love this man for the rest of my life, he's been my angel, hero for so many times and in so many ways including this one. I haven't heard from him (Virgo 9-2-64), but my advisor said he's trying to make a decision.... he advised me to perform a ritual he instructed me to do, but I don't want to manipulate any thing in any way either.... I miss him... every now and then I'll be attracted to someone else, but they're never Virgo, and it brings me back to feeling like I need to wait because he's the only one who made me feel known and deeply loved, I don't think that could be replaced or re-experienced either. What do you think?

  • firefly:

    can you advise more on this? I feel at peace since then about Virgo, still haven't heard from him but I can't help but feel like I might soon; what do you think? This is the strongest vision I've had, but I have had others and I keep having them like once recently i envisioned sittig beside him at a bar that we went to once before together (so it was familiar and real setting), and I was talking to him, I was happy and confident, felt like I'd "grown up" a bit more and I had was wearing a beautiful ring on my left hand.... felt like one of my previous "glimpses". I can't see or feel much more than that though

  • I understand the feeling of a strong connection to someone, but not wanting to manipulate the outcome, because you want to know in your heart of hearts that it came to be because it is real in the purest sense, and any other way might always be there and get in the way if you don't know it's because he really wanted to be there by your side,not knowing whether he responded to what you feel is "true" for the two of you on his own, could feel unathentic to you. I think when our hearts are invested it can seem like theres no other person, no other way, thats its "meant to be". I think you know your own heart, you know you love this person with all of it, regardless of the outcome, the ring on your left hand sounds symbolic of a committment, thats what it would be, if you have doubts that he would fit into your life, I can see why the ring might show up like that, you might really want to secure the situation where he's concerned, it would feel better, safer, knowing he is, and will always be there, that you won't loose him while your working towards other goals in your life. If he is making a decision, I don't think it would be manipulating the outcome if he knows your concerns, your thoughts and feelings about your relationship and its potential. I think your on the right path with school, thats freedom for you in the long run, it sounds as if you want to move forward, but missing Mr. virgo is a very loose emotional end you want to tie up , or cut loose, so you can breath and go forward. I have a soft spot for virgo, growing up between two, born a day apart, my grandparents were both virgos, I seem to recall when the virgo minds made up, it seems to take an act of God to change it, wonderful as they are! I am going to pray for the best for the both of you.

  • Thanks! I've heard from him twice, but nothing about his feelings. I told him I'd be back in his area for my friends wedding. He asked when, I don't know exactly when, but but that wad it. My advisor keeps telling me that he and I are destined for each other.

    But, while I will love Virgo forever, I have feelings for one of my instructors. He's a Gemini and we have chemistry. No idea what that's about, but wish Virgo would make up his mind.

    Does it take long for those Virgos to make a decision? Lol

    Seems like it!!!

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