Sign facts or fiction?

  • Rather it be accurate or not I have learned some interesting things about specific signs I would like to share with you, and would enjoy any feed back as to your opinion.

    Scorpions - Marry twice or not at all

    Twin scorpions - One will die young.

    Cancers- Have a full moon face or a half moon.

    Pisces- Are either extremely small in stature or large in stature.

    What do you think,True or False?


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  • I think there are astrology sites that explain physical build of each sun sign

    it doesn't fit my case leo I don't have the mane and all

    I do have some muscles due to intense yoga but nothing like those that go to gym

    everything else you wrote, I don't think it could be generalized that way

  • In my experience, wich I think is pretty broad because I always find out everyones signs, at school, and at the all the jobs iv had for past six or so years. I would definatley have to agree with the pisces thing. Of the scorpions that iv known that were mariied 2 of them did fit the marriage thing, but one dose not...I can always spot a cancer but It's always more something I "smell" on them than the actual face. Also i have noticed that Virgos including the women tend toward stinky feet, and in Texas atleast they all drink dr pepper!

  • Merry Meet, MysticalWitch,

    Please do not take offense but those descriptions are rather general; and not very well define. I do appreciate your sharing and send you the most positive energies I can.

    Merry part and blessings to you and yours.

  • Signs are interesting, of all my boyfriends 3 were Pisces and being a cancer with Virgo rising, these matches were poisonous for me. Two were Virgos who loved my spirit deeply but their minds were afraid. Lately, I'm drawn to a Gemini which is a first for me, for the first time ever, I am not sure a bour the signs involved

  • my sister is a cancer with a small head, like a pea. My best friend, she is a cancer with a moon like head , and a male friend of mine also a cancer has a pea head also,

    I am pisces and female, I'm 5"6 and of slim size, not either too big or too small.

    so i guess it just is coincidental. Im all with the traits of starsigns though, im a pisces through and through

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