Hi to all! Need help with a Taurus Man!!

  • Just discovered this, hello everyone and anyone 🙂

    I am a Virgo, Sept 8, 1981. Have been seeing a Taurus, May 13, 1979 for about 9 months now. In many ways, I feel like I am still in the beginning of the relationship. Not so much in the giddy smitten stage, but the nervous, unsure if this person even likes me stage. Logically I know he would not still spend time with me if he didn't like me, however I could not know for sure how he feels because he has never told me a single thought he has about our relationship. I know this can happen with Taurus men and does not always mean they are not serious about the relationship, but there are times that it is very hard not to know. I feel that the way he behaves is his way of telling me how he feels and this has kept me going most of the time. I am being treated better than I have been, he truly is a traditional gentleman.

    But still I am getting impatient. I do not spend any where near enough time with him. He kind of tries to spend time with me but I feel like I am always having to make the plans, and half the time I get shot down. Any time I bug him about it, he puts in more effort, but I have had to remind him a few times now. As a Taurus who is operating a number of businesses, he has little time for me and when he does, he often chooses to be with friends or go straight to bed. I can sympathize with this to a point, but I need advise on just how understanding I should be before I just decide to end the whole thing. I have a hard time with the fact that being "exhausted" is a reason not to be with me. I would gladly go to his house just to hop straight to bed 🙂 I do not want to nag him and get on his case about this another time, but CANNOT continue to waste my time with men who are not serious about me. When he is not with me, I am beginning to worry if there is someone else, even though I have no other reason to suspect him.

    As you can see I am at a bit of a breaking point with this relationship. Any advise about him or myself would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Spookykat,

    Are we seeing the same guy?!!!!!! LOL!

    I've been seeing my Taurus man 2 May 1979 for 10 months and it's pretty much the same situation. He's focused on his career and his free time is taken up with friends and family. But remember also that as a Taurus, he also needs his time out. This sign in particular will retreat into his man cave to recharge his batteries, I do this myself (I'm a Taurus also), so I understand what it's like when you've had enough of the outside world and just need to be on your own for a while to kind of depressurise.

    What is your man's rising sign & moon sign?

    One thing I will say about Taurus man in general, is that they are slow to commit. They take their time, Taurean men take time to truly comprehend their emotions. They are the faithful and loyal type, not likely to be players and really aren't the casual fling type. They prefer stability.

    Astrologically speaking, Taurus Man and Virgo Woman is the most compatible match. I know it's hard (because I'm there with you) but you need to be patient with him. Just hang in there. 🙂

  • Would seem that you know exactly who I am dating :)lol

    Yay! Thank you!

    I totally agree with what you said, and feel bad even complaining about him because I know all this about him, and I feel we are an amazing match. It's nice to have someone else say it to me, and it helps that you are a Taurus yourself!

    I keep telling myself all of this and would imagine you do the same. Most of the time I am able to be more positive, and give him plenty of time but I'm not feeling that way recently. I totally understand the need to de-stress. I value my time alone ( NEED that!) and with friends and did not intend to make it sound like I was one of those girls who needs to spend every second with him. I just have a hard time with only seeing him once a week and don't even get a call or a text some days. My insecurity kicks in then (like now) and it makes me think he must just not like me enough. I try to tell myself that good thing come to those who wait, and you can't hurry love, and all sorts of other song lyrics 🙂 But I feel that I NEED to hear something, anything from him so I have peace of mind.

    To answer your question, he has an Aries moon, don't know his rising. It's an interesting combo for me with my Gemini rising and Capricorn moon. As you can imagine, I over think everything!

    Thank you so much, it is really comforting to know that I am not the only one going through this!

    I am curious, has your Taurus told you he loves you, or given you an idea of his plans for the future?

  • That's ok, I know how you are feeling.

    My insecurities kick in too and being a Taurus also I like things to be straight forward and know where things stand. My rising sign and moon are VIRGO! I also over think everything and I get impatient in wanting to know where things are going, I think we should just be enjoying the ride, as hard as that is to do!

    You are lucky to see yours once a week, mine is more like once a month, maybe twice. I'm also dealing with a man who's ex girlfriend devastated him when she cheated on him and his rising sign and moon sign are both CANCER.

    No, he does not tell me he loves me or given me any ideas of the future. BUT he does say little things here and there that does give me an indication that he does have feelings. I know he is not seeing anyone else. Luckily, I can also feel him energetically, I can feel what he is like inside, that he keeps hidden. I can also feel that he does care more than he lets on and sometimes I have to laugh because I can pick up when he is trying to test me in some way. He is wanting to be sure of me.

  • @ Wenchie and Spooky, I think we all areeee LOL, wow this is crazy! I know exactly how the both of you feel and I'm so torn. Wondering if its my lack of patience or is there something that he's really trying to tell me without actually saying it. Ughhhh it's so frustrating!

  • Hi Spookycat,

    Taureans are extremely good at moving slowly and not letting you know they're thoughts! The fact that his actions show that he cares means that he cares! The bulls move slowly into any freindship and relationship and are very cautious but once in there you will be a friend for life and you will not be able to get away easily. They are generally very stable, loyal and patient people and do not speak for no reason. I also believe they regard their freinds and the time spent with them quite highly. I have alot of good freinds who are taurus and know on the downside they can be at times lazy & unreliable and take work & their careers to the extreme! This guy does sound extremely taurusy! I think if you genuinely want to know how he feels and you aren't satisfied without knowing, then you need to simply ask him how he feels about you. Actions speak louder than words, but sometimes we need that reassurance. If he is as patient and down to earth as most ,Im sure he wont have a problem responding to your question. Im sure there probably isnt anyone else as most bulls pride themself on their loyalty and probably doesnt realiaze that you feel neglected. Before acting out I think you need to discuss this with him and tell him exactly how your feeling!

  • Wow I am an Aquarian woman who has major like for this Taurian and according to our signs were a total oposite we both fixed and the relationship can eithe be really great or extremely horibble, but there seems to be this strong attaraction between us but none of us is bugging and its really hard for me to know what he is thinking. What should I do? Anyone knows more about the dynamic between aquarians and taurians?

  • Generally you get along best with the signs which are two from yours and then four from yours in the circle... i.e. taureans with water signs and other earth signs. Thats not to say that earth and air dont mix. i think you need to find the specifics of both your birth charts, as sun signs are too broad to judge. i.e. your sun signs might potentially clash but it depends on your whole chart, mostly your sun, moon, rising, and the first 5 or so planets and where they are located. It could be that the aquarian say has no earth in any of his chart and you may not have any air and then are attracted to each other because of this.. there could be alot of theries anyway i recommend finding the details of your chart.

  • huh... I just got dumped after 30 years by a Taurus man. I don't think I have anything nice to say about them lol I will definitely agree to the comments made by lisaria. My ex is a workaholic to the extreme and used that as a cover for seeing someone else, so they can be sneaky also. Since I am a Scorpio, I detected the shift of emotions and while I asked repeatedly, he denied anything going on. After months of mental abuse(he did the mental abuse to me), he finally admitted he wanted a divorce. I was devestated because he wouldn't even agree to marriage counseling. He felt he knew better than me what was best for me and him. Truth was he wanted what he wanted and he didn't want me.

    So all I can say is good luck with a Taurus.

  • Wow it is soooo nice to hear that my man is not an isolated case. All have great insight and it seems that we all pretty much have them figured out but have the nagging female voice that tells us he needs to say it.... Looks like patience is best with Taurus men and as stormyeyes ( 😞 i'm so sorry! ) points out, even when married for 30 years you never know if it will be forever until you get there. I fear that the work could easily cover another woman, and with his Aries Moon it makes me wonder. My last relationship was terrible and abusive with the king of all Aries jerks so I was disappointed to find this in his chart.

    Really only time will tell. I've spent my whole life focusing on nothing but finding a man to have a family with. I believe I have found him and try my hardest to focus on bettering myself in preparation instead of moping around feeling sorry for myself. Now that I have found him I can relax and finally focus on me.

    It is nice to know that when I do get off track there are people who can RELATE!

    TX 🙂

  • Hello again. Wanted to give a little update, maybe it will help those of you that are struggling with this type. About a week ago, I got mad at him for sending me a text that was intended for his female friend. I was very emotional and told him that it really sucks that he is giving his attention to someone else and doesn't even have the courtesy to reply to me ( had asked him if he wanted to hang out about a half hour before... he probably would have answered eventually if I hadn't flipped out on him) So he dealt with it by not talking to me, didn't hear from him till Thursday! I was so mad and refused to contact him, didn't feel that I should have to and he should be kissing my butt. You can imagine how much more annoyed I was when he casually apologized for not getting back to me on sunday and said that it was a hectic day. I didn't respond.

    Dayyyyssss of not talking, and hour later he texts "hello?" I decided to let him sweat it out a bit and didn't answer, let him know how it feels. Another hour later, he writes about a guy we always see out at the bar and says he'll just have to be annoyed by him by himself, asks if I'm there or if I'm just ignoring him. Finally decided to tell him to just call me when he go home and that I'm not going to talk about it through text. He hates when I do this and want's to know NOW what I want to talk about but he SHOULD ALREADY KNOW!!! Still he reponds with "talk about what?"

    Anyway, he did not call me that night but text me first thing in the morning saying he had fallen asleep. Finally I just laid it on the line. told him: " I feel like i don't matter to you at all. I really need more effort if this is going to work. Not talking to me all week is not ok, we need to talk about things."

    He likes to play dumb and replys " what things?"

    "we need to figure out what we want to do, things cant stay the same. Tired of feeling like I'm being strung along and not important to you"

    So we got together that night, (now we get to the point of my story, sorry for being longwinded) I feel so much better having spilled it all to him. He surprised my by seeming really willing to tell me EXACTLY what he has been feeling/ thinking. My heart soared because he started by saying that he certainly doesn't ever want me out of his life, even if I decide that I can't see him anymore. He said that he wants to take things to a more serious level but knows that he doesn't have time to do the little things that are required when things are serious ( calling often, seeing each other often) and knows that it's not fair to me to be unable to do those things. He assured me that he cares about me, loves being around me and wants it to continue, but was an honest bull and said he sees no more time in the future than he has now.

    Moral of the story, I feel so much better letting him know how I feel, and hearing how he feels. We did not come up with a solution, but now that we have communicated, I don't feel like I am being played with. One thing I love about him is that he may not say much at the time, but once he knows something bothers me or makes me feel less secure, he always keeps it in mind and changes his behavior. It was freeing to finally spill some of my past ( and corresponding insecurities ) and why some stuff bothers me when it shouldn't. I highly recommend you lovely ladies try to get it all out in the open if you haven't, I feel much better and my heart is flooded with so much love for him, I probably will just let it slip and say it one of these days. I think it would be okay with him, but he probably wouldn't say anything right away :).

    Thanks for listening, Much love, hope all is well with you and yours.

  • I agree that they can be worth the wait, it takes a lot of patience, mabe heartache too, try to be assure as you can before you let them go, they seem to be very hard to win over twice.

  • They seem to have a lot of friends of the opposite sex too, and don't get the jealousy thing at all, I would think it might take a really secure individual to be okay with that too. I would probably loose it.

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