Scorpio man Virgo woman

  • Help .....

    I have to get out gracefully.

    Is there any way to do this with a Scorpio.

    I feel like I could be eaten alive, bad feelings and it started so good .

    Very sad.

    His e-mails while he was away just turned my gut from sweet to sour.

    i told him to call instead some people just can not e-mail correctly . i get this.

    he actually considered canceling our halloween dinner becuase of his schedule returning from a trip.

    he has 11/2 days to unpack his things w/o me.

    Then he keeps telling me he was thinkinkng on postponement as this was tight timing.

    We have not been intimate yet. He wants me to pay for his dinner when I see him and buy him a cake and his birthday is not on Halloween.

    Then to top it all off he has me timed to leave on Monday morning as he will have 4 weeks worth of work on his mind. i get that too.

    This is ridiculous, however I need a stong voice to tell me something.

    I ordered the cake , but did not buy it. Right now i would like to throw it in his face.

    I suppose his lust diminished on his trip , he must have been satisfied by someone or he would never consider canceling a date we planned for 6 weeks or say as he did in 1 e-mail "he was counting the days", should I bring this up ? or not worth it, but it is so obvious i want thim to know i know. Sometimes being intuitive sucks.

  • You are a spiritual person, so you already know the answer. Save your money. Better yet, treat yourself to something purple (wisdom and happiness) or yellow (love and the arts). Since you have not been intimate yet, why bother.

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