Gemini-itis anyone?

  • Sending this out to fellow geminis - - Any of you go through those madening cycles with relationships? Gotta great guy but start getting curious about what else is out there? Bored to the point of irritation? I'm 41 and keep waiting to feel the need to just settle down. It's there for a minute but then gone again. I feel like I hurt good people who love me but I just go crazy trying to stay in a relationship long term. WTF!! I just don't know if it's that I should be looking for more and that I'm just shallow and flighty and take love for granted? Maybe my bad marriage scared me off serious relationships? Maybe I'm just nuts!? The men I meet come so very close to perfect but .... What kind of sign would be good for a gemini female with an aries moon and sag. rising? Keep attracting scorpios and cancers and they are sooooo watery but man they love me so much, it's kinda addicting? Sometimes I feel like a spoiled brat that takes things for granted but if it's not right....?? HELP!

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  • Girl I know exactly how you feel!! I am 26 years old and I have yet to be able to hold down a serious relationship! And the fact that my Mars is also in Gemini makes me a commitment-phobe with a habit of falling for unavailable men! I want what I can't have but once the thrill of the chase is over and it starts to resemble a real relationship, I begin to feel restless and trapped and then I start looking for an exit out of there! I'm optimistic though (another inherent trait of gemini) because I know one of these days I will find a man who can tame me and I'm sure you will too. So I wouldn't fret too much about breaking hearts because in the end you have to do what's best for you.

    What signs are your mars and venus in? Those are the relationship planets and it's more important that they are compatible with your mate's because they explain how you like pursue and be pursued, respectively. If you tell me your exact birthday I could tell you a lot more. As far as sun signs go, I've always gotten along great with Libras, but as you know it's a lot more complicated than that!!

    So don't worry, you're not nuts, you're just keeping with your true Geminian nature, something in which those Cancers & Scorpios couldn't understand with all of their sensitive feelings in the way!! (I'm just kidding, sort of). I think it just basically comes down to the fact that us twins have find someone who can keep our attention without turning into a dramatization (which is probably what made those relationships so addicting... not healthy but addicting nonetheless). So hang in there and don't be so hard on yourself because Mr. Wonderful will appear when you're ready and not looking for him! Keep us posted!

  • why would gemini's partner with scorpios or cancers anyway? air and fire match well, not air and water. that is why it helps to know the run, rising, and moon to get the whole picture. i am scorpio with gemini rising, which i just learned because i had the wrong birth time all these years, i thought i had Taurus rising....boy was that a mistake, but knowing the restlessness is there because of the gemini rising, i am more alert when it comes up in a relationship, job, place to live, anything that can get stale.

  • what does the run mean? Do you mean sun? Virgo here, with Libra ascendant & Aquarius moon...I havent had any luck with relationships since my divorce. Lotsa players but no one wants to get serious. I heard too many guys are watching some show about cougars being fun to play with. lol

    What signs would be good for me? the french Taurus I know is too weird.

  • I was raised by a Gemini mother. I went to 5 different schools! She is so free at 78. She married 7 times. Scary!

  • I partnered with a Scorpio for over 20yrs...I attract them like fly's.

    Cancer men just need to be understood. A sign is a sign, it doesn't always suggest a good or bad match, there are far to many factors involved for a relationship to work!

  • I think you should give Saggi men a whirl ! I am a Saggi girl and I get bloody bored and well why not try a Gemini man, then you can both get bored together ! Nudge nudge wink wink!

  • Have you ever been out with a Gemini man then??

  • Hello Geminian:

    Yes, I am a Gemini too and the last few years have been seriously rough! I wanted to add to the "What is Wrong With Gemini Men? Okay ladies, dated THREE of them in INTENSIVE relationships which did not last very long but left me a very changed person and the short relations with them often feel as if you were married to them or have had a decade stint w/ them. What I found with these Gemini men is this: they are extremely charming one you meet them; they are romantic, obsessive, sexy, every romantic thing that you crave for; suddenly, they act as if you are a stranger. They say all of these things about loving you, I do not want any one to have you, you are mine, blah, blah,blah, and each time we fall for this. Remember, Geminis are clever but the men are very unstable unless otherwise aspected given an extensive chart reading and yes i do mean the type where you will need the EXACT date of birth, their home city and state and most of all the birthdate. A good Gemini male should have an Aquarius moon or a rising Pisces sign in order for any type of longevity to occur. They must have other signs of Taurus in their home sign. They need to have a scattering of earth signs and signs which will make them stable; otherwise, there really IS something wrong with them all. They can become verbally cruel out of the blue; next they'll have a pious attitude towards you after you have had sinful sex with them and then they want YOU to change and then they become secretive. They will put you through the seven wonders of the world and back and then; like 6 months of darkness in Alaska, they WILL leave you with out a coat and a scar as long as the depths of your heart. DO be careful with these Gemini men: I mean I dated 3 in the 1990s and each of them have too much divorce and other women drama in their lives and they are master liars and will make you out to be the freak in a way in which you accepted in them but they will not mutually return these idiosyncrasies with you. They have their own agenda from the moment they meet you---this is why they will do the chasing because YOU will often remind THEM of someone they once loved or had great sex (most of them have pulled this and I am not the only one to say this either. My take; wait a minute. Wait until they grow older and appreciate what they have; they age much better than they are in their youth. When they are young, all that they want to do is have sex and make you feel as if you were the only woman on earth. Warning: this is a lie.They already have you figured out

  • What is your actual DOB? Tell me and I can give you a list of birthdays that you are ultra-compatible with and also which birthdays to avoid.

  • A Pisces with Gemini rising here 🙂

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