Does ANYONE Know What Im Talking ABout?

  • Hi. I am Melissa.

    I was wondering what is going on with me.

    Please read all and Help me with Serious responces.

    Mondaymorning, 12 am +, I was doing deep stretches, massaging area's of my feet and Others.

    All of the sudden I began to realize which pressure points were related with what area of my body. It was cool to begin with... I was learning something.

    I began with deep breathing and stretching the muscles or bones that were related to the pressure points. My body began to get too personal with me.

    I moved from my feet to any area that my body took me to, and they were all related to each other.

    The Breaths began to deepen into places in my head that were unfamiliar to me.

    I began to tire at points, I began to fear at some points, But my body would move me to other areas which would temporarily relieve these feelings.

    As the intensity neared my brain deeper and deeper my inner Som?thing began to speak to me, subtle truths.

    I started to repeat words, realize things about the "world" around me, and see that each person in my life relates to an area in my body that is unaligned and constantly hurting.

    For example: there is an area inside my foot that became numb after child birth, all the way up to my back. Every time I would stretch this nerve My Husband would come up in my thoughts...

    anyway, it is MUCH MORE complex than that but...

    I continued and it spoke to me... things I never knew,,, things someone cant tell you about life.

    Then all of the sudden I noticed that My Husbands breathing was imitating the sensations in my body as I moved... not only the sensations but my thoughts, and everything that was happening around me... (it was early early morning and my husband and child were DEAD ASLEEp mind you)... I noticed that when I would move a certain way his breathing would change. I also noticed when appropriate my childs would make noises or breath in sync as well... like when a thought or feeling came up about her she would move or make a sound. Then If my sister came up in my thoughts and her "portion ofmy body" was touched I would hear a bang on the wall from where her room is next to ours.

    This went on until I broke the cycle of "Doing Everything Correctly"

    I even noticed that the simplest things would draw my attention in the room... details... and "IT" told me that these represent every little thing that was not correct in my life. like socks left on the floor could mean that I need to go out and heal a specific person!!

    I cant go more into detail because it is hard to make sence of.

    But PLEASE write me!! im BEGGING. I need someone to talk to about this.

    I dont know if this Topic makes any sence.

    I also Know this sound like a meditation... But It was something far beyond my normal comprehension. It happened out of no where... and it made me feel like we are all... one thing. I wanted to be afraid, Because you may not understand that it was scary as SH.T!! but it wouldnt let me be... Now that I am back on normal plains... I am a bit afraid, confused, and depressed!

    Because this is a serious matter to me and I really would like to talk to someone about it.

    Thank you for taking time to hear me out.

  • I understand this might have frightened you.

    You should not meditate when people are sleeping in the same room as you. Especially not children, since they are empty (pure inside).

    When sleeping, people are much more receptive to what happens in other peoples meditation in the same room. What happens when meditating, is affecting the ones who sleep. You are supposed to receive healing when doing meditation. That means that something comes in and something comes out. That wich comes out can in fact come into the ones that sleep. Espessially children, since they are empty (clean) and especially receptive.

  • This sounds some what like reikki. Do you no anything about that subject? you should look into that sounds like you have natural healing abilities.

  • you certainly have some sensitivity psychic wise. you may not realize this or you have been doing spiritual exercises that enhance it over time.

    I have read psychics who can feel something happens to someone or feel a persence because certain parts of their body 'tell' them about it. It could be pain or discomfort or simply a tap or two.

    for example a medium knows there is a presence in the room because her kidney feels certain discomfort. this is just how the psyche communicates and not the same to each person.

    Try to make note of it and see if you can learn anything from it. If it asks you to do something try to do it and see what happens. The bang or noises that you hear are confirmations that 'yes, this part represents your sister' etc. pay attention to it. if the banging patterns change, your sister might need help or something. to be safe, keep a close communication to these people that your body parts represent. There is a reason why this happens and hopefully you don't have to find out the hard way.

    The reverse can also happen. e.g. your sister got into accident, the body part that represents her might also be injured or stop functioning depending on how much injured she is. Very rare that I heard something like your case, but there is nothing wrong with it. It's freaky I understand, it's like a higher level of awareness, but very powerful so all you need to do is master it.

  • Wow, thank you guys Soo much! It makes me feel much better!

    Im still a little afraid, only because its a lot of responcibility...

    and, im very sensitive. Im definately affected by others emotions.

    I will definatey not meditate around a sleeping baby.


    I do need advise on the subject though,

    When and where should I do my meditation...

    Its really intense, I haven't done it much before, And I have a Lot to discover.

    My baby is always with me, and when others are around It is never quiet enough to do it. Night is the only time. But it oviously affected those in the other rooms, So could I even Do it at night in another room... It seems I am almost sure it will still affect her,

    I think It affected every single person that My thoughts were about...

    now Im a little MORE afraid.

    I DO know though, that It didnt feel I was sending anything negative toward any of them.

    Very much Positive energy.

    So anyone who knows anything about meditation, Yoga, or whatever, Let me know.

    ThAnK YoU All AGAIN!!!

    very helpful So far!

    Melissa Jane

  • I have a link that may help

    I use this site for yoga and zen it helps me a lot

    and I was doing it when my spirit guide appeared

    certainly not a coincidence

    here is the link I hope admin doesn't delete it www dot anmolmehta dot com

    don't know him personally but always helpful to me

  • forgot to say you might lose your post because admin doesnt allow emails

    to be honest I never read you have to meditate in an empty room or certain place far from babies. I didn't always have my own place so I do it whenever there is space. I don't know what meditation you do, but zen meditation is between you and your psyche, the link to the universe. it shouldn't affect anyone else that is around you, since they are not having this 'conversation'.

    but there are some sayings about the need to do it right and how long. if you don't do it right then who knows what effect it can be, for each person has different psychic ability and degree.

    even I have to take time off from yoga like a week off sometimes, because the messages my psyche is receiving can get overwhelming in terms of qty and quality. It got too much sometimes I blacked out, like a computer burned out.

  • Hello All, everything you do affects everyone, in meditation you are trying to Not think about anything, to stop, be in the now, as a teacher I had once said... be in the moment when you look at the mountain, before the word or thought "mountain" comes 🙂 zen esp. is be here now, no wandering mind and an awareness of the importance of all action ... as it creates more action like a pebble in the pond, thoughts create a ripple in the Universe. Meditation can be very private but also could be part of a group. I have never heard of one meditating while their children sleep as the presence of another who is not partaking in your " conversation" would be intrusive. That is unless you are one of the very focused who can make of their entire life a meditation. Sounds like this group is full of very sensitive and intuitive peoples who I hope to know and to to help my practice. Thanks for so much ...

  • Okay Everyone... The hanged woman has made Me realize that I have stumbled by accident upon Latihan...

    I dont completely understAnd what Latihan is, But I understand how powerful it was in my life...

    It is said that it can be transmitted from person to person just by one being near the one in the Latihan and just by them agreeing to recieve it... and my child and husband were unconscious. To me That seems to make anyone receptive to anything. I thought their actions were guiding me and my life, But now it might seem that my actions were guiding them! Its really strange actually.

  • Dear Melissa Jane,

    Since it is not in my nature to read other peoples' posts before answering, I can assure you that you experienced enlightenment of a higher nature.

    When our thought, feelings and actions are aligned with God's Spirit, He blesses us in His own way. Each gift is different and as unique as each individual. Those who give with their whole heart and being are blessed in ways others find unbelievable.

    Good going, gal! Welcome to the club.

  • midor, what you said about zen is true

    and I have never experienced what she experienced when and after meditating

    mybe I am really in tune with my psyche who knows

    but I do treat my psyche as a very close friend and having conversation with it is a private thing that nobody is allowed to intrude no matter who or where I am doing it and I do block myself from others when I do this, so apparently this block works both ways where I do not affect others and others do not affect me

    I didn't always have the luxury of my own space until lately the house was organized and not many visitors coming due to recession they don't travel to us much often

    I even have this 'conversation' without meditation probably that's why I need to take a break since the information can get overwhelming

  • Dear Midor and All:

    My new Update...

    Well, I was afraid but I spoke to the few friends whom I also had thoughts about that night,

    Both of them had strange feelings or events happen to them at the same time as I was meditating that night. My friends Danielle had Feelings that were what she considered Horrible repeating thoughts. "She felt that Her brain was working Too hard and she needed to stop thinking altogether. She was one person I felt I needed to "heal,"

    Another friend, Kearra, didnt know she related to my special event until I told her how I was repeating the word "INTERESTING" over and over about all the thoughts and feelings and things I was seeing. She then told me that her boyfriend was trippin out on her because she kept saying things were INTERESTING and they didnt understand why. He says she never using that word. We all experienced this between 12 and 130 am.

    We then began lookin up somethings and read some stuff about Latihan and Kundalini energy.

    We found some information that was mostly possitive but it said somethings about people who didnt know what they were doings having explosive awakenings and going insain or Dying!

    My friends said that I maybe shouldnt do it again because I might choose to not comeback and disapear into the Light that I Knew I could become... Also the first friend felt such a negative experience from my awakening that she doesnt think I shoud do it again for that reason...

    Im torn now, because some feeling made me feel as though I could use this energy to tell people the truth and the future or lead them onto the right path... But I also felt as though I could just take them away somewhere with me. I also felt as though anything could happen, and It could turn really bad. Like I would be afraid of "real" life and just not come back...

    How can I learn to channel My energy and NOT affect others unless I choose to. I dont want to make them feel anything bad... But I do want to use it for what I would like to. I cannot risk affecting them all everytime like that... It was obviously powerful. So Like the hangedwoman said about the baby can take my energy if she is in the same room... well They ALL took it, no matter where they were, like Telepathy? Any new advice anyone?

  • I don't know what to advise you since I don't know which meditation you are doing and how

    with Zen I am used to create a block that is happening normally

    think of your psyche as a friend and one day two of you want to talk in private

    you two then will go to a room and close the door

    so that your conversation is between you and your psyche only, nobody else knows or affected by it and nobody else can just interfere unwelcomed/ unexpectedly

    think of your body as this room, and then create a block around it

    any kind of block you can think of, even just blue.white light or even clouds whichever you like

    it's not so much of the shape of a block, it's more of the intention behind the blockage

    if you mean to have this private conversation, then that's what will happen

    I can meditate even in a room where the TV is on and not interrupted

    everything starts with intention, if you intent it to be private, you will not take anything else into the room that is not meant to be there and you will not let your private conversation out either

    even if you have a strong psyche ability, you can block it, it's yours to control

    anyway that's all I'm gonna say about this. like I said I never had problems like yours but I do not do any other meditation but Zen. It's really passive and can be quite boring but after a while I managed not to fall asleep when doing it. I do have to keep an alarm close because the messages I received could be overwhelming I sometimes blacked out. So 20-30 mins is my limit. with an hour yoga on top I feel that it's enough for my psyche in a day. Time limit is very important in any exercise, physical or spiritual. This goes well with the concept of balance, which goes well with the blocking I mention.

  • You said something about dying. Yes, to receive a higher light does awake us in a way that the old path dies, thoughts that we let go of die, the feelings that we let go of die. Well, they dont actually die, but it feels as if they die when you let go of them. They die out from the body. What they do is, they leave the body. And whomever is sleeping nearby do receive them. It is like I said to you: When people say something like: I feel the energy in the room" means that they feel the energy that has come out of the people or enteties that were in the room last or still are in the room. The energy stays till something new is replaced. That is also why healers and mediums can cleanse rooms for energies.

    It does feel like dying, yes. And at the same time it is an awakening. A cleansing of the past, of the soul, of the body, of the mind. A new life. A new feeling. End of patterns. Beginning of new patterns. New end. New beginning. Every death is a death to a new life. Every awakening is an awakening to a higher spiritual level.

    So if you are scared of dying, dont do the latihan. Dont. You will definately experience how it feels to die.

    At least I have. I died from myself, from my life. God revived me. I am healed and awakened and at peace.

    Once again, leoscorpion: I am not trying to recruit. I have no self interest about that matter.

  • lol THW

    did I say anything about that here? even if you are, I have nothing against that

    or do you not believe me when I said I don't have anything against that 🙂

    I did say that I am not trying to recruit, when I posted some links on othe posts. But I am saying that about me. Regular links, I found them by chance not affiliated with it anyway.

    So how are things with you ? you are still here I see 🙂

  • lol No I dont believe you when you say you dont have anything against that;) I guess I am being a bit paranoid. Thanks for making that clear to me. Good to see.

    I am fine thanks. Going through changes.

  • Hi Melissa, you are not going crazy nor should you be depressed because of not understanding. I do not know if recently you have experienced a loss of some kind or have come through a rough patch because I believe what you experienced is a spiritual awakening which puts you in the flow, no ?'s asked just being & receiving the Universal Energy also called Reiki Energy/ I am a Reiki II Practioner & Licensed Massage Therapist. Your muscles & actually entire body has MEMORY. Before I studied Reiki, I actually experienced something similiar to your experience. My mom was dying of cancer & I was taking care of her @ home with Hospice. She loved gentle massages @ 1st but when the end was near & she only weighed 80 lbs. we could not massage, even ever so lightly. I still wanted to touch & comfort her. One day out of nowhere, my hands suddenly started to move across her body & would automatically stop @ a place where my mom needed special attention. I could not fathom what had happened but just went with it. It was really funny because when I found the area of concern & gently put my hands there she would (not in a sexual context) moan with delightful pleasure & breathe 100% better! I never understood what I was doing until I studied Reiki which was 1 year after her death. Sometimes gifts are bestowed upon us before we understand or are ready to receive them. I do not know how old you are but starting in our 40's , our souls start to mature & if we are open to it, THE WORLD of SPIRIT starts to AWAKEN. We are all SPIRITUAL BEINGS, pure ENERGY, that is TRANSFORMATIVE if we wish it to be. In Physics, PURE ENERGY, or LIFE FORCE can neither be created nor destroyed . There are more unknowns (MYSTERIES) in life than knowns. Another word for what you are experiencing is SYNGERY or naturally just going with the "FLOW" or Universal Energy which directs us on a SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL. Things coming @ you quickly SYMBOLS etc. have always been there but your mind was to bogged down to make sense or take the time to notice them, it happens to all of us everyday! Please do not be FREAKED OUT at what you are finally WAKING UP TO GUIDE YOU ON YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. You should feel ELATED not DEPRESSED because if you stay awake to these NEW EXPERIENCES they will all eventually make TOTAL SENSE TO YOU DOWN THE LINE, HAVE FAITH! I hope you will respect THE UNIVERSAL ENERGY coming your way to help you in this crazy sometimes NONSENSICAL& ORGANIZED CHAOTICAL WORLD WE ALL LIVE IN TODAY. MUCH LUCK TO YOU with Reiki & Spirit K. POWER


    That ment a Lot to me!

    First off I wanted to say that I am only 20 years old. There os a lot I know and dont fully understand about this wold and our lives... But I am trying to learn, rather slowly it feels at times, but without fail.

    I try to learn a lot of things that those around me dont seem to think are important... Or dont even think about at all.

    Thats why I feel crazy sometimes...

    Why do I think and feel things others dont? (retoricle question)

    To the girls above, Nobody thinks anyone is trying to recruite anyone... atleast I do not and I think I am the one asking for information here, so No Worries!

    All my gabbing about Dying and BlaBlaBla... It is not to seem naive or foolish,

    It just might be that some of you have never been through this experience.

    Ive recognized the power of it and the effects it has on other...

    I realized that energy is bendable and that many MANY people have used it incorrectly, Both intentionally and Un. So this is why I speak about these possibilities.

    I guess it is because I understant that this energy is a F~L~O~W

    and it is the same energy that is used by everyone else in the world...







    ... ... ... ... ... ...

    At least I think.

    and it can be used for good and for bad, Some can handle it and others cant...

    It was just strange to me that I tapped into it So strongly that it made me fear I might not be able to control it or myself.

    Does anyone understand that?

    Well, all of you who have left me advice and other information have been very kind and considerate.

    I am Very appreciative! I would much enjoy it if you all came back and checked up on me.

    If You Aren't SICK OF ME yet!

    I may not have much of anything Interesting to tell any of you about for a while, since I will be finding myself for a bit before I try to use this "lifeforce."

    But I am a Girl with a Lot of questions,

    I can use a good few I can come and talk to whom try to understand me.

    You all are very Good people! Thank you for Everything!

  • melissa

    if you understand energy flow then you should also understand energy overflow

    if you do a lot of different exercises, it makes sense what happens to you

    even people like me who only do two types every 2 days, if we don't limit the exercise period or practice according to our own build, can experience a black out

    your psyche power might have been enhanced due to these various exercises you have done and therefore you need to learn how to control it or it will backfire on you someday, not necessarily on other people

    either you tone down the exercises or learn to control your power

    it differs the effect of each exercise to each person, therefore the effect on others around you is also different

    if you want to stop the exercise, try not to do it abruptly but little by little

    to understand energy is to understand balance, not too much not too little

    with more power comes more responsibility, for if you can't control it, it will harm you and others

  • Hello Melissajane! After reading I have already thought of and forgotten so many things I would like to tell you/ask, but I will try! My first thought when I read your post is that you would be perfect for a Reiki attunement, you clearly have the ability to use the energy force that many ignore. I can relate to you feeling like you are afraid of what you may do ( not coming back, or negatively affecting someone ) For this reason I would recommend finding a GOOD, recommended Reiki master/ teacher to teach you how not to do those things. I will be getting my attunement in a month or so and am looking forward to see if I am more comfortable getting deeper with myself. Clearly you have the ability to affect others with energy and I think formal training is something you should seek as soon as you are able.

    When doing anything with energy or otherwise, it is important to remember that you should never take away anyone's free will. Do not force anything on someone else, even if it seems positive to you. The first friend who had a negative feeling tells me that you may feel the need to help or save her, but people HAVE to WANT to be healed/saved. Your healing and loving feelings toward her may have felt uncomfortable, exposing, and confusing to her. May be better to help her in a less spiritual way for now.

    I have experienced some things similar to what happened with your husband and child. I never thought of it till now, but I used to cause my ex-boyfriend to stir or snore or breath differently by focusing on him doing so or breathing out of rhythm. I was not in any sort of meditation when this happened, was just sleepless and noticed it happening automatically. He would often know that I was awake steaming about something even tho he was sleeping like a rock all night. This also happened my late cat. If I happened to breath out of rhythm, he would stir or skip a breath. Because I wasn't meditating, I did not have any insights during these experiences, but can see how it could happen easily if I was.

    I would like to tell you that your experience is really fascinating and I love to hear that I am not the only one that feels like they have gone away somehow. (I experience this mainly in dreams.) I have had a good amount of out of body experiences and can understand your fear, but I think it would be best to have fun with it and use it to tap into that amazing inner voice that you have 🙂

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