Be aware / Be una-war-ed

  • Thought i would make a topic where we could celebrate our uniqueness and explore how we can stop war.

    What if war could be replaced by brotherhood, what if conflict between people stemmed from nothing but a misunderstanding? Everyone is unique, different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, odors, and their very own way the world looks to them. With how many billions of people there are, there has to be extremities of differences between people. With a difference in perception, to understand the other persons point of view at all, we must step outside ourselves with compassion, patience, and open-mindedness to accept there may be something beyond what we can see.

    Maybe then, we could catch a glimpse through another's eyes. Perhaps then, they wouldn't seem as evil as they did a minute ago.

    what do you guys think?

  • i agree 100%

  • How to stop war? Stop greed, possessiveness, power-mongering. Figure out how you get an entire world to just be satisfied with what we have and share it. Recognize and support the idea that everyone on this earth deserves to have a good quality of life. Our model for getting what we "need" in this world is obtaining things at the expense of someone else. I honestly think that our differences in exteriors, cultures, or basic personalities have little to do with why the world doesn't live in peace. I think it's just the constant struggle to have more than the next guy that makes us disrespect one another. Me, me, me - what's in it for me!!! (And once I have what I need, if I have a little left over, maybe I'll share with you.)

    The "misunderstanding" is that we need all the things that we think we do. Live more simply, and require less to be happy yourself, and I bet you would start to realize the guy next to you isn't so threatening.

    Nice topic ILoveFlipper, I hope you get more responses.

  • i love flipper,

    great topic.

    i also agree with the response you got Jenever 7, each individual in the universe has to desire peace because sometimes we do not live in peace with ourselves, sometimes the war is in our own homes, with our own families, yes it is a power struggle, power is alway about money,

    unfortunately it has been like that since the beggining of time, i think that each of us should try to teach others to be more spirtual, not only in the forums, but talking to others about spirtually,

    into the forums come those who seek spirtual growth, but they are many out there, who are unaware, that there is something better for each person, love has alot to do with it, the very sad part about it that many do not realize that money does not produce happiness,

    it will be a marvellous day when the nations, take thier weapons and destroy them,

    and each individual in the universe, sings a song of praise to the universe, and thank god almighty, that the future generations, will have a better quality of life.

    for i am new into this spirtually growth, i welcome it with all my heart!

    blessings, light, may peace soon be among us all


  • right on suncrab69

    good point jenever7, maybe if those people realized the true comparison of worldly riches and spiritual riches, they would overflow with eternal wealth.

    ya remonita, I can't wait, we are definitely due for the age of brotherhood and ill be ready to sing 🙂

    war has always been around, it's too bad theres still people trying to gain power through controlling more and more things and people, but even then the power gained that way has to be weak. Real power comes from the empowering the individual self, acting on that unique path. Think what some of these dictators and tyrants could have been if they applied that same tenacity in acquiring the right kind of power.

  • and the solution is what?

  • bayoubrat, i think the closest thing to a solution we can aim for here is as many people as possible to remember violence & force can't bring on any good progression & to celebrate all life.

  • i believe that voilence starts in the house, when children are young, fighting as a way of example should be avoided at all cost, teaching children since a young age what love is,

    to love one another, to have hope our values, must change, as a human race, to build a better future for all,something that one person cannot do alone, forces of good must be joined.


  • true ramonita, we need a better collective consciousness, one that always chooses to care. I think people are on their way though, brotherhoods emerging!, look around us guys we're on our way, use your voice & trust your heart! ~~Love&Light~*~

    ~^~Truth&Freedom^~^~ !!

  • I love Flipper


    love, blessings and the guiding light of the universe


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