Help a Sagittarious Woman who is in love with a Scorpio Man

  • Any words of wisdom for a Sagittarius woman in love with a Scorpio Man? For two years this man has called me. That incredible moment when our eyes met, soul ringing feeling, intense from my head to my toes, what I had dreamed about my whole life. The chemistry undeniable. Stormy fights, and passionate love, a deep connection, and no matter how many times I say I'm walking away he always is the first to call. There has been no physical contact for almost a year, and still he calls just to say hello, and see if there is anyone new in my life. I"m single, happy have a great career active, athletic, have great friends and am about to launch my own internet based business and have news stations excited to give my site some air time. I get asked out plenty, but these men just don't even come close to my Scorpio super man. He has been divorced with two children he loves and adores, . I let him know that he could be a gardener or the mailman or have nothing but the clothes on his back and I would adore and love him. He is very successfull as well. I am looking to adopt children as a single mother if love doesn't come my way, and would love his children with all my heart, since we used to work together, everyone including him said what a terrific mother I would be. Ok... so anyone reading this would say so whats going on>? Yes, there is a snag he keeps going back to his ex-girlfriend, of 5 years. So thats why I walked away, and had enough, so why on earth, does he call and say I"m not there for him? I was open and said my love was there for him all he had to do was to decide to take it. He can't go for more than 1 or 2 weeks without giving me a call. Even though I have refused to see him until he breaks it off with his live in girlfriend. Yes, he said he loved, as he was walking down my garden path about to leave. I said I love you back,, many times. I once cried for 5 hours, and his brother of all people talked to me for 6 months to sooth my aching heart,, so you guessed it I fell in love with the brother over the phone I never met him in person until 6 months later,, I was very up front and told my scorpio man I wasn't going to wait for him to decide to break up with his girlfriend, his brother is single and I was going to meet him. It didn't work out with the brother, even though the brother called me 6 months later sobbing asking me to come back. I couldn't allow myself to get hurt all over agian, and gently told him he would find someone if he would open his heart. ...The scorpio, still callling to how I am, and the older brother doesn't call, period.

    SO, you scorpio men, any clues as to what I should do? I've asked co-workers about his girlfriend and none of them had anything favorable to say about her, some have even observed and said that she didn't love him but was happy to be financially taken care of. Honest, not my words, my co-workers said he took one look at me and said I was to be his wife... humm,, seems he can't forget about me. As I am strong and can stand on my own two feet without the assistance of a man, maybe a little too independant? Can someone help me here, I am still so head over heals in love with this sweet, wonderful, incredible super man who mended my heart and then won't take the jump to be with me. I can't help but sense that he needs so much assurance from me, that I will be there for him, so how can I get through to him? I dont' play games with him or his heart, I've said a dozen times, my hear and my love are here for you, take it or you run the risk of losing me to another man who will love me and give me his whole heart. Any words of wisdom Scorpios?

  • Hello Sandiebeach..

    Being a sag female I needed to write and tell you that i was with a scorpio for almost 10 years. From my experience, that relationship sucked the life right out of me. Very Very draining... Scorpio's are control freaks. They like to have the upperhand in EVERYTHING.. They play mind games. They get a thrill knowing all of your secrets, but yet, you know nothing of theirs. They are sneaky and secretive and dont EVER tell them what to do. They are so into sex. Dont even think about threatening them or withholding it from them, because they will wander off and find it elsewhere. He might not forget about you, right now because you have to be a challenge. Dont let them know your routine. You are definately not too independent. They like that. If he hasnt taken the jump with you yet, at this point, not to hurt you, but i dont think he ever will. I really dont think you should take his calls. Let him think you have other things going on. And as far as his brother goes, not to sure if that was the right choice. Scorpio's never forget. It might have hurt him deep down inside, to the point where they have a hard time forgiving. Im sure your heart and head are fighting. That was my world for a decade. It did really suck, and while the sex was amazing, i probably wont ever be as uninhibited to anyone other than him, but i have moved on. I had to. It was time to go.... You deserve better than what he has shown you. Dont lose your self respect. PLEASE... They strip you of that as well. Dont waste precious time waiting around. If he has not come out and stated that he wanted a committment from you, MOVE ON.. RUN FAST. Good luck to you. I really hope everything works out for you. It really is a shame because after everything that i have gone through my scorpio guy, i cant even look at him, he makes me sick. We are not friends really at all. I am way too good for him, Dont let that happen to you... All the best. I wish you happiness and love.


  • Hello Sandiebeach

    I can completely relate to your dilemma, I'm a Cancer in love with Scorpio man. We met four years ago and since then my life has been a roller coaster ride. My Scorpio man is loving, passionate and at times a great friend. I don't care what he does for a living or how much money he makes but the Emotional Connection we have for each other. I express it to him many times and when he had some difficult times I was there to help out everytime. Sometimes I felt used and restricted my assistance. But then cave in and get back on the roller coaster ride. I would be so angry of myself but reached a point to stop fighting it and go with the follow. My love for him was so much greater, maybe we weren't meant to be together but either I had to learn something from him or vs versa. God had a purpose for this Man enter my life.

    Scorpio men can be secretive, distant, and Complicated. Sometimes you may feel connected with him one day and the next disconnected. Very reserve as what they want for themselves and sometime they seem lost in their own world. My Scorpio man seems to love my abilities to being independent and stated numerous times how attracted he is of me for those qualities. They love assertive women but then like to reach deep into our weak points and use them for their benefits too.

    Presently, our relationship isalways off and on again. When I'm with him there's a constant Power struggle and when I'm without him I feel a sense of emptyness. I constantly reminded of him. His name always pops up everywhere I go. Don't get me wrong I've placed some boundaries as to what I'm going to tolerate and whats not acceptable. I made that clear to him many times.

    Sometimes we are force to make difficult changes in order to allow the positive ones come into our lives. It seems you have many good things going for you and allowing him to come back with the being committed to someone else is not Healthy for you. He would need to demonstrate his complete seperation with his girlfriend, working on developing a loyal relationship with you, don't give him the Cookie immediately, and getting to know each other all over again. Letting go of the past and working on the future. If he seems inconsistant and not enough efforts/ time in making this work, then you let it go .... You tried and close that chapter for good....Hopefully that helped you and Good Luck.... Time is more precious than Money. God Bless


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