To the captain: Relationship analysis

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    Laughter is used to lighten oppressive moods in this relationship. From slapstick to wordplay, from gentle cajoling to dark humour, comedy in many forms serves to clear the air and provides a common basis for communication. The sharpness of mind found here needs a reliable safety valve and joking, whether sarcastic and ironic or more friendly, is usually effective. Both of you will be well served by this relationship and in general satisfied by it. The connection is often teacher-student or parent-child, with your friend adopting the more mature role. Fortunately he usually has the understanding and patience necessary to deal with your complexity. When in torment, you tend to lash out but you will find your friend is less reactive than most people, more willing to listen, and ready to communicate by poking fun. He is often limited in his capacity to give full-hearted sympathy however, and in this respect, your needs may remain unsatisfied.

    Whether it's a friendship or romantic affair, your interaction is often physically oriented. You may be well suited for a sexual relationship or simply for sharing sport, training or fitness programs, perhaps on the same team or as opposing partners. Maintaining a healthy and attractive physical appearance is extremely, perhaps overly, important here. Competitiveness is unlikely to get out of hand and can yield positive results in gradually bettering each person's performance. The relationship is also strong in the mental sphere where you two may constantly be at work sharpening your wits on each other. If you take care not to let words become weapons and practise openness, empathy and understanding, this relationship can endure.

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