When someone dream of you?

  • I can't help there, but I had a similar dream, I was in the church,but I was in what looked like a highchair, made for adults, I could walk the chair, and indeed did, but I did not recognise anyone in the church, it was a fancy one though with arches, but it was a very short dream, as I woke, then I couldn't get back to it

  • It's ok 😄

    My dream was a little longer since it happened in the second to last stage of my dreaming cycle. lol. i learned some new things when looking at dream recalling techniques and other things. 🙂 This is like the 3rd or 4th dream that takes place at a church. I wonder what being in a church means..

  • In the Bible it says that the bodys potential is to become a temple for worship. Wich means a higher state where the soul is being showered with light as it surrenders and worships it. So that would be a state of high enlightenment.

    I checked the site dreammoods.com and searched for the word church. The interpretation is explained as follows: To dream that you are in a church, suggests that you are seeking for some spiritual enlightenment and guidance. You are looking to be uplifted in some way. Perhaps you have made some mistakes in the past which have set you back on your path toward your goals. With proper support, you will get on the right track again. Alternatively, it may also mean that you are questioning and debating your life path and where it is leading. You are reevaluating what you want to do.

  • that is probably true, I read the recommended indigo children books and they mentioned lifepaths, in one of which there was a quiz to discover your type which gives a list of things to do , I then asked for help to follow it, today I had validation that I was in the right field, and am awaiting further developments

  • Yes! That's what i read on the same website. I still don't know if the path im taking is the right one. My head and heart keep on fighting over and over. Sometimes its good to follow the heart but the head is essencial too. I dont know though. I will keep on going on the same path and see what happens. I just dont want to ruin my life by making the wrong decisions. But i trust God.

  • To trust God is different from following the heart or the head. Only when the heart is healed there is point in following it.

  • I had a dream long time ago that I hosted a meeting of seven spiritual and respected heads of our community in my house. My house was in the middle of ancient ruins. I went home early to prepare the place for the guests and found a friend of mine taking a shower. I told her about the meeting and since it was a closed-door kind of thing she could not stay. After she left I started cleaning. Then there was eerie feelings developing in the house. The light started blinking and the chandelier began to swing and I felt the devil was sending his energy to block the meeting. He was trying to scare me but knowing him I fought back and said " In the name of Jesus Christ you will leave my house immediately." I said this repeatedly. There sparks comng from nowhere for a while and then the negative energy started dying down. In a few minutes I saw at the entrance of the ruins the seven people coming to my house -- a rabbi, an imam, a shaman, a bishop, a Presbyterian pastor, a black pastor, and someone I don't know. They came in and began their meeting.

  • I read the title of this forum again, and sorry, my previous dream isn't about it. But, here's something that someone might give me ideas. Background: my special friend from teenage days and I were separated by a bad situation in our country over 30 yrs. ago. My parents sent me far, far away and my friends didn't where. All communications were cut. My friend apparently tried to find me. After sometime he and our other friends thought that I died. We recently reconnected and he told me that he dreamt about me three times that I was asking him help me. I also dreamt about him over a year ago that he was looking for me. This dream would continue another day (or night) with him closing in and I was nervous. We did not meet in the dream. I wonder if he thought in the dream that I was communicating from the dead?

  • he may well have done, in some cultures that is the way you go to the spirit world, and some shamans practise a sort of controlled dreaming to do that

  • Our connection is so unusual. Men are usually not into astrology (or am I wrong?) We physically met recently through a friend who mentioned me to him two year ago. And he traveled thousands of miles to find me. When we met he whispered " you're not a ghost". It melted my heart. He had to go back and we've been communicating via email. There has been a lapse of over a week since we last spoke. I hope he's ok. I am not bitter but slightly worried that he's not well? What do you think?

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