When someone dream of you?

  • Chrissicat and leoscorpion:

    Do you communicate with animals and animal spirits as if they are your teachers?

    I dont understand. I see that as acknowleging human beings as animals.

    I would rather prefer to communicate with higher spirits, human spirits and angelic beings, or just simply to be in that high communication state with God that is called the holy ghost in biblical terms.

    I dont understand the talk about animal guides that some people mention sometimes. I think it sounds as if one does not acknowlege higher spirits as more perfect guides, since they are more pure, more clean and less animal-like. I dont understand your focus on animals.

    Although I do perfectly understand the importance of not fearing animals and lower entities. Then they would be most helpful for us and perfectly harmless for us. I do understand that.

    I dont understand shamanism. Although I do understand that there are spirits everywhere that we are capable of communicate with if we want to.

    I also see how an animal spirit can guide us, since we then take in their energies to make us understand some things. But truly, I dont believe that they can help more than spirits above the human level.

    Us humans are supposed to be above the animal level. We are supposed to be on human levels, to be true humans. Not guided by animals. Wont that change us into becoming animals?

    Wont their wisdom be animal wisdom and not human wisdom? Animal wisdom and not wisdom from higher spirits than the human level?

    That is why the religious people say we should worship only one God and get input from that energy. Because it is higher above us, in fact tremendously high above us.

    We should be guided by Healing/Heaven, not by animals. I dont understand what you are talking about. But I probably dont need to understand it either. It is for yourselves to understand, not for me. It is not possible to understand all the ways that is right. Since we are so many and so different. I must trust that you follow right paths.

    And I do believe that since I dont understand I must not say that I am better or anything like that. That would be very silly. I just want to say I hope you are also communicating with higher spirits. Not only animal spirits. And I trust you are doing what is right for yourselves.

    I suppose it is difficult to understand what I have never experienced. Perhaps I am missing something here? No, I am happy with the guidance I do have. And that is surely not from an animal spirit.

    Peace be with you. I am only asking, not judging.

  • Dear Hanged Woman

    One does acknowlege all forms of life, including those "higher beings" who may wish to communicate with us as teachers, as humans we do not always have the tools or the ability to speak to the higher beings as we may wish, and sometimes animal guides are given to us to remedy that, maybe we need a quality that the animal exhibits, every animal is given a purpose in life, some are here to make humanity a better species, there are examples of a dog's devotion to it's owner, or a mother animal's love for it's young, and when you read the papers and read stories of maltreated children and women, you have that as a contrast. I read, and in fact it was on T.V as well, in our town of Sutton, uk of a young man beaten to death because he asked some people who had taken a fancydress hat from his girlfriend to return it to her, and our town is supposed to be a good place... and , it touched us, because his cousin works with my hubby, and we live close to where it happened too, and I only wish that in this world we live in stories like that just didn't happen, ever, and that everyone could live together in peace and love, but I think I am dreaming, . if all people, christians pagans wiccans sikhs,muslims hindus, and whatever religions came together and prayed for peace....but I can only hope for that, I feel

  • No, in my spiritual excercise called latihan, we worship together, as muslims, christians, jews, pagans, hinduists, buddhists, whatever religion we stick to.

    Your excample of a person whom killed another one for silly reason, is a proof that we must rise above the animal level. It is from the desires and anger that mistakes are made. Those are feelings that belong to the animal level. We are called by God to be human beings and not surrender ourselves to the animals or animal spirits. It is our inner light that is supposed to guide us. The light wich envelops us and surrounds us and is always present.

    As true human beings one do not need to be guided by animals. Although God might use animals to help, That is another matter.

  • THW

    all spirits are to be respected. animals have spirits too, and some of them are sent to lend us their qualities and strengths.since you do not understand shamanism then you can not understand this. I do not know how to explain it to you since I really don't know what is it that you are doing in terms of spirituality. but all spirits are equal, and all beings have spirits therefore there shouldn't be any discrimination of any kind. respecting spirits does not have anything to do with become one. you can respect spirits of the land and yet you do not become the land itself. communicating is a sign of respect, therefore ignoring anyone or anything is a sign of disrespect. abusing, killing for fun, even simply hurting others in any way is a sign that someone disrespects others rights as living beings. I am not a shaman therefore a shaman should be able to explain it to you, all I am sharing with chrissi is what my mentors and guide and power animals have been teaching me.

    not all animals are sent to lend us their strength and qualities, some of them are sent by the universe as part of the lessons we have to learn such as if we step on a snake it will bite, it simply is a lesson of not stepping over a snake or anything that can bite us again, for some lessons are to be learned the hard way. just like not all humans devote their lives for the good of all. it is up to us how to recognize which one is which and it is part of the life lessons from the universe on its own.

    I am more than happy with the guidance I received, although that doesn't mean I will understand other people's guidance. the spirits know what I need, and if I don't need to understand something, they will not let me know. If I am meant to know I will know. And for now I am not meant to know how far is your understanding about spirits and their guidance, so I am not shown what kind of explanation I should give you. If you are happy with your guidance then it's good. To each their own, the universe sees us all as equals, nobody is bigger better stronger than anybody else. If you want to know more about animal spirits or simply not satisfied with what I am saying or what chrissi said, you can ask Walkwithspirits, you will find her thread in one of discussions I've participated in. She is also a shaman and works closely with animals. She will be able to explain more to you. Whether you want to ask her or not, it's up to you. I do not feel you are judging, but the universe knows the truth and I will leave it to the universe to decide. I am only here to share my life experiences and what I have learned, certainly I wouldn't leave my original religion if I feel it brings me the knowledge and peace I am enjoying now. I am however learning different religions as much as I can, and one day I will pick one that the universe 'nods' to.

    The universe never fails me since it sent me a mentor 3 years ago. I have always been blessed even when I did not have income for 3 years I never lost a house or any possession. I was also sent more mentors, spirit guide and more power animals. I left my job to devote to the calling the universe sent me and it has never abandoned me in any way. My relationship is never turmoil, almost 9 years and we have grown even closer. I have also always given response to my resumes, even if I didn't really have the skills, but I didn't take any of them offers because the universe said the job I am meant to have will come and I shouldn't just take any job for money anymore. I really don't know what you are missing, my guide told me it is not for me to know since it is not important for my spiritual growth to know what others are missing for the time will come when they know what they are missing anyway.

  • Hi leoscorpion. Thank you for clarifying your view.

    I just know that there are different levels of energies. The animals are in a lower energy level than the humans, the humans are supposed to master the animal level. And therefore Gods angels that are above our energy level must guide us.

    So that they can help us put the lower energies below us and not let them disturb our process into receiving energies from God. I am guided by angels, by God, not by animals.

    The animals, too, seek God. The reason they seek humans, is then because they would like to be humans. Since human are higher up than animals. This is not about respect or lack of respect, it is about the energy levels. The highest and purest energy level is ofcourse the purest one and the highest one. So we must let that guide us, not the energy levels that are lower than us.

    When humans are guided by the highest energy level, then the animals will be blessed. Since that will help them reach a higher energy level and become closer to the highest one and purest. So when the humans are being cleansed by the highest energy level, then the animals, who seek the human energy level, the animals will then reach a higher energy level too.

    Animals worship God as animals. On a lower energy level. Humans worship God as humans, in the human energy level. And angels worship God as angels, on a higher energy level. So it would be wrong for humans to worship God on an animal level. That is just my point.

    It is interesting to see how other people experience animals as healers and guides. I have not yet come to understand what that is about. Thank you for helping me understand your view.

    My daughters power animal is lion. I know that, because ever since she started talking, she has said there have been a lion in the house. She sees lions every day in the house.Now she is three years old, and she started pointing at where she sees lions when she was a bit over 1 years old. So that means that her power animal is a lion. Lion means leadership, so it means she needs to learn the leadership emotion, to handle it so that it can be useful for her through her life. That is my interpretation after reading a bit about it. Although because of my lack of knowlege I am not sure wether it is good or bad. But emotions are important instruments for us. So it can not be bad, as long as we master it so that it can be useful for us. I understand. That makes sense.

  • So that means that power animals are meant to help us retrieve emotions that are not yet balanced within us? I must admit I still dont understand, but I must acknowlege that there must be a reason why my daughter keeps seeing lions in her surroundings. She also has seen women and men in our surroundings. I dont know what they are. I dont think I am supposed to know either. Although I agree with that we must never hate or have bad feelings towards anything with animal nature. That would at least lower our energy level so that we become more animal like in our inner feeling. So whatever those are, they are blessed through me. I dont think I need to think about what they are.

  • THW

    your daughter is gifted, that is for sure, and as she gets older she herself may be able to tell you of these things ,

    Leoscorpion, I have not been able to find Walkswithspirit, I would like her to see what I have written here, she could probably give me a deeper understanding of these things, as they have happened to me since my childhood, and I am always looking for wisdom, as if I become wise, I may be able to bring more beauty into this world, with my jewellery as my design will be more inspired

  • Chrissi I will mention this thread to walkwitspirit she is working with animals daily

    THW I felt the need to type more but I am glad it helps. I understand your point of view when you said if we follow animal guidance we will be like animals. This is understandable if you are talking about physical action of the animals. It's just that we know the physical does not always do what the psyche wants it to do. Many of us have made mistakes, that if we listen to the inner guidance we would have not done these mistakes. Also the physical has its own mechanism. A baby may cry not because the spirit inside it cries, but could be just because it is hungry. Holy Spirit is represented as pigeon at times but when you receive Holy Spirit guidance, you don't end up s hitting all over the statues, like pigeons do. I wouldn't pick a stray cat to talk to it, for it will surely scratch my eye if it could. But between our spirits, we can communicate. I just don't know how yet, aside from communicating with my power animal but not to other animals I'm still clueless. Yes lion is sign of leadership. She might, in the future, leads a country or a certain religion. Nothing is impossible when it comes to the universe for it is a place of abundance, where only good exists.

    All spirits come from the same place, but for each of us, it is meant to be that some has the high degree of psychic ability and some do not. Therefore not everybody quickly understands the works of the universe which the physical and spirit world are in, some of us have to learn from parents, some would wonder around endlessly curious (like me) and some would go whichever way they feel suited. We just need to learn and we have to accept that some things are beyond our understanding and that there is nothing wrong with having different beliefs or point of view. The inner light you mention, the spirit inside each of us, comes from the same place. the place of abundant, where there is no negativity. You do not harm living beings, is already a respect to all lives. this shows you have connected to your inner light, although to others who do not understand, will not see you as such. Bye now take care.

  • Yeah, it does say in the Bible that we should look at the animals and learn from them. It says in the book where king salomon writes down his wisdom. Perhaps it could be understood as power animals also? Like; look at the ants, how they work, look at the lion, its strength, etc....

    Thanks very much for your time.

  • power animals, spirit guide and angels are from the spirit world

    they are sent by the universe to guide, protect and support us in any way possible

    mentors, are those on the physical world who devote their lives to the good of all

    no matter the belief they have, they will do all it takes to support life therefore support love, truth, tolerance, compassion, all of the positive energies

    you can also call them earth angels, they receive guidance from angels mostly and other spirits as the universe assigned

    the animals that the universe sent to us, can heal, save and guide us. the guidance, healing, protection and support, all come from the universe. only the universe sent them through power animals or any form it finds suitable. much like God heals and protects us through doctors, healers, angels etc. al that is good comes from the universe, or God in your belief. how it gets here, it is the universe to choose. some animals (and plants) are meant to be our food (anything that supports life), to nourish our physical or supports our immune system when we are sick. the abuse that many have done unto cattle and farm animals is very unnecessary for these animals, meant to be food, do not have the strength of a beast to kill anyone not even fight back to the cruelty they suffer. so killing them humanely should be enough and we need to give thanks to the universe or God for the nourishment, also for the healing and support (such as trained animals that help disabled people or criminal investigation) the universe sent us through these animals.

    I have a website to show strength and qualities of animals, the ones that their spirits lend us:

    www dot animalspirits dot com

    any time you dream of animals coming or maybe talking to you, look it up and see which applies. they could show you something you have missed in life, health, information you need. There was a time in my life when I was stubborn and not admitting mistakes and not seeing other people's point of view, I was in a lot of sorrow and caused sorrow to others also. I dreamt a lot about snakes at this period. One Snake quality is flexibility, something I was lacking so much at the time.

    I mentioned to walkwithspirits about this thread, she may jump in to say a bit about communicating with animal spirits. and yes what you mentioned can be power animals. the universe may send protection, help etc through animals in the physical world, or as power animals which are spirits/

  • I have never heard so much about all of this before, since my focus is very solely toward God and that energy. Although I think what you are saying might be very much true. God might aswell send animals. In the Bible, it says that God sent animals to help humans. So it does not contradict the Bible. It also is said in the New Testament about angels that have four animal heads. Eagle, lion, and two others. Perhaps those are power animals? This is in the book of John, where he talks about his vision, the vision that God showed him.

    Thanks again for helping me understand. Interesting....

  • yes THW

    it could appear as animals (as in regular animal form visible to everybody)

    or it could be animal spirits which are only visible to those meant to see them, and invisible to others. examples of these type are power animals

    you don't have to believe it, I am just sharing what I have learned

    if it contradicts in any way of your belief then don't believe it

    to each their own, if you are meant to understand it, you will be sent more pointers somehow

    if not, then your belief is what works well for you

    bye now a shaman might jump in later

  • Yes, I dont think the Bible is possible to understand with the mind. There are things that say there that are still secret for many or most people. And probably some of that is about what we have spoken about. I dont care about believing or not believing. I only truly believe what I experience myself. Otherwise it is all just based on fantasies and images in the head. And then I might as well just be dead. Bye.

  • OK then take care

  • That is true about the bible, I tried to read it through once, but to read it just as a book, it doesn't work and I don't think it is meant to be read literally, Originally it was only for priests and educated people to read, and was kept in it's original language, in time words change meanings, and I do feel some things have been lost to translation and time because it is originally a book of wisdom, and those who translate it seem to interpret it differently for themselves A catholic bible is slightly different to an anglican bible, which is slightly different to a baptist one,which is different to a witness bible, small differences but they are there, so can be interpreted differently for each faith, that may have been intended, but maybe not, and no priest or preacher has been able to tell me either way

  • this is my first time on this forum and i saw the post about dreams and thought someone might be able to help me ?

    i keep dreaming about a particular guy i dream of hes family particuly hes grandma whom i have never met she trys to talk to me and him in long dark tunnels and im trying to help him do you think they have meaning everynite i dream of him i am with another man do you think maybe these dreams are trying to tell me he is the one for me sorry if this sounds a little silly.

    thankyou all x

  • all dreams have some meaning its just the getting to it that can be hard, there are people here that can help, just keep on checking in, and no, it doesnt sound silly either

  • Everytime you dream about him you are with another man. And you dream about his grandmother whom you have never met, who is trying to tell you something in the dream...Sounds like this is a message that you are meant to be with this guy you are dreaming of.

    I know people who only have been in love once in their lives. And never been with that person, because they did not follow the guidance from within. Perhaps this is a guidance like that?

  • I am one once in love with someone and did not follow through. The guy I loved was also in love with me but didn't follow through. Then we were separated by civil unrest and my family moved me to a very ,very far place none of our friends knew. They all thought I was dead. I dreamt about him after 30 yrs. that he was looking for me. And I dreamt again that he was coming closer but not quite meeting him in the dream. Recently, he found me and we talked and the feelings are still there. He told me that he dreamt about me several times asking him for help. And he started looking for me again. And he found me through a common friend. I guess dreams carry messages.

  • Could someone please be able to provide me with some insight about these dreams i had last night. Before going to sleep i asked God and my Spirit helpers to tell me in a dream if im ever going to be with my crush. These are the two dreams i had:

    DREAM 1

    I remember entering a church then sitting in the front bench. I don’t remember seen the Father. I was sitting next to my brother, and then next to my brother my crush was sitting. She kept on looking forward like paying very close attention to someone but I don’t remember who was talking. I was too busy looking at her trying not to catch his attention though. Then my brother started playing around with me. He looked younger then he is. He was a little kid. I could feel pure sweetness coming from him. He kept on getting my crush’s attention by asking her to look at me. Well my brother was pretending to lick my arm in a cute way. She would ask my crush to look; she would but would turn away because I think she felt nervous. I was very nervous too because she was looking at me. I liked it but I would tell my brother to stop. Then I suddenly noticed my legs were all hairy. I thought to myself that I forgot to shave. I hide them under the bench. I also noticed that I was wearing a skirt (I don’t ware skirts) and a really tight shirt. Once I stared at her lips and a thought of her boyfriend came to me. I wanted to get out of the church because I felt uncomfortable. Also because I wanted to tell her my feelings but I was afraid that she wouldn’t follow me outside so I stayed. Then suddenly an image came to my mind of a book that illustrated a master and his disciple (a girl). The master and disciple were anime characters that I know. They were getting ready for training. The girl asked the master: “Where is my weapon?” Then the master replied: “You don’t need weapons… The earth has all the weapons you need” Then he put his hands on the ground and with an immense force made a huge rock emerge from the ground. Then made it spin like a top. To me it was a huge spinning top. Everything was illustrated in the book in white and black. Then yellow stars started popping out in the book and then a nice laughing face.

    DREAM 2

    I had a dream that I was actually going out with my crush. We arrived at a party at my friend’s house. All of my friends were there. Her backyard didn’t look the same as real life. My crush wanted to go to the bathroom so my friend took her in. Then a thought of her doing something bad came to my mind. So I ran to the bathroom and went inside. I saw she had drugs in a plastic bag. I told her to throw them away, she didn’t wanted to so I took them from her and toss then in the trash. I knew she had one in her mouth and asked her to spit it out. For some reason I wanted to consume drugs with her but I stopped myself for our own good. She spit the drug and so we went out to the backyard. I noticed the green wet grass. It was fresh outside. We sat on chairs that did not permitted us to get close to each other so we moved to another lonelier area. I noticed she looked extremely bored. I noticed my friends eating so I told her that when my they were done eating she would have her fun, which was dancing. So we just stayed there making out.

    Please if anyone is able to interpret dreams would you help me unlock the answers to my question. I THNK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. 🙂

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