When someone dream of you?

  • Dear all,

    hahaha...this column has really become a channel for dream interpretation. 😄

    So here i am!

    anyway, i'm kinda happy that my closed friend who she is quite spiritual, told me just now that she dreamt of me last night.

    She dreamt that i actually open a cafe with a few friends...she saw that i was busy at the kitchen doing some stuffs and the description she gave about the cafe fit in nicely of the cafe i had in mind if i were to have one.

    I do not actually owns a cafe right now of course...but i do have the intention of having 1 when i'm a little bit well off...as of now, its definitely impossible to realise it.

    So, i'm just curious what how accurate this friend of mine is. Will i really own a cafe in near future? 😜

    Actually, how accurate will it be if we were to dream of others? i remembered dreaming something bad (health wise) will happen to my mum few wks back. So it kinda scares me if the accuracy is there if we were to dream of the other person.



  • I don't know, but an ex boyfriend dreamt that I was in Africa camping, and there were lions in the camp, which he was trying to warn me about, but not only did I not fear them but they behaved towards me as if they were normal domestic cats that wanted a fuss, years later I dreamt of a pair of shapechanging animals in a neighbour's garden which finally became a pair of tigers, I was again unafraid, and one sat in my lap!! that I definitely don't understand.

    dreamig of something happening to a loved one is usually a manifestation of fears for their welfare, when my son was young I had nightmares about awful things happening to him, fortunately none came true, but I do not know the difference between predictive dreams and thought/worry induced ones, blessed be, walk in beauty

  • I dont know about that cafe thing, but I do want to say that you probably will do anything you want to achieve if you believe in it and follow that vision all the way through. You will also see that the surroundings will accept that vision of yours in the process and eventually believe in it too. The world is quite easy to fool - and create and manipulate. Your vision will come true if you believe in it and follow it.

    When you have dreamt about your mother. If you dream such a thing. Does not necessarily mean a physical problem. Could be a signal that she is thinking about something that is making her feel unwell in her feelings (stress for instance). So your mission would then be to let it go on behalf of her. To ask the healer (the universe) to cleanse it out from her and the family. It affects you aswell spiritually since you are dreaming about it. So when you meditate or pray, let your soul bless your mom and whatever she might be worrying about. That alone could take away any physical problems that would arise from the worrying she has. The body is our minds temple, so whatever we think about affect our body. So focus on letting her worries go on a spiritual level, not on a thought level. Then you might even become enlightened about what the problem is caused by. About what is affecting her to feel like that.

  • chrissicat:

    Tigers and lions and cats I think symbolises the animal nature in us that is on that level. Sexuality and anger. So if you and your ex dreamt about that tigers and lions submitted under you, that is a good sign about you. It means that you are in control over the animal lust and desires that are within you. With that in mind, then it would be easy to understand your ex boyfriends dream. That he was afraid that you would do something sexually wih another man, but that you were in perfect control. He does not need to worry about that you will make mistake in that area. He can trust that you choose the right man for yourself. That is what I think.

  • Hi Chrissicat,

    Thanks for the sharing 😄 What an experience! to have the tigers sit on your lap!

    wow wow.


    Its great to see you in my thread ;D

    Thanks for the advise. I agreed on the healing procedures to help my mum let go.

    You have been much help!

    hahaha...regarding the cafe. Yes, i do believe i'm capable in doing that.

    Faith and confident will see me through



  • I do believe that the cafe that you are visualising will appear. Interesting that she dreamt it excatly as you had visualised it.

    And that should be proof enough.

    Our mind is highly connected with the material world. So if we control our thinking by visualising what we want, the world will follow your thinking. The images in your mind will then appear in the real life. Just like being a wisard of some sort. I think that you allready have gotten that attitude. So to believe is like playing a game. Because we are the creators. Wisards, healers, gods in different ways and directions.

    It is a gift to have an active mind if it is used in the right way. As a tool. And not us a tool for the mind. But the mind a tool for us.

  • possible. I don't rely on my dreams interpreting anymore since I have mentors and spirit guide, but my guide does speak through dreams sometimes. only it's always clear nothing that needs interpreting of any kind.

    there is nothing impossible when it comes to the universe. what makes the difference is the intention you have and how ready you are. any wish made on kind and selfless intention is never ignored. you just have to be patient and keep living your life the positive way until the time comes when the universe sends it to you.

  • THW, Thanks a million for your feedback.

    Its very enriching.

    leoscorpion, i do hope i will have some mentors and spirit guide to guide me.

    as of now, have yet to know of any methods

    Maybe times not up yet.....hahaha

  • Fishy.

    You do have spiritual mentors and spiritual guides to guide you through your life. If you feel that you dont, then ask for them to be there for you. And continue to ask until you feel safe, protected, guided.

    The saddest thing for an invicible being who would be here to guide us, is when we dont believe they even excist.

    Also, when you pray or excercise inner healing, then you will be answered.

    Although the excercise and the prayers do function in you on different levels of awarenesses.

    So the more you excercise faith, the more you surrender to the healing source that is planted inside of you, the greater awareness you will have.

    And hence prayers will then be answered more quickly. Because then your thoughts no longer are an obstacle for yourself.

    Again: I am sure you have guides.

  • fishy. we are all born into this physical world not alone.

    Guides can be anything from angels, power animals, spirit guides to mentors (those are living beings on the physical world that devote themselves to the good of all). mentors are blessed with continuous help and guidance from the universe more than anyone else, merely because of their devotion to the good of all.

    before I met my spirit guide, I was sent a mentor. from her I learned the foundation. and since then I was sent more mentors, and just last month my spirit guide. then just last week the universe sent me new power animals. So the universe sent me the first mentor to help me start the right spiritual exercise to achieve awareness and recognize the guides' guidance.

    Think of a guide as your friend. If you never talk to him, he will leave. You have never talked to your guide, or even recognize he exists, because your psyche is not awakened yet. Your psyche is the link to the universe. You need to nurture it, so that no communication from the universe is missed. Your guide might have left, not because it is angry, for there is no negativity in the spirit world. They will return, now and then, knocking on your door (aka your psyche). if no one is answering, then they know you are not ready yet for them, so they will try again later. Since the universe timing is not linear like ours, 'later' can be 10 yrs or even 20. This is why it is important to achieve psychic awareness, for you need to be awake and answer the door when they knock or you may walk blind for the rest of your life.

  • Amen to that.

  • so the cats are either strength or maybe a message from my spirit guides? as a child I always dreamed of giant cats, usually the cat we had at home being as big as a house, (elephant sized in retrospect) and I've always had a kinship with cats, more so than with other people, I had a reputation at school of being strange as I did not make friends easily, and play like the other children, I preferred to read, that hasnt changed, but I apparently am a likeable individual, and have no problems with social interaction, so no problems there. I like ancient Egyptian things, in my early teens I was very into Egyptology, then as I matured I discovered celtic stuff, I'm an Irish/ Welsh mix mum was second generation (half welsh half irish) but london born, and dad is Dublin irish, but I also like things Native American, specifically Navaho and Apache, and am a shamanistic pagan, so I do wonder if it has anything to do with past lives too, as I had to choose a name for my jewellery design business, and the first name I came up with was Spirit Cat, which I later found was an old name for the Cougar, or Puma (Mountain Lion) group of American big cats, coincidence? any ideas ?

  • Hi THW & leoscorpion,

    YES. I do believe that i have guides with me. I casted qns to them few times and i see the ans/reply many times.

    But i have yet to learn of how to really communicate with them.

    Just few days, i remember asking to want to connect with them and i feel my forehead (the location between my eyes) very tight and uncomfortable. It lasted for a few hours which it was overwhelming and i told them to kindly leave me for awhile as i felt pain/tightness on my forehead. And within mins, i felt a great relieve.

    I was laughing and telling 'them' that 'i'm sorry' as i have yet to know the correct method to connect with them. Hahaha. I tried it few times since the past few days. 😄

    I can really feel their presence, especially this year.....just that sadly, i have yet to learn or know the method of connecting with them. What a pity!



  • chrissi, it is possible. I have had my past lives read. at least 4 of them. I have had many life times, but in this life time I am given just the tools I need. if you are a shaman I take it you can communicate with animals and things in nature too. they can give you a lot of information, especially an old tree. for it has been there before you were born, like an old person knows, hears, experiences more things in life than younger ones. a black cat or probably any cat, can tell you some things from the spirit world. for they are what some people call 'half of this world' this is why they can see what most can't see. I tried to talk to them, but my husband constantly giggled behind me it's distracting so unless I can lock him inside the house when I am doing this, I wouldn't be able to do this soon 🙂

    anyway good luck. it's interesting though you were into egyptian, have you tried learning wicca? not sure why I asked you that. I just felt like I should.

    fishy, keep exercising. when you are enlightened, you will be able to talk to the guides like you talk to regular people and you can see them like people. there are different stages of being enlightened, but even if you reach the most basic, you will already be able to. My guide actually pulled me to her time and space, definitely scary at first but I couldn't stop the process for it is meant to happen. When we finally returned to my time and space, she was with me for an hour watching me do yoga and followed me a few mins after I was done and getting breakfast. I was also sent more mentors and more power animals this year. Very interesting year, I am humbled by the gifts I am showered with.

    Ok I'm getting off now, gonna get some candies

  • I can actually, but not always too clearly, I did for a while go to a wiccan priestess for circle work classes, but I had marital problems which meant that we didn't continue, as I'd gone with my hubby, that's fixed now but the lady and I lost contact, with the internet I can probably contact her again though. I do occasionally see flashes of a cat that "isn't there", on our allotment, and there is a man there too, who watches us when we are working there, but also "isn't there", also I seem to have an affinity with the crows,magpies and the bluejay around our allotment, and none of the other animals seem to fear me, but that could be that they are used to humans being around. there was a black kitten where I used to work, which the boss didn't in my opinion treat very well, who I used to play with and give treats to, I was the only person she didn't scratch, and somehow I knew when she got herself killed (run over), and after that I could get thoughts from cats more clearly than before I think it was her gift to me, as for a kitten she had very old eyes

  • there is a website I found www dot animalspirits dot com

    but you would know more than I do about animal wisdom

    🙂 beautiful kitten that you described, old eyes, so she had been coming back quite a few times

    one day I hope people will start treating animals like they treat themselves

    animals are not here for nothing, they also have purpose

    and many of their strength and qualities are meant to help us survive the physical world

    without my power animals I wouldn't have survived this long

    the universe had sent me more lately, a sign that they are not just some things to be hunted or abused

  • Hi Fishy. Good that you made that request and said it out loud. And waited for a responce to happen. That wich you then received was a beginning. It is important to not receive everything at once, because you dont want to loose your mind. What happens if one receives too much, is that one gets into a crisis. The crisis comes because the mind is confused. The mind must slowly receive healing. That is so that it does not control you, but that that soul of yours is in charge instead. But the mind must not be cleansed all in once. Well, it could happen, but that could be difficult then in the practical life. So there must be a balance. I am glad to see you experience an answer when you ask for a contact with the higher energy. That means that you truly seek and that you truly believe it is there for you.

    There is no technique in how to become healed souls. The only technique is that one believes fully, truly and undiveded in that highest energy that is capable of giving us that awakening. Full undivided trust. There is no rule, not technique and no thought system that one must follow in order to receive the awakening of the soul.

  • leoscorpion , that is most definitely true, but I suspect that those who do not treat animals with respect have no respect themselves, and in any future lives also will have none. we have a gorgeous black tabby that lives near the allotment who can actually heal people, hubby cut his thumb, and it wouldnt close, or stop bleeding, she licked it, and within days it had gone, not a mark was left, and she only comes out to the front of the house to us apparently,her owner says, I have a strange set of animal friends though, wasps seem to like me since I started feeding our crows, (and that is one strange experience having a wasp look you in the eye), bees sit on me, and we have a friendly group of newts and frogs too, as well as the normal dragonflies and butterflies, shield bugs and ladybirds, and the normal small birds on our allotment too, none of who have any fear of us, but if the man next door comes out onto his plot, they leave, or stay at a safe distance

  • you are right chrissi if they can not respect others' lives they can not respect theirs

    the universe will teach them and hopefully they will learn now so that they can carry this lesson with them to the next

    what a nice surprises the universe had sent you. a cat that heals, and numerous animals around you. they can see your compassionate nature and by being a shaman it should bring you closer to nature and enhance this trait, hence they don't fear you or those you love.

    very nice !! a sign that your work is blessed. if you continue, there will be more blessings to come.

    The universe had sent me mentors the last 3 years and a spirit guide and more power animals just the last few months. It is clear the universe wants me to walk on this path, no more devoting my time for the material. I have left my old religion for it no longer suits me as an answer to the universe that I am ready. When the time comes, the universe will show me which path in the spiritual life I am meant to be. I love animals, maybe shamanism would be good for me. But yeah, I have to leave it to the universe. It always provides me what I need.

    It's nice though to meet an actual shaman and read your story. Walkwithspirit is also one, and she has a place for healing and I think a ranch with horses etc. You can see her thread in discussion I participated in. I also join her prayer circle for the animals that need help. May the universe continues to shares its abundance to you chrissi and your loved ones.

  • you know it's the strangest thing that I was never formally trained as a shaman, people just have always said that I was one when they see my affinity with animals and plants, yes I rescue plants too, the most prolific flowers on my allotment were taken from compost heaps or rubbish piles, or were found as bits of root, or reduced to clear "dead" plants from garden centres, and when I plant them there they grow and thrive, I've even got marigolds flowering in November, but I think it's just as much to do with the allotment itself, as at home I am not so lucky, but then it's not my house, its mother in laws house and in there things are her way or no way, we almost always can sneak around that, but it changes the feel of a place. It's good that the wasps like me though because they look after the fruit trees, taking off the caterpillars, bugs and greenfly which can get the fruit, they of course get their share come autumn, they work therefore they get paid, just like anyone else, I think thats why I have so few 'pests', I think if you aren't squeamish about insects, they help instead of being a nuisance

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