How can i make money for my daughter's future?

  • I like to know what can do to make money?

  • I don't want to sound obvious, or rude, but the best way to secure your daughter's future is to invest in yourself (as in your education.) No amount of prayer, tarot readings, or other such, will help if you don't put some personal action into the mix. A college fund would be a good start. I know it sounds daunting, but we have a deal with our kids, if they put their allowance into the bank, then we will match the funds dollar for dallar. 20$ a month per child doesn't seem like much, but it adds up, and with interest accruing on an APR, it might help them at least pay for tuition when the time comes. The other part rests squarely on their shoulders (or so they think), they have to make straight "A"s and take accelerated courses in school. Luckily, they have two parents who sit down every night and help them with their homework--but we NEVER do the work for them. The idea here is that if we can't afford to send them to college, then they will, in all likelihood, be able to qualify for scholarship and grant monies. I have also been known to take up an extra seasonal job (under the auspices of having more money for the holidays), but in fact, I take that money and put it directly into their education fund. What happens if they choose not to go to school when all is said and done--nothing... they get out of it, just what they put into it. And they can get a job of some sort and make their way as best they can, until they figure out that maybe college isn't such a bad idea. But, back to your original question, start preparing for her future now, and don't teach her to demean herself by saying she'll meet a "nice man, settle down, and have babies". Sometimes spouses are fickle, make it so your girl can stand on her own two feet and not need to have a man around for security!

  • To be honest with you I dont have that good of a reply because I often sit and wonder how I am gonna secure my daughters futures also. SORRY I am no help!

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