I See Odd Coincindences Before An Enlightenment

  • I had just changed my name back from my married one to my maiden name on a social website. I had realized that it had been since July that I even signed in to my account. Not even three hours later an old friend from high school searched and found me. It's a long story but my ex-husband that I find out this year is a sociopath. Before I had even met him, right next door to my old friend's house lived my ex-husband's best friend and her sister was his best friend's girlfriend. My friend and I were 13 and 14 at the time and he's around five and a half years older than I. I didn't put this all together until I had went to see my friend after all long time of never even hearing from each other for nearly ten years. My mom had seen a man in my window back then too and had brought that up no more than a day earlier. I'm scared...but I thought all this time that I had him figured out. And now I see that I had never put two and two together and wouldn't have still without my being spoken to about the past all at once. There's a lot to the story that won't all fit in the page but it's not beyond him at the time to stalk me back then. I've seen a man with his build down the hill from where I live now staring up at the house for a long time. It was too close to deny that a man was there talking on his cell phone after he stopped there on his bike with his helmet on the whole time, but too far away to hear the voice. I know the coincidences have meaning for a direction I should go or actions I should take. Should I be afraid?

  • There are laws against stalking. Don't wait until the last moment to get help. Avoid anyone who knows him and change your routines and driving routes. Better yet, move away and have someone else move your belonging.

  • Yeah be careful!

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