What's wrong with everyone?

  • Hey all!

    I get back from my trip to find things disintegrating on the Forums and I wonder: what is wrong with everyone? We are all going through some difficulty or another at the moment, with now being a time of things getting worse before they get better, so we all need to calm down and as Lovin said in her previous thread, COUNT TO TEN, and think before we post up stuff that causes hurt feelings, defensiveness and arguments.

    Us spiritual folk need to band together at the moment, so please, those who are arguing, think about that before buying into petty squabbles that cause nothing but unnecessary angst. I sure hope those who have been arguing can settle their differences and continue on with what I've seen as a very caring, helpful Forum :))

  • Welcome back and so sorry for your and your friends loss. I do think now that the reading you did for me was a heads up for you. Much love for you and yours.

  • Have you ever been arguing with your brother or sister and then your mom walks in when you know she was already having a not so great day? Then you feel ashamed that she had to see that?.....So glad your back. ( :

  • I was away for a few days and I still can't figure out what everyone is talking about. This forum has been so helpful to me. I can't imagine what there would be to fight over here. Glad your back Cris and hopefully things will be better for you 🙂

  • Good for you, I agree!

  • Chris 1962 I agree with you.

  • Nothing wrong. just a clash of opinion. happens in any forum I joined.

    it's normal, now and then people just need to watch the energy they send out, that's all.

    I've learned my lesson from 2 years ago so this time I refrained from sending out negativities of any kind and asked people to do the same. I could feel a lot of negative energes going back and forth that affected me too, but because I didn't send any out, it didn't exhaust or drain me.

    The universe only sends back what we send out, sending out negative energy or sending it back to someone that hurts us, is no different. Revenge itself is negativity already.

    and it is not necessary for the universe will do what it always does. returning the energy we send out back to us.

  • Chris,

    very good to see you!


  • Thanks all! It sure has been a rough ride. I am in constant contact with them all, though missing them like crazy like my daughter is. We both want to go back there like RIGHT NOW, but can't, sadly.

    Libra; I think you might be right about that reading. Am gonna take another look at it after posting this as I can hear Lenard's voice in my head quite a bit. And see his face with that little smirk he always gave.

    He did a lot of things wrong in his life; made life very hard for Vickie (my friend), but I strongly feel he knew what he was doing wrong but got in too deep to fix it. His death was his way of giving her life back to her. I can see him nodding as I write this. He really was a sweetie, but just let negativity overwhelm him. Still, I have some good memories of him and I'm clutching on to that at the moment, like the rest of us who knew him. There's no point at the moment in thinking too much of the mess he left behind for Vickie. She isn't, so why should we? The way she has been is a true testament to what true love is; she loved him regardless of what he put her through. Some might call her blind, but that's what true love is all about, isn't it?

    Lovin: not quite! At least I can't remember doing that as in our house, loud expressions of emotion weren't really encouraged and mum always kept a stoic front. But I can remember feeling bad if I ever gave mum a hard time and tried hard to get back in her good books.

    Ah well. Life and all its peaks and troughs. I think sometimes we should welcome the troughs really as it means the only way is up and out of it ... so let's continue trying hard to get to that light at the top of the hole.

    Again, thanks all of you for your thoughts and support. And Libra, thanks for the healing you sent; I believe it worked a treat as Vickie got up and going a few days before I thought she would. She is a tough cookie, but gee, this knocked her for a six as you'd expect. Plus she has four kids to think about, but nothing ever keeps my buddy down for long.

    Bless you all :)))

  • Your both very welcome. I have you surrounded still and will keep it going. Relax and breath. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Chris,

    Welcome back! I've missed your humour, wit and positivity.

    Wenchie 🙂

  • Welcome Back Chris! ;D

    Hope you are better each day.

    Blessing to you & your buddy.....

    Lets spread the good energy around!



  • Welcome back cris1962, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. x

  • I second that, all of it! : ) nice to see you cris.

  • We all missed you Cris. For me, this is the first time I've been online here in about a week, and the subject matter has gotten ridiculous. You know I am a plain speaker. I speak the truth as I see it, and not everyone is always ready to accept the truth unless it is wrapped in soft, comforting words and surrounded with the essence of perfumed nonsense.

    When I ask for a reading, I truly want the truth. That is the whole point. I am not interested in the warm fuzzies to comfort me when I have no job or no money. That is not comforting when you have no one to rely upon except your wits.

    But then, the sun is in Scorpio right now, and hidden secrets will emerge as will deep emotional issues. Intuition is heightened, but obviously some have not used it. As I've said before, and must emphasize it again--you gals have to be logical about the guys and the crazy stuff they are doing to make you crazy. Listen to your instincts!

  • you are so right firefly01, hearing the truth helps us to move forward with the pain and disappointment. sometimes others reading give me insight into what I'm experiencing.

  • Glad to see you back Cris1962 . Hope you are okay .

  • Chris: You are wonderful.

  • G'day everyone,

    I want to thank everyone for their warm welcome-back's and general good feeling. I am not in the best of places at the moment though, so I have to take each day as it comes. There has been much sadness, disappointment and loss in the last few weeks and even though the sun in shining here today, I feel a huge emptiness inside me that I hope will p off some time soon 🙂

    Firefly, if you are able to do a reading for me at all I would really appreciate it. I am, as said, standing on that precipice and don't know which way I should be jumping. Do I stay where I am, or should I go to where my friend is so I can be closer to her and her kids as I have missed them sorely for the last five years as my daughter has. Is there any future with this person I'd been dreaming of, or should I just move on and let that go, considering I dreamed of him for seven years. He now knows what my feelings are (by rote really; I was sort of forced into it, but that's another story). I'm going for a reading tomorrow, but I would love to hear your insights, Firefly, even if they hurt. God knows I'm getting used to that! And I know what you mean about the general attitude on here at the moment. I think everyone is sick of not knowing where to go and getting a little crazy with it, me included :))

    Again, thanks everyone, but sadly at the moment, cheerfulness and positivity have taken a bit of a hike. I feel like I'm in a waiting game at the moment and that's never good for an impatient Cancerian 🙂

    Blessings to all of you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

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