Gemini Moon

  • My moon is 29 degrees in gemini. I looked at my birthchart wheel and My moon looks really close to cancer. Would I have some cancerian traits??

  • I have a gemini moon as well. I think gem moons can be very simalar to cancers ever changing moods. The sense of humor is similar two. We both seem to get a lot of fun out of things that are well out of place. You know what I mean. Also our charts progress as time goes on its possible that maybe one of your planets has moved into cancer.

  • Hmmm... I didnt know our charts change as time goes by thanks for your input. I dont really know too much about astrology. Is there a way I can check to see if I do in fact have a cancer moon now?

  • I dont know how to do chart progressions. Or even where to look for that information. I know with your sun it movese 1 degree every year. Mine moved into cancer 2 yrs ago and ive noticed that I like to be at home more, I am alot more sensitive and I need more alone time then I used to. Funny isnt it?

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