Am I overreacting?

  • Me and my boyfriend have known each other for a while and we were in a relationship before but it didn't work out because i had some issues i had to take care of. We always kept in touch with each other and we always loved each other no matter what. Now he is in college for football. We don't talk a lot,he has practice alot and busy but i feel that we should communicate more since we wont see each other until his break. He doesn't answer his phone or call me back until i let him know that i am mad at him about it, we always had this problem but it seems like it bothers me more now that we are together.

    Should i be worried that he doesn't want to talk to me on the phone as much as i want to? Is this normal for guys not to want to talk to their girlfriends on the phone a lot and if so why do guys do this? Its really frustrating to me....thanx for tha advice

  • Hi, While reading this I thought of a friend of mine. Do you like to talk a lot. It seems that he wants to talk but is busy. Be careful not to monopolize a lot of time on the phone as I feel he is real busy. That might be it. Maybe set aside time beforehand by letting him know you'll call. Limit the time though. Maybe you can drop by sometime to see him(:

  • If you call him, he should answer the phone. If he can't answer the phone then he should call you back with he can. Simple.... No, I do not think you are over reacting. It takes two to make a relationship work.

  • This is not a good sign my dear!!! I know the fact that when guys have something in mind or their heads are engaged in something they withdraw a little bit... but we all know that when there is a will there is a way. I think if he is deeply in love with you, he 'll go out of his way, he'll put in all the overtime in the world to answer your calls, he'll want to please, he'll try to cheer u up when u r down and he will enjoy every moment bec u r the person he values advice to u to reignite his interest is to start to cool off.. cut off your calls to 20-30 percent.. do as the old saying "u don't miss the water till the well runs dry" I'm not saying that he doesn't love u he might be but obviously he has taken u for granted and is treating you with disrespect.. and please do not blame him or mention the subject let him wander why u hv changed and why did u become scarce.. just keep yourself busy and out of reach and don't explain why...and reverse the situation by keeping him on his toes!!! try this for a couple of weeks believe me it works like magic 😉 just be brave and show him that u r strong...

  • Thanx for tha advice, i just feel like giving up sometimes and stop calling all together but i dont because i love him...I like tha advice you gave, nina im gonna do that and see what happens...

  • Thanks Nina, you just said what I wanted to say. I passed through the same experience and really what Nina mentioned worked out well with me. When the man is satisfied that he knows you well and knows everything about your moves, he is so much comfort and feel safe, but if you give him so mistery, that will make his mind and senses work.

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