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  • I'm an aquarian 1990-01-24 and he's a scorpio 1988-11-1. sometimes i'm really happy with him but sometimes i just feel really unsatisfied somehow, even though nothing is really wrong....i'm wondering what would happen next, or if this up and down relationship is worth it

  • This can be a difficult combination for love. Although you two have a dynamic chemistry, there is also stress and friction indicated here. Breakdowns in communication or psychological strain can produce anxiety. Usually you Hoshizora take the lead here, showing your partner another way of approaching life. Once he gets the idea, however, he is more than able to hold up his end of the relationship.

    In a love affair, your partner may show a liking for influencing the relationship too strongly for you who are a real freedom lover. No matter how strong the physical attraction or how compelling the emotional involvement, you may back off in the face of his controlling and possessive behaviour. Your partner's need for the deeper side of life could remain unsatisfied if you insist on holding back or refusing to acknowledge the extent of your own emotions. Neither of you is likely to be too open or vulnerable with the other, and the relationship can suffer from a alck of sharing. If so, it will not last for the long term. To succeed, the relationship must be realistic and honest about its feelings. It will die if it becomes guarded or too selfish or if the partners feel unfulfilled.

  • thank you very much!!!! this helps and explains quite a lot, especially since i want to keep this relationship

  • Im a 27 year old Aquarian who has been dating a 35 year old Scorpio male for almost two years now. I know exactly what you mean about the up and down. Ive always been the "detatched" in previous relationships but this scorpio man has my head whirling. The problem is yes we both are stubborn, we both have a hard time sharing our "feelings" but we are both "feelers". Too intuitive to eachother sometimes we need breaks from time to time. Im trying to be more talkative about my emotions or feelings but it is proving to be very difficult for me. We were friends first and I think that helps. Now that being said, his other planets and mine in our charts play a key role in whether we will work out.

    His: Sun Scorpio 19.53 Ascendant Sagittarius 29.53

    Moon Scorpio 2.38 II Aquarius 12.01

    Mercury Scorpio 1.09 III Pisces 26.14

    Venus Scorpio 21.26 IV Aries 29.07

    Mars Scorpio 10.26 V Taurus 22.40

    Jupiter Pisces 8.08 VI Gemini 11.44

    Saturn Cancer 18.46 R VII Gemini 29.53

    Uranus Libra 29.29 VIII Leo 12.01

    Neptune Sagittarius 8.38 IX Virgo 26.14

    Pluto Libra 8.16 Midheaven Libra 29.07

    Lilith Aquarius 20.35 XI Scorpio 22.40

    Asc node Sagittarius 10.14 XII Sagittarius 11.44


    Sun Aquarius 12.37 Ascendant Leo 10.15

    Moon Libra 8.58 II Virgo 2.59

    Mercury Capricorn 18.13 III Libra 0.09

    Venus Pisces 4.09 IV Scorpio 2.21

    Mars Pisces 12.10 V Sagittarius 7.09

    Jupiter Sagittarius 6.43 VI Capricorn 10.25

    Saturn Scorpio 4.21 VII Aquarius 10.15

    Uranus Sagittarius 8.24 VIII Pisces 2.59

    Neptune Sagittarius 28.21 IX Aries 0.09

    Pluto Libra 29.32 R Midheaven Taurus 2.21

    Lilith Capricorn 25.10 XI Gemini 7.09

    Asc node Cancer 3.39 XII Cancer 10.25

    Honestly, we love eachother and we are honest with eachother sometimes to a fault, but we work.

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