Any help with reoccuring dreams?

  • I continually dream of my ex-husband. in the dreams, I always catch him and confront him with cheating on me. (he did). but in my dreams, I feel sooo much love for him, so much pain and betrayal. I wake up hurting and crying. we have not seen or spoken to each other in 3 years.

  • Not all grief is bad--tears are very healing. There are several things going on at once. You are picking up his state of mind--he has saddness and regret . He is just now re evaluating his "problems". I see him saying immature--how imature. He found himself going again into the same childish selfish spiral. There is a connection to this time of year as well that ties you together. On another very important level you are being guided to release bottled up grief as it is not good for your health. The wound was deep and painful and you marched on with life and didn't dare crumble to pieces too long. You are in a better place now and your guides are helping you during sleep to release this pain as it could show up as health problems. It's really a good thing. Blessings

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