Can I believe him??

  • Hi Captain, I really need some guidence, could I please get a love reading , can I trust in his promises? Him 6-20-67 me 10-28-60 Thank you

  • This has the potential to be a good long-lasting relationship as long as both its partners persevere, whatever the difficulties. You two can form a bond that is spiritual, sexual, and sensuous all at the same time. You both need to find the balance between the pleasurable and the erotic. But if you Ittlebit behave too over-sensitively here, you could ruin a good thing.

    Your partner has a tendency to undervalue himself and his mellow, laidback exterior sometimes disguises a very intense personality. He identifies his own self-worth with the person he is connected with romantically ie. - you, and can become very dependent on your love. If he feels you do not approve of or don't respect him, he will withdraw into his own private inner world to shield himself. He is not being deceitful - he only wants to protect himself from hurt, not to fool or trick you. He has a strong desire to please you and will put you before his own needs. If you push him too far, though, he may become demanding or suspicious, insisting on control rather than addressing his own deeper issues. Daily doses of kindness and affection is what's needed to break through his protective shield. Yet he is a very powerful and creative individual who can contribute a lot to the world.

  • hi captain. i need your help well if thats okay with && my boyfriend arent really talking as much as we use to && he's just never been able to express his feelings && that bothers me because i dont know whats going on.

    his birthday 7/2/89

    my birthday 8/26/92

  • Thank you Captain,,,,

  • Sara10, this relationship will work for the long term if you can survive through the short term. Although this matchup can be ambitious and authoritive outwardly, internally it searches for matters of the heart. Only learning where each of you truly stands with the other will lead you two to success. Neither of you individually is able to guide the relationship to firm ground - you have to investigate your ideas, feelings, beliefs and tastes together in an organized way to learn what you share. Piece by piece, things will fall into place and the relationship's heart centre will unfold. Once a true communion is established, you two will enjoy success in many areas of your lives. But until then, you will drift uncertainly.

    A love affair here can be unstable but romantic. There is often a face-off here between your friend's emotionality and your structure and logic. You can make demands that your friend finds hard to meet. You also may refuse to recognise the importance of feelings to him, and he can resent you for that. You two must make time to find common ground as it can be lacking here and might endanger the chances of a long term commitment. Allow the relationship to unfold. The need for a solid foundation will be vital for the long term. Don't allow discouragement to get you down. Proscrastination and doubt can erode the relationship from within. However, dramatic changes will occur if you two work together on the relationship. A rise in your self-confidence will be especially noticeable since individually and in relationships with others, you two tend to lack either decisiveness or good judgment. Don't let months or years pass before mistakes in the relationship are detected and corrected because by then it may be too late to fix anything. Direction may be gained here simply through shared activities, perhaps physical or mildly competitive in nature, with both of you exerting your own particular strength. But if only one of you tries for greater closeness, they won't succeed - it has to be a concerted effort from both partners.

    Sara, you can get depressed when things go wrong for you. You are highly empathic and intuitive so it's likely you pick up other people's feelings easily and this can make you feel so much worse. You can work on improving your emotional awareness and take back control of your life and your destiny, instead of deferring decisions or laying your conflicts in the hands of the gods. Your gift for bringing the tools of greater understanding to the public would see you succeed as an interpreter, analyst, psychologist, working in the clergy, as an artist, or architect, where your innate sense of order could reconcile with a larger sense of purpose and you could convince the world that the Universe is orderly and not at all chaotic. You must learn how to find the right valves or avenues to let off emotional steam. You tend to love the magic of falling in love and may feel that each new partner is 'the one'.

    Your friend can withdraw from the world just like you. He is sensitive but can be closed, shy and secretive, and so good at hiding his true nature for self-protection that he might not even be sure who he really is or what he really feels. He is also empathic like you so you two no doubt pick up and mirror each other's feelings. He needs to understand that his extreme sensitivity is not a weakness of character or a liability to overcome. He can still go out in the world and be protected from emotional harm if he (and you) read up on being an empath and learn how to shield yourself from other people's feelings. Learning to let go of old hurts and refusing to allow disappointment to affect the way he sees the world will be a challenge for your friend, but one that must be undertaken if he ever wants to find a release from pain and suffering. Like you he is intuitive, and also he is blessed with the personal strength and powers of observation needed to succeed in this world. If he does not withdraw or isolate himself too much, he will see his life take a wonderful turn for the better. He must learn to trust others enough to share what he is and understand that he doesn't have to hide his sensitive nature as if it was some dirty little secret.

  • captain i need advice,

    im in love with someone who is taken, weve been friends for years and have extended on off comunication which has just turned on again and i just feel like im going insane when we finish speak almost fanaticism what should i do ?

    me 3/13/1993

    her 3/4/1992

  • Hello Captain,

    I am torn as to what to do when it comes to 2 men in my life......can I trust them, which is really better for me, which will provide a real relationship, I have just met in January of this year...........his birthdate 12/6/1960 and still has a "friendly" relationship with his ex-wife bc he has to pay for her mortgage until she moves from the home she still lives in (he lives in his own home)........................and another I met last January and dated for a while (never married).................his birthdate 10/13/1983...................My birthdate is 10/12/1965.................( I was married once)

  • Koipiscies, I answered you in the other thread.

  • MajikDust and the Sagittarian man: as a couple, you two will tend to let it all hang out, indulging in flamboyant gestures and colourful language, whether negative or positive in attitude. Critical of snobbishness and pseudo-sophistication, you two can pour scorn and abuse on those who demand exclusive treatment. Yet you two may be yourselves an example of what you condemn, since you often have little sympathy with the needs of the common man and together can be quite selfish and standoffish. Hypocrisy can be a problem in this relationship, which involves a certain lack of self-awareness and often doesn't bring out the best in either of you. A love affair or marriage can be exuberant and fun, however. Able to get physical without shame or guilt, you can give yourselves wholeheartedly to each other. On the other hand, your unserious attitudes could eventually take you down a trail that leads nowhere, resulting in bewilderment and disillusionment. If this relationship is to survive, it is essential that it questions itself a little, examining its motives and making firm resolves about its behaviour. You two must also resist the impulse to get too involved in other people's business. Eventually, your friend may find you simply too bossy and you may get impatient with his unusual way of doing things. If you try to restrict his freedom in any way or pin him down, he may bolt for the door.

    MajikDust and the Libran: this is easy for friendship but difficult for love. There is a kind of instant recognition here - you two know that you have met someone of like mind with whom you can communicate openly and honestly. Yet as a couple you project a cool image without much display of feelings or talk about what is bothering you. This is because often you don't know yourselves what's on your minds and in fact there is not a lot of self-awareness in this relationship, either. You are both geared for action so if the relationship is becalmed by the malaise of indecision, it can truly suffer. Dealing with anxiety or depression will be very difficult for you two, since neither is likely to be able to drag the other out of a well of loneliness or despair. Together your feelings may not always gel in the romantic or sexual spheres, either. Often out-of-synch, your interaction can suffer from misunderstandings, misplaced energies and mixed signals. If you can both accept the increased and fixed responsiblities of marriage however, the relationship will benefit. Friendship is a much easier relationship for you two because there is not such a high level of expectation and responsiblitiy. Your ability to have fun together as friends is nearly unlimited and your quick minds and agile tongues engage easily in almost ceaseless repartee. Arguments will rarely get out of hand as long as each person respects the other's viewpoint.

  • thanks captain 🙂 everything yu said about me && him is so true. i feel like i should just move on because hes just acting like a different person but sumtimes he acts the same as before && that just confuses me too much.i feel like ive done all i can to make it work && usually im not the type of gurl to try so hard.

    i wanna ask yu for one more favor. i have this friend && me && him have always had a thing for eachother but i dont know if i should be in a real realationship with him.wat do you suggest?

    his birthday is 2/12/90 && mine is 8/26/92

  • Sara10, I already answered this in another thread.

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