Can't Help Myself

  • You really did help keldjordan. I wrote down the link you suggested to check at a later time (when I can really have the time to devote to reading it properly). But what mostly helped was putting into words what I feel about being a water sign and how it relates to feeling things deeply and taking them to heart. I'm very self critical to wonder what it is that's wrong with ME. Whereas sometimes it has been me, I'm learning that not every reason is apersonal attack against me. Hey, I'm a Pisces Empath....I want to fix EVERYTHING! haha I've recently accepted that bellyaching about heartache and wanting for what's lost will never fix anything for me. I must learn from it and press on. Things that are meant to be will always turn around. As we are both on the journey to changing our perspectives and approach, I'm here for ya and I wish you all the luck in the world. We may not be perfect, but we are perfect for someone out there!

    Hello cslow. I know what you mean about finding someone sincere in the heart. I always mean what I say and it would be nice to find someone who can be so honest. I don't begrudge anyone for NOT wanting something more, but most don't cut to the chase. I want to thank you for sharing your story with us.

    I really gain a lot with everyone's advice and perspectives and experiences. Thank you for sharing with me!

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  • I don't really know if love addict would totally apply but there may be a message or two in there that would do me some good. I do WANT the love that I deserve though. What happens to me is that I go with the flow and let them know my interest but hold back until they start to express feelings and wanting more etc. So then when I go with THAT new flow, they go with it for a bit and then they are gone. I don't want more than they are willing to give, but I'm tired of those who express they want to give but don't really mean it. MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. I suppose that brutal honesty isn't always what I need but I find it easier to get over than empty promises. I recover really well when a guy says "Hey, I like you but this isn't working for me." THAT I GET! LOL!

    I don't mind fixing problems and helping others with my gift. I feel it would be misuse of the gift if I didn't. I do believe that I also tend to think along your lines that I will eventually meet someone who cares as much as I do and be my rock. I'm learning to be independent enough to be my own rock. I just have a hard time getting past lonely sometimes.

  • Hey Lil Pisces long time no speak taking some time dealing with the mundane and spending some energy building myself back up in a positive way, I needed it!! I am such a self analytical thing. I know when I need to step back and figure out some things, lol. I think my problem has always been especially when I was alone is I do so feel others pain and give so much of myself I definitely want someone to fill me back up & tell me everything is going to be ok that was a real longing. That is that lonely feeling because you know you are worthy of that kind of love it is what we give, high quality stuff lol. I also wish people would just be honest. Even in friendship, just be honest about what you are willing to give, it's not the end of the world. I would be interested to know more about being an empath and what that means. I am glad to see you and I actually was a first time to the forum the day we met 🙂

  • Hey there Rikku226! I could have written that message myself. You just KNOW when it's time to retreat for alone time to reflect, get your bearings and recharge. For me, it's a chance to meditate and sift through and shed all the emotions of others I've collected and to determine what my own mind is thinking. Sometimes I find it's not thinking too much of anything! haha Although sometimes it's a chance to get away from the chaos of the day. I'm glad you are back. I've put a lot of thought in hoping things are working out better for you. I can certainly give you my experiences with being an Empath. From what I've found, not every empath works in the same way or have added things to make them unique. I have a few extra gifts that enhance what I am capable of (when it's turned on). Sometimes I have what I call my Blah days where I can't sense my way out of a paper bag. I don't know what you'd like to know but I'll be happy to share. Or not, I'm happy to also chat about the day to day good, bad and ugly 2!

  • Hi there LilPiscesBigPond --- Love the typically piscean creative !! LoL 🙂

    I am a piscean myself, 28 and going through some rough patches myself in life at the moment. Hope I'd sail through safe though!! I happen to have the same 'gifts' as you that work wonders for others and draw them like bees to this otherwise nobody 😄 And the most frustrating part? I cant manage to sort my own bl**** life here!! Anyway, Just want to tell you that I'm gonna pray for you and your child...just hang in there :):) And btw, I read and re-read about the pattern of your previous relationships and yes, I do see a pattern there!! Its as if you've been attracting non-committal kinda guys so far when you are ready for a long term yourself!! How about taking a break from wanting long-term for a while and enjoying life for a change (atleast for the time being). Be like a guy...I'm gonna sound very mean n heartless here but it has always worked for here it goes : How about 'using' and 'disposing off' the same guys before they do that to you ? Trust me it'd keep you busy and active both :):) Do lemme know if and when you think of doing that...

  • Good Morning astrodame. You know you made some pretty darn good points there. I'm not sure how ready I am to use and dispose...haha....but changing my mindset on being ready for a long term relationship is excellent. I think seeing each guy as Mr. Right Now and having fun might be the way to go. It's a way to enjoy them for what they are at the moment and easier to let them head out the door when it's time. Everyone comes with a lesson and Mr. Right won't go anywhere. I like how you described your gift as drawing them like bees...makes you a flower! I don't usually put it out there about what I can do (except here where it's more accepted) but people DO gravitate don't they? (I'm glad I'm not as big as a planet though...would look odd on my 5 ft frame...haha) How many times do you hear "It's like you are reading my mind?" or "You always seem to know just what to say?" Do you get perfect strangers walking away after telling you their life story? It's not that I mind at all, but it's odd and an honor to seem to radiate that kind of trust from people. Sometimes though people don't want to REALLY hear what I sense which makes it hard and sometimes I know more than I would like to (or even more than they would like me to). I read somewhere that an empath can only read what the other subconsciously or advertantly allows. It would be unethical to invade someone's private thoughts and feelings without their knowledge or permission. As far as not being able to make heads or tails of my own life, it's usually only in the romantic department....probably because the "ego" gets in the way. Maybe a lighthearted look at it, and knowing the right one is on his way will help calm the love craving beast within. Thank you for the perspective!

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