Lost my job and I'm feeling off balance/NEED GUIDANCE


  • PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.....get active, follow your impulse.

    I'M DESPERATELY NEEDING SOME GUIDANCE: Choose your way now, not according to your mind but according to your heart.

    I DO HAVE SOME SENSITIVE LEVELS BUT WHY I CAN'T USE THEM TO GUIDE ME: because you are in struggle with yourself and others.


    PLEASE HELP: Go on your new path saying farewell to your emotional attachments.

    So there were these two blacks from a southern town,

    and they wanted women desperately but couldn't find

    any. They were driving along the country road when they

    spotted a pig. One of the jumped out, scooped up the

    pig and stuck it on the seat between them.

    They continued to chug along in their 1969 Ford when

    a police siren suddenly sounded behind them. A glance

    at the rear-view mirror showed them that a police car

    was in hot pursuit. They pulled over to the side. Not

    wanting to be caught with a stolen pig, they tossed a

    blanket over it.

    The officer came up to the side of their car. "What

    are you up to?" he asked.

    "We were just out looking for women," one of the lads

    replied truthfully.

    Suddenly the pig sticks its face through the folds of

    the blanket.

    The cop stared, shook his head sadly, and said,

    "Lady, can you tell me what a nice southern girl like

    you is doing with these two blacks?"

    Man is in such an unconscious state! Man is almost

    drunk. He cannot see what is; he goes on believing what

    others say. He does not respect his own eyes, his own

    ears; he does not respect his own sensibilities. He has

    become very insensitive.

  • Been there done that most of the 1980s.....yeah I am probably older than you. Between all the layoffs I was developing myself as an entre. It saved me in the end but it was painful and I was poor and lost everything including my daughter. Don't go that route. Check out grants and free money for additional training and see what you could do to start a business of your own. But be realistic. I started my own

    business's over the years out of NEED not choice. Network and stay connected to active communities and people. VOLUNTEER. But stay out there..........You won't survive if you don't. You can't fall prey to the self esteem traps. Things are very different. Work is going to be different for MOST of the working population in the world . Connect to people and do things that make you feel good. Stay away from negatives and things that make you feel bad or diminish your self esteem. Unemployment is no longer uncommon. It is the norm. GET OUT AND CONNECT> You can do it but you can't do it alone. My life had a happy ending but with many scars cause I was too isolated. My daughter and I are doing great. She understands what happened to me.......it still makes her sad. But we have both moved on and enjoy our time together. We travel now and have a great time. There is no magic no miracles Just work and making connections even when you think you just can't get up get dressed and go to work. You gotta keep getting up getting dressed and going to work......


  • So you got angst cause you live in a nation of racisits, sexists homophobes and the like.......You can't educate ignorant people. So get educated develop yourself and don't fall prey to stooping to their disgusting level. Its a new world but the isms still remain. Its up to those who are enightened to continue to not tolerate such behavior. That is why laws have been passed to protect the weak from STUPID PEOPLE. Sad but true. No not all people are insensitive. Young people will show us the way. Color is becoming invisible.


  • Thank you very much for the insight. Last night I had to meditate and release the my Anger, Negative thoughts, and called my Spiritual Guide " Archangel Gabriel". While I was meditating I felt numb and deep concentration of my breathing when suddenly felt I was leaving my body. Like a magnet attached to my soul, I was struggling of letting go. I got scared and stopped. Once I fell asleep it happened again...I felt my soul leaving my body and I saw my candle light moving rapidly and stronger....What happen to me ? Should I be scared next time.

  • Thank you Catamaniac for your assistance. I thought about Volunteering while I'm searching for work. Secondly, I completed a financial aid application for additional training. I'm just so discouraged of all these job losses. I work hard and make everything possible to be a TeamPlayer. But something always happens.... I've had someone say I had a "Curse" or Bad Luck place on me...but I believe of my highpower GOD. Its been three hard years for me and I deeply dissappointed my children.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm very gratefully for everything in my life. Without God I wouldn't been able to overcome Great Obstacles in my past life. I just want to keep a steady job!!!!! I feel I was mistreated and misled

  • MCpeace

    What happen to me ? You are projecting your originality outwards.

    Should I be scared next time: No.

    The higher values of life have to be protected. The

    lower values have a certain protection of themselves. A

    stone need not be protected, but just by the side of it

    the rose in the bush has to be protected. The stone is

    dead, it cannot be more dead. It does not need


    But the rose is so alive, so beautiful, so colorful,

    so attractive. That is the danger -- it is its

    strength, but it is inviting danger. Somebody may pluck

    it. Nobody will take up the stone, but the flower can

    be plucked.

    So it is very natural -- don't feel any contradiction

    in it.

  • MCpeace, if money wasn't an issue, what work would you really love to do? And what talents or abilities do you have? (Not just work talents - what are your inner abilities, such as kindness, love of animals, or whatever?)

  • My happiness comes watching peoples faces and inspiration when I gave them by helping. Time is more precious than money....Enjoy giving , and helping... Sometimes I pray for God to bless me with more finances in order to help others...Not for myself...

  • Thank you for your responses...These outer body experiences get stronger during a Full Moon. I've had several dreams about my mother carrying casual conversations and sometime feel her hugging me.....Before I lost my job my mother was coming to my dreams. One of the them I was laying on my side in my bed and she came behind me & slept beside me. Then I watched her having a spastic convulsion and disappeared. I cried out her name so loud in my sleep I woke everyone up..So the day I lost my job I cried some much and very hurt. My daughter just came me the way my mother did and laid beside me like my mother did and the spastic movements was me since I was crying out of control....So is mother guiding me

  • MCPeace - I can never resist these posts about job worries. I too have been up and down in jobs and live in an area with one of the highest levels of unemployment in the US. There is much uncertainty here that pervades the emotions of the entire community. Catamaniac nailed the path forward for you, and it's a similar path that has helped me. Reach out and seek out opportunity and support in all it's forms. It sounds like you see it too.

    The application for aid for training is a wonderful step. I did the same - it will bring you new skills and great networking opportunities. On that note, don't think about volunteering - go DO it, even if it's only a few hours a week. Again, great chance to meet new people, with new ideas and possible job paths for you. Choose an organization that will answer that calling in you to help other people. Seek some direct contact, not working behind the scenes. This will reinforce the strength within you and help you shake your doubts. What we give to others is what we bring into ourselves as well. Don't let other people's negativity define you. YOU know what's inside you, you know your stengths, keep letting it out and you'll get where you need to be.

    Now one more thing I will tell you is don't imagine that once you do get the next job that things will end there. I thought my journey was finally stable and, in fact, it turns out it's just as uncertain as ever. That might seem negative to you, but with the right attitude, it keeps you thinking creatively and adaptable. Maybe I just know too many people right now who have it worse off than me, but I don't worry so much about what comes next, just try to make sure that I'm always alert to new paths and doors opening to new directions. I'm in the process of educating myself on a brand new path right now actually, and like Cat, I may look at self-employment as the next step beyond that. As more and more companies continue to close around here, the old days of job stability are gone in my world - for all of us. Creating my own opportunities seems to be the only reliable direction.

    I know you're going to get to the right place in all of this because unlike others I see in similar situtations (and as I say, I know many around here) you ARE seeking and not waiting for life to bring you solutions. Working on yourself inside and out. You are going to bring it all together for yourself. 🐵

  • MCPeace, it sounds like you aren't sure what type of job you want to do. Once you decide what that is, things will be easier. Go with what your heart tells you to do.

  • Hello TheCaptain

    My dream Career Goal was in Nursing. Everyitme I attempted to go back to school life challenges had me place it on the Back burner. I've been a single parent and didn't have any family eventhough they live in the same city. Then my mother became terminally ill and inherited a small child into my family the same year. So my passion is helping others and I see myself as a HEALER....

  • Hello Jenever- Thank you and appreciate your insight. I've started my volunteering at a Food Bank and has allowed me to see how blessed I am. When I complete my duties my spirit feels empowered vs staying home having a pity party. Secondly, I enrolled back to school and qualified for a Grant to cover all my expenses,,,,

    My finances are at times heavy on my mind and insecure about being able to keep up with my financial responsibilties. Trying to stay positive


  • MCPeace - Sounds wonderful, you're already making strides. Tell us, is your grant going to cover classes to get you moving towards that dream of a career in nursing? You dont specify. Even if you could get into Medical Assisting as a start that would give you income, experience and connections that would benefit your progress in that direction. I feel really excited for you.

    I know the financial piece is hard. My current attitude is "money comes in and money goes out, and as long as the bills get paid each month, I can't worry about the rest right now". It's like a money stream that simply flows into my account and right back out to the bills. But hey, it works for now. Obviously I try to cut corners where it makes sense and keep frivolous spending under control too. Don't play around with credit cards, very dangerous to get that started unless you can pay it off every month. Like Rockafeller said, "the best way to be rich is to live like you're poor". I've always wondered if he meant that in a purely financial sense, or was their a little spiritual reminder in there as well. He was very much a philanthropist as well as a keen businessman you know.

    Anyway, you sound pretty confident for the most part and it seems like worry is your biggest problem right now. Letting go of some fears and just believing that it will work out because you ARE making good efforts to move forward. Some of this is just going to take time to get through. Well, I'm thinking good thoughts for you on your journey!

  • Sometimes we tend to come to the aide of a person who we feel is getting wronged and sometimes we go to bat so forcefully (we can have a temper) LoL may go over board...say too much, it's crazy cause I have done that for others but rarely for myself unless really fed up, but anyway sometimes before going there try to take a moment and think out what and how your going tosay it, maybe that will help, and definitely pray about it, i know it helps me keep from blowing a fuse and having to deal with the fallout later...blessings

  • Hi mcpeace, wow I have always helped friends out I think sometimes God gives everyone a calling. At 18 yrs old I got my first job at a convalescent home, they trained us to be cna's wow I loved it, next i went back to school and at 22 yrs old became an L.V.N. and have been one every since. have tried to go back several times to get my R.N. but like you my mom became terminally ill with cancer I took care of her like any daughter would, after she passed just didn't want to go back to school, just worked ,my husband and I had a family. now some 20 plus yrs later back trying to get my R.N. again with my youngest under 12 yrs old and me now divorced...I get so frustrated and discouraged at times, but I pray for guidance to complete it this time and I encourage you too Mcpeace to not give up either. This is your calling..Blessings

  • Don't beat yourself up for helping someone. remember you have a blessing in the wings, don't worry about it. You are working for the good of man now and so am I. And let me tell you it is the best job I have ever had. All you do is believe in God, pay attention and investagate. The rest will come.

    Love thy neighbor

  • Hi Jenever: I've worked as a Medical Assistant for 19yrs and enjoyed the connection I had with all my patients. Helping has been my primary objective. My previous employment was Surgery scheduling which was a stepping stone to better job oppurtunites. Yes, my grant will cover all my coarses and books to complete my Nursing (LVN) degree ,but I do have another passion for Business. So I'm praying for a job soon and to give me the strength to fullfill my calling..

    Thanks MCPeace

  • MCPeace - Wow, so you have an excellent foundation going already. You know what I think of as you talk about yourself is someone who would do well working at a clinic for those who can't afford traditional medical services or perhaps even Hospice. The women I've known in positions with those types of organizations share that compassionate spirit that comes through so strongly when you talk about your dreams. Just a thought. 🐵

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