Lost money

  • I have misplaced or lost a large amount of cash. I have looked EVERYWHERE I can think I might have put it. I was having a super bad day and I think I might have dropped it in a gas station parking lot. I keep looking for it around my home. Hopeing I just put it some place. If anyone can help me out with this It would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Hugs and loves

  • Was it in a container when you lost it or just loose?

  • It was in a white paper envalope from the bank. It was $600. dollars in big bills...Does that help? Thank you for any time you spend helping me with this problem

  • Did you go to the bathroom while you had the money? I am feeling you losing it near a water source.

  • Okay I will look everywhere in my bathroom...I was getting ready to go to town...I was really really upset with my son and I went to the gas station and got gas. then I went home and was going to lend a friend some money and realized I didn't know where I had put it;( thanks for any thing else you feel:)

  • Check the kitchen, too. (Water sources)

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