ASCLAC part 3

  • Moon to Katie- Thank you for the horoscope!

    “ohhh Moonie! dont worry. i still love your posts, even if i cant take the advice. i know you are a romantic and so am i... but bu tbut... please.... for one moment now take yourself out from being a crab and try to put yourself into my story (you being me) and think what you would do in my case?

    I get it Katie- I’m diffeternt is all, I am such a true to heart Cancer. I always want everything to work out in the end and even if things are not working…. I’ll still hold out. Thant’s why I was thinking to give it one more try.

    What dawned on me was that…. YOUR NOT THE CANCER he is… I get it now.

    He’s me… or wait… I’m like him… you know what I mean?

    Would you do still the same you suggested?

    No, I don’t think I would.

    Are you CERTAIN he’s a Cancer??? I think you posted once a looooong time ago you knew the month but not the day? Or was it the day and not the year?

    Kel to Katie---- I love it you eveil man! but if you want to try a little should try starting a normal conversation with him and see how long he plays along with it. i bet he'll never bring it up and ask you out again...

    I agree with that… I would do it.

    you know, if you REALLY want to be evil, you can use the fact that he won't talk about anything against him. you can be a total b*tch to him and never have to explain yourself, since he won't talk about anything you can walk all over him like a doormat lol but that's if you want to be vengeful 😉

    Ummmm….. I agree with that too… but I’d never do it to somebody! …lmao! Kel you are SO bad!!!!

    Kisses and Huggies Moon!!! it will get better!!! and dont you dare touching any chocolate!!! LOL

    OMG! Katie- I am sooooooo trying to get back on the wagon! I did eat some last night.... but I feel better now so I think I'm ok, I'll post my scorp story in a few... still cut & paste.


    give me a few...

    birdy- a few to catch up... lol... im a big cut and paste girl!

  • Moon to Lua

    Lua- to Katie

    “Hi katie-I was okay during the day, I went to the gym with my friend and I trained her hard. Then we were going out tonight and she said she was going back to her aunt's house to change and we were going to go out, and I really wanted to distract my mind from crab, not that I wanted to go meet other men or anything,

    (Lua, one can always meet new men! …lol…)

    but even just to go out with my friend to talk...she said she would text me back and I called and texted her and waited all night but there's no answer from her. We are supposed to go to the

    gym early tomorrow morning and then go to the beach.

    Did you get to go out???

    As for crab he just came on skype again, my heart just feels like it gets stabbed every time I see him online.

    That reminds me of Kel and his old Scorp with that IM thing.

    I should just turn off least I don't have him in my "real" facebook. After 9 days of nothing, today he sent me a picture of some yummy looking chocolate cake type dessert and the only thing he wrote was "cheers" He must have read my twitter updates about getting seriously back into my diet. he used to send me pictures of cakes and food just as a joke when I was dieting before.

    To Katie- See, Katie what Lua’s crab is doing??? That is what I mean. We hate to let people go. I get what your saying now

    Katie to Lua- so crab cant 'shut up' after all... why dont you delete him from your skype contacts?

    Moon to Lua- I was actually thinking the same. If he’s doing it for attention then he’ll flip and you’ll know it. If he’s doing it cause he just hates to let go… he’ll understand most likely and let you go. At least I would.

    I'm just going to ignore him unless he writes me a real email. At least that made me snap out of missing him. He's twelve!

    What a brat! This is after 9 days with no contact. I suddenly realized how immature he was and i kinda got turned off.

    The twitter thing was a bit childish. I agree…

    BTW I got hit on by a 19 year old guy at the beach today who claims he likes older women. he asked me if I ever went out with a 19 year old. Crab was 19 when I first met him, lol. but that was 14 years ago.

    Lua- you $e%y gal! nothing like a fresh face with a nice compliment for a pick-me-up to lift your sprites!

    Katie to Lua- what did you say to moon more times? what makes you crave chocolates? cause im craving chocolates for 2 days... is it because i dont eat enough/ a certain kind of food?

    Lua to Katie-craving chocolate is because you are heart broken! You haven't heard of that before? Chocolate has some kind of chemical, I think that stimulates serotonin or something that is similar to the chemical of being in love! So when we crave chocolate it doesn't necessarily mean we don't eat a certain kind of food, a lot of it is induced by heartache..

    I didn't have chocolate for weeks and stupid crab had to send me that pic of that chocolate cake!! I was craving chocolate tonight too!

    Lua- I believe this because I only crave I mean CRAVE chocolate two times (1) when it’s THAT time and (2) when my heart is broken.

    I can pass it up all the other times…. Just not those two! Ever!


    As a nutritionist I disagree that the best way to rid carb addiction is a fast. The best way to rid carb addiction is clean eating, even refraining from carbs but at least eat vegetables and protein.

    So just fill up on healthy non carb foods and then my carb addiction will go away????

    When you starve the body it backfires, you fast for a few days and because your body is craving nutrients you end up binging, and on unhealthy and fattening things, like chocolate, unhealthy carbs etc...When I did a raw food diet for 2 weeks I totally got rid of my carb craving. I ate fruits, veggies and nuts. You seem to go back and forth between fasting and binging on things like chocolate. You do know that is a form of binging/purging, right?

    I do. That’s my little food issue. I’m a mia girl.

    Funny thing, the first time I read your sentence I read "crab addiction" instead of "carb addiction", lol..It's ME that needs to get rid of the CRAB addiction. I am still going through withdrawal. Now that he has stopped emailing me and contacting me I kinda feel worse...

    …lol.. I am sorry to laugh but it made me smile…. Then when I read katie’s I lost it and was just hysterical. I have a VERY odd sense of humor.

    Moon, I'll help you out only if you promise me that you will not fast a start eating a bit more healthy. Fasting only slows your metabolism and will make you fatter in the long term.

    NO FAT…. NOT LONG TERM…. NOT SHORT TERM…. NO TERM! I am exactly 26 pounds from 116 pounds and I need more than 116 pounds…. A tiny hiny! (and some thinner thighs please can I throw on a isty, bitsy waist

    Ok, lua.... what's the plan???

  • Kel I can’t believe Aries scorp! He just moved like that, WTF that is sooooooo shitty…..

    Moon -

    I've been away and now I'm sick, I'm not really caught up completely with your story, I know there has been some more email exchanged between you two, but I have to ask...

    Why do you keep torturing yourself?

    Why are you allowing this guy to keep you on the back burner?

    You deserve someone who won't hesitate and will run at you with full speed

    People treat you how you allow them to treat you

    OMG Kel!!!!! You didn’t get the memo??? I give good advice I just NEVER follow my own

    so how are you feeling??? Is Aries babying you??? How's the job news any???

    I'll post about Scorp later... He's a piece of work.

  • Sv- about this thing with the captain…. I get what Katie is saying…. But how was the twinkle with you? Like if you sit back and relax… what do you feel?

    I guess it has a lot to do with insecurity…it also has a lot to do with saving face. Unfortunately, scorps have a lot of that in common…we don’t want to show emotion, don’t want to show feelings because we want to kind of save face.

    Why is that? I’ll throw it all out there if I have to. I’ll risk it.

    Especially if we’re the first ones that have to do it. you asked me what difference does it make if he knew…if he knew, and I had to face him again when I go up to the restaurant, it’s going to be soooo uncomfortable.

    He will know how I feel about him, and not feel the same way about me, and we’ll have to tip toe around each other. Liking/loving someone IS the most beautiful feeling in the world…but only if the feeling is mutual.

    I agree.

    If it’s one sided, it gets enormously complicated.

    I think you mean uncomfortable….

    If I ever, EVERRRR start talking to him again, I will probably pour my heart out because it’s been held inside me for soo long. But even, then, I’ll still be guarded and have to force myself to open up.

    You’re right…it is like a huge burden being carried around for months…and how I longggg for it to go away…but not now…it’s just going to make things worse…if he’s with someone else, well then good for him…unfortunately, that’s just how it’s going to be. I have to watch from the sidelines…

    Sweetheart, the other day I threw it all out there. Not for scorp, for me. Sometimes, now this may be a Moon thing or a Cancer thing I dunno…. I find it’s the “not knowing” that hurts the most. Once I know the truth then I can allocate my feelings accordingly.

    I wish I knew what else to do. I wish someone new would come into my life and sweep me off my feet…literally! LOL

    I love being swept off my feet. I’ve only been swept once. My dead Aries ex… ahhhhhhh it was sooooooo romantic. Till I found out the truth… then it hurt… but I’ve lost the point here…. Where were we???

    Ahhhhhhhh yes,……… sweeping romance………lol….. can we all be swept away in cute shoes??? Did I tell you about my cute Guess pair?

  • Flow as you said you'll be back Monday.... I'll post then so it wont get lost in the mix.

  • Oh, and all The crazy November 2nd Scorp men??? WTF is up with that????

  • kel to birdy-with some moon sprinkled in!

    " I made the mistake of talking to him about the relationship... I just wanted to know where we were with each other... he didnt respond and in that same weekend he said that I cut into his work week when I stay later than the weekend"

    You caught him off guard here, he said that you cut into his work week because you got him all confused, he needed time to himself to think. This is what we call the "crab pinch" lol he pinched you

    Kel is so right. When I'm caught off guard I'll deflect.... a whole lot... about just anything till I can think. I HATE being put on the spot.

    It's kinda like how I HATE when people just "pop-in" to say "hi!" I HATE that!

    "I told him a friends house... he acted like his feelings were actuality... I was trying to play hard to get because of what had happened the weekend before"

    " acknowleged me at least and then I acted like he wasnt there... left without saying goodbye....didnt talk to him for the rest of the weekend until Sunday night. "

    Here's where you went really wrong...don't play games with a crab. Once you start down that path, it's a never-ending battle. You start playing games with us, we ALWAYS play back. We forget NOTHING and will always pinch you back. We are super sensitive, so when we feel the slightest bit of pain, we retreat and pinch

    When I would fight with my Leo ex-husband I would bring up cr^p he did years ago like it was yesterday! I am SO bad that way. I never forget a hurt... never.

    "why is he so insecure.? "

    This is just how we are. We're so afraid to let anyone into our shell, we're so afraid of being hurt because we hurt DEEP. Wounds run very deep because we're so emotional and sensitive, so only allow a very special person into our shell and only after we've tested them a thousand times to make sure they won't hurt us.

    Yes, I agree 2000% with this....

    "He also threw in that he wished that I would pick up the phone and call himm everyonce in awhile... "

    He really meant this...

    My advice? If you want this man...CALL HIM! 🙂

    You met his family so he's totally into you, we don't let just anyone meet our family, family is so important to us

    I'd call too. If he didn't like you you'd NEVER had met the family.

    Also, I won't call. ask anybody on the thread... I won't call first, text first, email.... maybe... but I'd probably act like nothing is wrong to feel the other person out.

  • Moon to Raexo- Hi everyone! I just started reading these ASCLAC threads so I'm new around but dealing with a Scorp right now myself (I'm a Pisces).

    Good luck with that! just kidding. 😉

    We've never officially dated, but have seen each other on and off, well mostly off;) for almost 2 years now (wow, never realized that! ha)

    what do you mean mostly off? why? did you/he date other people?

    We started as great friends and it moved beyond that point but nothing was ever official.

    again.... same question as above...

    Every once in a while we will start spending time together and then he pulls away- stops returning my calls or texts and just when I forget about him~ he reappears! The last time we hung out was 3 weeks ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about him.

    was it haning out or just you two had $e% and then you/he left?

    We exchanged texts the next day but after that he never returned my efforts to see him again or even just talk.

    Same question as above...

    When we saw each other, he literally said that he NEEDED to see me. like he was desperate for me... but then stopped talking to me. I started reading these threads around the same time and realized that seems to be typical male scorpio behavior.

    well, this depends... if it was a $e% only meeting.

    All day yesterday I was convinced that I would run into him somewhere, I just had a feeling about it.

    That's a "twinkle"

    I went out with some friends and unexpectedly passed him in the bar while I was talking to a guy friend (who he had probably never seen before) we were just talking, it wasn't anything inappropriate...anyway he saw me talking to this guy and I heard him calling me names~"that b***h! unbelievable!" type of thing... anyway I called him right away because I didn't know what to do and he didn't answer. So I texted him, he didn't write back. Could he seriously be mad about that when he didn't return my efforts to contact him for weeks?! Wow!

    I gotta have more deatails but I do have a theroy....

    Just wanted everyone to know that they aren't alone in this scorp drama... We know! thanks fellow "I love a Scorp Gal"

    I know I cannot just be friends with him.

    Same Comment as above

    I don't know if I can even stick around and "prove my commitment" to him (if that's what he's looking for even?!) I was literally having the best day of my life and that was all ruined as soon as I saw how angry he was with me.

    It was so unexpected!!

    I don't think it was....

    Any advice? I just need to let it be but it's so hard sometimes!!

    I love this thread and you all seem like amazing people. I know there's already a lot going on, so no pressure to respond 🙂 I hope you all have a great weekend!!

    awww you too!

    just need to know a little bit more:


    is it a $e% thing?

    do you two have any major differences like race or something?

    Is he/you newly out of a relationship?

  • lolpet-

    Had my own drama this weekend. As I have mentioned before, I have been on and off with this Scorp for 6 years. And still standing.

    Girl.... d^mn!

    Since he came back around I have seen him a few times but he has been texting daily, or nightly - always a "goodnite ****" at bedtime.

    I remeber that

    So - on Friday night all I got was a "goodnight".

    Hmm. I knew something had been bugging him, so having had a couple of glasses of wine and feeling brave I decided to challenge him.


    Lolpet, don't you know when after 6 years that man is looking for a fight??? with ANYBODY!

    "what, no ****?". Turned into a full scale argument,

    I bet it did!

    so by yesterday morning I believed that it was over. Again.

    I bet you did.

    I told him he had left me so often, broken my heart so many times that I should hate him. I told him I could have been long gone with someone else, but I had waited for him and still all he did was hurt me. So after his work yesterday when he texted me, I ignored him. I was beyond arguing and just wanted peace.

    Oh I KNOW the feeling.

    At 7.30pm I received a text saying he NEEDED to see me, wanted to talk to me. So full of dread, I went. I expected the "its over" conversation, and prepared myself for it. I was fully prepared to give it up. I had been ill for days and still had no energy. AND.........

    He took me to show me the new house he intends to buy when he sells the one he is in - the one he "wants us to live in together."


    He took me for a meal, we went back to his and watched a film. He massaged my neck and shoulders as we sat, was so sweet and attentive.

    This morning he spoke about us having children together - about how he might have to go away to follow the work to make sure he can provide for me. He feels he is missing out on life, that his previous lifestyle cannot continue, and he wants to knuckle down and be the person I want him to be.

    Girl just tread lightly until you know you got the footing... (but YAY!)

    I am still in shock. I expected the end, and was offered a future.

    I am not being swept away by empty promises, I still intend to take this slowly, but I have seen enough change in him so far to give me some hope.

    Now did your girls come up? your ex?

    There is hope all you gals out there hankering after a Scorp. I have been to **** and back with him. I waited weeks/months for contact. I put up with the drunken threats, abusive behaviour, the sober apologies for so long. The inbetween times drove me insane. I cried, I wallowed, I made myself strong, only for him to break me again.But I could see the person he could be and I hung in there like a rottweiler!!!

    I know you did.... I've read your posts.... My heart is so light for you now.

    But as a TRUE Cancer Gal.... You just know I'm going to say it.... BE CAREFUL and guard your heart...

    But lolpet OMG it's something in the air.... I'll post....

  • went up to the restaurant yesterday...just to hang out cause my friend, who owns the place, asked me to come by and watch "this is it" after he closed since i've never watched it. of course my crab wasn't there, but at least I had a good night.

    Moon - my twinkle is literally on the fence...I'm hesitant and scared to send him any kind of message because of what the outcome might be. Regardless on how cancers spill their feelings and whatever they are holding onto and put everything on the line, I don't do that. I don't know if other scorps don't do that, but I don't. I can't. I'm insecure, and if I see him again it will just be so uncomfortable....

    my twinkle tells me not to send him a text....but then I think about him soooooo much nowadays, and then my twinkle says "hey, what the heck, just send him a text like Moon told you to. what if he responds? then that would be great wouldn't it??".....but if he doesn't respond.....well....I don't will definitely be worse....

    I asked theCaptain why she asked me to send him a text when he's involved with another woman, and she told me that it would make him give me clarity to the situation. so that when he said no and rejected me, I would stop wasting my time on him and move on because unless it comes from his mouth, I'm never going to believe that he doesn't want me.

    I'm not in the best of moods today...I'll respond to everyone else later....thanks for the support ya'll....

  • First lolpet to Moon,

    I hope that you don't think I was being harsh. If I was I didn't mean to be.

    Nah, you should only know what I do for a living! you're NOT harsh... trust

    For weeks I have watched as you and Scorp have gone round in circles. You tell him how hurt you are, he comes back to you and tells you how bad he feels, you tell him, "No you are not a bad person, you are great" - you are making him feel better about himself, pandering to his ego, you reply as if nothing has happened, joking about work, everyday happenings, and you are giving him the impression that you can be his friend.

    I realized that.... ugh! I realized what I did....

    And you can't. It hurts you too much, you tie yourself in knots, analysing every word he sends, looking for clues. You are driving yourself nuts!! You are exhausting yourself, not looking after you - and you are the most important person in your life. NOT HIM!

    I know.... I know.... but read on....

    If you only respond with a short reply, nothing personal when he contacts you, then he will get the message that you cannot be "personal" with him. You have already told him how he has hurt you, let it sink in that you mean it.

    Actually, that WAS going to be my plan... even before I read yor post (Great minds think alike

    Let him find out how much he misses the friendly banter, how much he misses you being around. Let him know that he only gets the "business you".

    OMG! I KNOW.... RIGHT??? But just read.....

    I would love you to give yourself a break - break out of the cycle and look after you. Put you first. Believe that he is your guy, as we all do, and concentrate on you. Make yourself stronger, so when he comes back around later, when he is sorted, you will be back to your best and able to relax and enjoy your relationship. Try to enjoy your free time, and try to get some sleep!!!! mwah.xxxx

    Lolpet I was soooooo planning on doing this... and I still will BUT (dun, dun, dun)

    Scorp and I got into it over phone and Email... It was rough!

  • SV- did any talk of crab come up?

  • also Moon, you told me that you poured your heart your to your scorp the other's easier because you've kept in touch with him on and off. I haven't spoken to mine in months...4's a littler harder when the situation is like mine where we haven't spoken in so long. If then out of the blue he gets this LONG text from me telling him how I feel...or any kind of communication for that matter...don't you think you would be all weirded out too if you got something like that out of no where?

    every single person on this thread has kept in touch with their "significant other" on and looks like I'm the only one stuck in a situation where I haven't talked to mine in SO long....

    I think I'm venting a little bit right now....

  • Moon - no talk of crab came up...I tried talking to my friend about it a couple of times, and it never ends well. he doesn't like talking about crab for some reason with me. probably because he want to protect his guy friend and probably because he feels uncomfortable telling me that my crab is dating someone else when I still have feelings for him....

  • ok, so on friday scorp and I got into it and then again all day yesterday into last night... the whole push pull back and forth dance.

    We each had our kids and thats why we flipped back and forth from phones to emails


    Oh FYI I told scorp I was seeing somebody (which is not true but I have been talking a bit to Boat boy here and there sooo it's not 100% a

    Here are the higlights...

    He indirectly asked me about "the guy" I said:

    Me: He's nice and calls and asks me about my day. He tells me to be careful at work all the time even though he has no clue. He's not like you in the bedroom but he's not bothered about anything about me. He's not fun like you with certain things but he always makes certain we go out at least once a week so I can get dressed up and be a girl with him cause he knows I like that. He's perfect except for the Va-voom. You have tons of Va-Voom but thats all you have... To give me anyway.

    Ugh. Life can be so tough sometimes."

    Scorp: Sounds like he likes you. Either date me and don't say anything

    or wait until you are done with him.

    Me: Why would I be done with him?

    Scorp: I don't know you will ever be done with him, perhaps you found your guy forever. I just don't want you to mess things up with him if you really like him. I do like you or I wouldn't be talking to you and I certainly wouldn't want to date you. I've learned over the past several months that honesty in some situations is not the best policy, meaning that you should just keep our thing to yourself and if you ultimately decide to make a commitment with him, I'll understand and we can remain friends. you're too fun, way too fun.

    Me: I'm not big on lying and cheating... that's not me.

    Scorp: If you like that other guy I wouldn't tell him that you want to see other people because you will probably ruin relationship if he likes you too.

    Me: Ruin it how? Im not saying i want to not see him anymore im only saying im not sure if he's 100% what i want. Why would he break up with me? Id think he'd appreciate my honesty.

    maybe... The problem is... I don't realize a good thing when it's in front of me. was that your point. Like maybe $e% isn't really that important and I'm putting too much emphasis on $e% and less on what should be important.

    That maybe my priorities about whats important are all out of whack. Is that what you meant by the "done with him" comment? That maybe he's a nice guy and I'm being foolish?

    Scorp: No, $e% is important and I would never get involved with someone who wasn't great in bed. That leads to disaster. Keep things going with him and keep quiet.

    Me: I don't work like that. I'm sorry. I need honesty.

    Scorp: I've been pretty depressed since the day you spent with me and started taking anti-depressants last Monday. Its only situational depression and I hope to snap out of it soon.

    I'm sorry that you got in trouble at work but I have to say that what you did

    for me was one of the nicest things anybody has ever done for me.

    Moon, Do not tell that guy, it would be a mistake as I am involved in a very unhealthy situation at the moment.

    My ex basically told me that she was still in love with me and doesent want me to leave. She also insinuated that I either reconcile or I am the enemy. That's typical BPD behavior, they see everything as black or white with no middle ground.

    People generally don't believe me but the fact that you believe me and helped me means a lot. Trying to come to grips with her mental state has been unbelievably difficult as she is a master at fooling people. However, I may have figured out how to deal with her and that requires me to fake a reconciliation and demand psychiatric testing as a condition. Its sick and twisted but that's the only way to deal with someone who is sick and twisted.

    Me: Actually, that's what the guy at my old office did. It was really hard for him too. He got back with his ex got her into counseling and THEN he hit her with the divorce.... again. He talked her into selling the house and getting a new one because he told her "it held too many bad memories" I have never seen anything like it.

    He's one of the guys I told you told me how they always recorded everything they did. EVENTUALLY it worked... but it was hard for him.

    Just so you know... it F-ed up his kids bad. I would REALLY double and triple check with your therapist. His older kid ran away all the time and then tried to commit suicide. It was really, really bad. Not to depress you further. Just REALLY think hard first.

    Scorp: I love the picture. I think about the words "I can't" in a totally different way and agree with your saying.

    Me: I have a question... and I'm not being nosey.... just curious....

    What would happen if you took the approach of "she can have whatever she wants". Just let it all go.

    I know it's easier said than done... but what if you said to yourself... (yes, I am serious... don't laugh at me)

    "I am a Phoenix in every sense of the word.... And I cannot lose... because for every thing I've lost.... I've learned a lesson.... which really means I've won something"

    Kinda like I say "I am so lucky, I'm one of the most luckiest people in the whole wide world" and.... shhhh.... I'll tell you a secret... I believe it... and you know what??? it's true.

    I'll call you in a couple of weeks -- after my birthday-- when I figure out if I can date you. I don't know if I can-- or if I want to yet (no offense.... I'm sure you understand).

    Oh, and FYI if I do decide to date you.... I'm going to want a bit more than what you're used to... so you'd have to think about what you're willing to give.

    Have not heard from scorp... and i don't expect to.

    I think if I decide to date him... It all on me. I'm doing it with my eyes wide open. I know what's in front of me... and him.

    I will make an educated decission on what I can and cannot handle.

    I do believe he loves or the picture I just believe him when he says he's not there yet...

    now the question is.... do i want to wait and weather what will be a VERY long storm??? or just be "just friends"

    ACTUALLY.... the REAL question is... If we're "just friends" can we kiss and play occationally???

    Oops! Just went to H^LL again!

    Darn, I hate it when that happens! ..lmao..

  • Moon - no talk of crab came up...I tried talking to my friend about it a couple of times, and it never ends well. he doesn't like talking about crab for some reason with me. probably because he want to protect his guy friend and probably because he feels uncomfortable telling me that my crab is dating someone else when I still have feelings for him....


    It's the guy thing. If your friend and his friend in common thought that the two of you should talk he'd give you a clue... and still stay neutural.

    Is he that way??? trying to stay neutrual?

  • Wow, months and months of posting.... crying.... eating TONS of chocolate....

    NOW I FINALLY KNOW!!!!!!!!!!



    AND IT'S NOT ME....... IT'S HIM!!!!!!!!!

  • This thread started out with Kel and I crying over a scorp... and flow walked us through... spoon fed us... then katie joined the show with her crab.... and lua chimed on in with hers..... or was adventue next???

    then lilshorty joind the mix.... then lopet hopped on in.... and now som new friends came on over...

    Thanks for everybody keeping me sane through this mess with my scorp.

    I don't think I'm giving up on him yet... BUT I'm not putting all my eggs in the basket.... and even though my heart is STILL telling me.... he's my guy... I'm going to take it just one day at a time with him.

    No pressure from me... or him.... I'm going to take care of me like lopet said... but at least now I know....

    and I know he loves me because it took him 2 days.... countless conversations.... all to get the the man to open up to me.

  • Moon - I'm glad that scorp finally opened up... 🙂

    as far as my friend, he's never actually told my crab and I to talk except once and that was after I knew that my crab talkd to him about it. that was after the first time that we stopped talking. i tried talking to my friend about my crab and he never really gave me anything except for telling me that "all guys are dogs" LOL. he never brings my crab up unless I do, and I haven't talked to him about my crab in a VERY long time because every time I do, he seems to get a little irritated.

    I'm going to go work out....that seems to be the only thing I have control over nowadays...if I can't have a man, I might as well look hot, right? LOL

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