ASCLAC part 3

  • Hi katie, OMG yes give me a few and I'll explain, I think kel would agree too! I'm in the middle of another cut and paste BRB

  • Oh, ok I can't wait, it's fresh in my mind

    Thanks for all your cut and paste. i do believe he thought i was ignoring him. but well, he did deserve that. LOL

    You're right he did

    he is emailing me cause he is testing the waters? for what?

    For what??? OMG Katie, you have not noticed my pattern??? He's either (1) interested or (2) wants to make you a mamber of the "Crab Boy's Fan Club" You just have to figure out which one... if you want to that is, but It'll be easy enough.

    god’s sake, he made a decision, a pretty drastic and hurtful one i must add, so he should just not test the waters. are crabs really so much different? do they really think they can do whatever they want and then just test the waters and try to crawl back? that is insane.

    Yes, we can be. And yes, we think a smile, a wink, a joke, a hug, a kiss, a card, a cake, a flower, you get the idea... we think attention from us will open the door.

    The whole lot of us... yup, we're all (well at least most of us) going to relationship H^LL you'll find us inbetween the Scorpio men and the Sagg male players. God, I hope Satan has the room.

    you said you were OMG about my answer to him and explaining why i havent written for so long. well Moon, i get where you are coming from. BUT understand one thing, i have NO or very tiny little intention (with certain conditions) to ever consider making up with him in regards to the realationship.

    I know this, but still, I was leaving the door open for you.

    otherwise, i thought, playing games is HIS absolute field. he is a master at that and i could never beat him there.

    Yes you can. If he likes you the games will stop eventually.

    on the other hand… my field is straightness and honesty, with which he can’t deal/can’t do anything about.

    He can, he's probably just scared. I bet he gave somebody he heart once and they broke it very badly... or he's nuts from a crazy childhood ( just kidding).

    so that is my greatest weapon, it always was and will remain in the future. and you know what? i must squeeze his heart with kindness and forgiveness. see what he can do with that… 😉

    Did you order the steak yet??? aka tell him what you want from him?

    You say: „He needs to make conversation with you…. He WANTS to talk to you. It’s SO obvious. Plain as day to me.”

    I did.

    i ask: why on earth would he want to talk to me? he played it all… what does he want? how can he think that he can reverse things?

    Because he just does. It's a strange kinda relationship thing. He thinks your break-up was over not good enough reasons I bet. Even though they were because of him... he's still wanting to turn the frown... upside down I bet.

    You ask: „But why not open the door of communication and ask for a nice lobster tail?”

    well it is easy to answer. i am not a crab. LOL i invest a lot into a relationship pretty much from the very beginning. i believe that relationships have a natural course of evolving. some evolve faster, some slower, but they are evolving, going into a direction. not going back and forth. i can’t deal with that. if you want me, great, then be with me. if not, then find someone else to play with…

    update since then: he got braver im guessing from the private e-mail exchange we had, knowing that at least i am willing to talk to him.

    he started to address me again and pinch/tease me in groupmails… for whatever that is worth for me… LOL

    today we (the friends) are meeting for dinner. i dont know whether he is coming or not. like always, he was unsure… i am really interested as his curiosity will bring him there or not…

    Ok, if he comes, and he flirts/looks/breathes in your direction... then please, call him up invite him over and have a nice heart to heart. I don't think he'll run away. I don't think he'll make the first move to do this with you... but I do think he wants you to.

    I know I would.

    Ok back to cut and paste... I just HAD to post to you

  • SCC I'm not ignoring you just catching up

  • katie,

    hi. yes the first day of course is tomorrow.

    have a great trip if i dont speak to you before.

  • hey adventure! 🙂 have lots of fun with the course!

  • Sv- omg...just got the weirdest, scariest readings on the tarot thread...see below...there are two sets of cards for me...he posted the first set, and then when I asked for clarification, he posted the second set...I'M REALLY SCARED....:(


    Near Future: 4 of cups: You don't really care about anything at this point.

    Is that true?

    Distant Future: Moon: You feel something very deceiving and disturbing in your mind.


    Far Distant Future: Devil: Evil will conquer your mind and you're going to be fighting with someone you really can't stand.

    Wow, what a ball of sunshine!

    Near Future: Devil: Well you're love one will get shot by a deranged psychopath.

    Ummm…. Okay… now I’m kinda glad I didn’t meet the card reader and pay $35.00.

    Distant Future: 3 of swords: You will be receing a tragic news about your loved one death and obviously will you be extremely upset.

    Gee, this must be the part where we all hold hands and sing Kum-By-Ya around the camp fire.

    Far Distant Future: 5 of cups: you'll be very depressed and sad of your loved one death.

    Ok, SV this is what I think and please don’t be mad. I don’t think anybody you know is going to get shot and die at the hands of a deranged psycho-path killer. If they do, then please by all means let me know so I can eat my words. I might in fact eat my whole computer… keyboard and all.

    What I think is that you may be putting out some very negative vibes and please know that this kinds stuff I believe has a residual affect so the sooner you get positive, the better.

    How about this… who was the tarot reader? I say let’s all get a reading and see if the death rule is applying to us all.

    I do have a question though, and this is open to the whole thread so anyone feel free to reply...

    Ok, I always do…

    so, the restaurant owner, my good friend, has told me once again that I need to start being nicer to people in general.

    What does he mean? The way you speak to people? What you say to them? How did you two get on this topic to begin with???

    I told him that it seems like it's only him and his crew(which includes cancer boy) that think that I'm "mean".

    Good! Humph!

    Everyone of my other friends gets along with me just fine and loves me the way that I am. We had this conversation last year sometime as well and I started watching what I say around that group of boys because for some reason they seem to be really sensitive. I'm sorry about how I act, but sarcasm and being weird and stuff is part of my personality.

    Hey, you are who you are. We all have little things about us.

    my friend has known me for almost 10 years! he should know that by now...I'm just wondering if it's like a control issue or something?

    Well, what prompted this convo? Did he say anything specific? Can you ask him about any one specific thing? You may be putting out some unconscious negative vibes… or… they could just be cry babies! 😉

    Moon to SV- For each of these things I find that I spent my time dwelling on them. Thinking about them all the time. ALL the time…. And poof! It worked out for me.

    I do, I’ll keep a little photo by my bed… look at it before I sleep… right now, on top of a school in the city for my son, an even better one then he’s in now… I am eyeing up a HUGE new house and a Patek Philippe watch. Why not shoot for the moon right???

    SV>>yep, that’s what I do. I keep thinking about it all the time. I keep telling myself to stay positive and to keep thinking about the perfect man for me. so hopefully he’ll come around soon.

    How about this… everyday when I wake up… I know this sounds so silly… I say “I am so glad I can walk out of bed, so many people can’t. I am so lucky and blessed to have this one true great luxury”.

    SV, I’m not kidding, I do this with everything, watching TV, driving my car, I am always making my kids aware of their luck too. Trying at least. I always drop a little something at work to my coworkers… like I’ll say “hey guys how was the ____?” and if they complain I’ll say “well, at least you all are lucky and can see… hear… talk… just think there are people out there who cant do these things” The guys roll their eyes as it has nothing to do with work, but they get my point.

    Once you feel happy about that… the rest will come.

    Oh, and help people. I try to help people all the time. I’ll give my kids old clothes away instead of selling them… I’ll help an older person carry bags… I’ll always give up my chair for a kid or an older person… I will compliment a stranger… I’ll do at least one nice thing everyday. Even if it’s letting in a big truck as they have trouble merging into the highway from the exits one nice thing. That’s the rule. Then I think about my nice thing throughout the I’m silly, but it helps. I swear it does.

    a couple of the tarot card readers are telling me that crabby boy is going to come back and my life is going to end up in heartache again.

    Well, I believe he will come back… I hope you don’t have heartache.

    That scares me. I don’t want even MORE heartache than I already have. So honestly, if he does come back, I need to run in the other direction if he doesn’t give me what I want or fight for me. I will not stand to have my heart broken once AGAIN by someone who doesn’t deserve me. I hoping for the best Moon, I really am! 🙂

    Ok, so let me say…. Girl… I think you’re doing it the luck thing no offense.

    Instead of this” That scares me. I don’t want even MORE heartache than I already have. So honestly, if he does come back, I need to run in the other direction if he doesn’t give me what I want or fight for me. I will not stand to have my heart broken once AGAIN by someone who doesn’t deserve me. I hoping for the best Moon, I really am!”

    Try saying this “I learned so much from that man. I will be more wise when I give my heart next. I hope all is well for him. I hope he’s happy. I know that I am his girl and he’s my guy… I just know it… I believe it”

    With scorp I kept saying “I know he wont stoop that low, I know he’ll wake up and be the man I want, he has to be, I believe he is” this was AFTER I thought he wormed out.

    SV, I was in a state of shock when he wrote that he’d not be taking the easy way out but he was going to man up. Shock in a good way that is.

    Moon>>I don’t know if it works this way with people… as I am still disappointed in my Scorp, but yesterday as I was getting my hair done I was telling the hair girl (my mom’s best friends daughter) about scorp and she said something that struck me.

    She said “well, what’s the big deal?” and I was like “the big deal is that if he did it to her he’s a worm, he’s not a stand up guy, he can do it to me” and she said “well, if he loved you he wouldn’t do it to you, he doesn’t love her that’s why he’s like that” and I said “Moon, you’re hard on people, you really are, don’t take everything so personal” so I don’t know. Maybe I was wrong? I don’t think I am >:-/ I don’t know.

    SV>> I don’t think you take things too personal or that you’re too hard on yourself. Youre a sensitive person and that’s what makes you who you are. I’m a sensitive person and when I really like someone more than a friend, of course I’m more sensitive to the things that they do.

    I know right??? Doesn’t that suck???

    Especially when it involves head games, which clearly your scorp is still playing.

    Yes, he is. …lol… DING! Round 35 between The Scorp and The Crab…lol…

    You just have to have the strength to either hold on or let go. It’s your choice, but whatever you do, there’s something bigger and better coming your way. You experience in the past couple of weeks with your luck and your dreams coming true are proof!

    I know, funny you say this because I feel it. I have a serious twinkle about it. I can tell there is some sort of shifting going on… I have been keeping back for so long and now suddenly, I have the urge to… I dunno…. I can’t explain it… I am putting things together for myself the first time in years! (1) my little hair (OMG! Which this f-ing Brazilian thing is so f-ing amazing!!!!) (2) my little teeth, (3) my little skin (4) my little eyebrows…lol… long story (I’m going to go to a professional eyebrow stylist for free! (mine have to grow a tad more for my “Before and After” photos

    Ok, so can I tell you that I am dying to try the brow busting out and dying to try her! She get’s $45 for brows $45??? OMG! I have a gift card!!!! YAY!

    Now, I am concentrating on my weight… 136. I want to be 116.

    20 pounds baby… twenty pounds

    Anyway... my point was that I had spent all my time, money, energey on my kids that I was trying so hard to find a way to give a little for myself and I did... I give what I have to them... BUT I wish what I want for me, and as silly as it sounds... a lot of the time, it works out!

    I mean I wish for my kids too but for my little "extra's" I try my best to wish for them.

  • Hi Adventure!

    Ok, Flow real quick I have to run but just a quick one... ameno all good sooooo..... BRO AND WIFE ARE HAVING A BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Post back soon!

    Lolpet, Lua, Raexo, SCC still waiting

    be back in a few!

  • Can I tell you all.... I am so... UGH! I CAN BE SO D^MMNED VERBALLY CHALLANGED!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, so after I emailed scorp yesterday telling him that I'm glad to see he didn't turn out to be a worm like the Saving Private Ryan weasel as he spent our last phone call crying like a little b-!tch (yes, I did say it very much like this... well, maybe a little worse)

    I told him I would not meet up with him as I still felt he was a self absorbed jerk...

    and then topped it all off with a very quick "oh, but I mean it all nicely so hope you're not offened"

    Well, I just hung up from my Libra BFF who said that she read what I forwarded to her... and she's shocked! She said yes, he 99.9% is offeneded as she would be. She was like "Moon? Are you trying to make the man hate you???"

    So I've gone and made things worse this morning by sending him a quick email saying...

    "Hi, this is really bothering me...

    You do know that even though I am mad at you for being a self absorbed jerk to me that I did not write you that super long email to be mean.

    To me they're two separate issues.

    I actually meant it nicely.... Did I make that point or was it lost?"

    Scorp has not yet responded... So I called my Libra BFF who said...

    "Of course he's not responding you nitwit! You've called him a worm, a B!t(h, and a crybaby... OMG! and told him that you're still mad at him. You're making it worse!!!! just stop it!!! Send nothing else!!!! Just call him in a week or two when the smoke clears"

    Ok now, work with me people... I told him that's what I WAS thinking.... but then he fixed everything when he DID NOT follow through with his wormy plan.

    Am I missing something here?????? I MEAN IT NICELY!

  • Should I send him another one being more clear?

    Or should I call him to just clear the air that way?

    Or should I just say F-him as I'm still mad that he was being a self absorbed @$$-hole and he's staying silent because he knows I feel bad and he's trying to manipulate the situation???

    My heart is telling me #1 or #2 as the email was a tad.... ehh-hem... strong I suppose.

    My head is saying... Moon, it's #3. He's been a jerk & he has no way out of it... and now you just gave him one. he's going to flip the tables on you if you let him. He'll make what you did worse than what he did... which it's not.... so this way you feel bad and he gets his way. Leave it alone and he'll contact you".

    Right? number 3???? am I getting it?


  • Or is it hard for a man to have a woman tell him he's a crybaby, wormy, little b_ _ ch? I don't know... Maybe i sould just stand down.

    Ugh! See, this is what I was talking about SV.


    My dead Aries ex would do this... IF scorp is doing anything that is... I might have offeneded him.... ugh!

    My dead Aries ex... OMG! He'd do the most worst things ever... then if I did one little thing he'd blow it up so far that I'd feel SO guilty and his HUGE thing became small while my small thing became HUGE.

    ok, let me go and read so I get off of the evil scorp topic as it's melting my brain.

    My advice to a stranger would be... Stand down, he's twisting things with his slience.

    Ok, I'm going to follow my own advice.

  • Moon,

    I don’t have the energy for this with your Scorp at the moment. I do have my thoughts as I told you. Yet I do got 1 question for you. I want you to think very deeply ...don’t answer me right on the top of your head.

    And I want 1 sentence from you that you don’t need to elaborate etc.

    What exactly do you want out of what you wrote to Scorp?

    Honestly I don’t have the energy. I am going through stuff myself and soul searching deeply so not much room for anyone else heart ache at the moment.. Sorry hun.

    On another note CONGRATS AUNTIE MOON!!! I am sooo glad for your bro and his wife. Do send my well wishes to both of them. I hope the rest of the pregnancy is plain sailing. 🙂


    Good luck tomorrow.

  • Thanks for all of your responses everyone, I really appreciate the input but I don't think i want to talk about it anymore, the more I talk about it and analyze it, the more my anxiety flares up because I can't get resolution...he gets home tonight but too late for us to meet in person and then we have to compete with the work week.

    I've been a bit of a wreck, I've lost about 3 lbs over the last 4 or 5 days, I'm just overriden with anxiety, I'm trying to calm down, it's tough...

    Moonbeauty -

    Moon LOL! I see so many similarities between you and I...I pull this same kind of stuff all the time

    Kind of give backward compliments...

    You do realize that it's emotional manipulation right? You're insulting him but also leaving the window open to reel him back in

    "I told him that's what I WAS thinking.... but then he fixed everything when he DID NOT follow through with his wormy plan."

    Knock him down a few pegs but then be able to say "oh no you read that wrong, that's what i DID think about you, not what I think now...." so you leave that little doubt window open to reel him back in...not that I'm saying he doesn't deserve it 😉

    But I think #3 is the right move, just stay silent

    ANd Flow has a good point, if you're unsure of what you want from Scorp, then you're going to continue to mess things up...

    Eventually you'll have to forgive Scorp and release the pain he caused you - not easy for us, i know - or you're just going to continue to pick him apart for it or WORSE start picking apart the next guy that comes along for things he didn't even do!

    " I know my guy’s reaction may be less than happy, but, again, I’ll do it anyway because at that moment, I want to shine a bit."

    You nailed this for me...

    "Ok, but I just have to ask… why? I understand “save yourself from others, but why do you have to save yourself from yourself??? Not to get too , well, you know, but don’t you like to think of your guy and, you know… you know? (public forum.. trying to be clean)"

    There's a bit of romance to it I guess...saving all your sexual energy to unleash on your partner, to devour them and give them the time of their lives lol And "taking care of yourself" (at least for me) means fantasizing about someone ELSE. I limit my imagination to celebrities only so that it doesn't feel like cheating but for me taking care of myself is an ESCAPE from the sex of the relationship...does that make it any clearer? And I think this is why I feel so betrayed...he didn't lift it (again, 3rd time this has happened) but instead chose to take care of himself the next fun fun...but like you said maybe he just didn't want to be locked and loaded while away lol That makes sense to me..and here I am talking about it again after I said i didn't want to lol

    "it also makes me very insecure (probably where all my issues with appearances are coming from)...

    OMG! Kel, this is what EVERY one of my ex’s have done to me in the past. This can and has started my insecurity train rolling…"

    Could you explain this more?

    Flowsco -

    I really hope you're doing alright, you have me worried 😞 I hope you can share soon what's going on with you

    I hear ya on the bora bora pics lol Pis*ses me off too that we aren't there right now relaxing on the beach

    Adventure -

    Let us know how your course goes!!! 🙂

    Katie -

    Good to hear that you're out and dancing your shoes off! 🙂 lol!!

    Have fun on your trip! When will you be back?

    Lolpet -

    Glad to hear from you! Not glad to hear you were sick, ouch

    "mine went as a man! Dr Who from a science fiction programme here."

    LOL!!!!!!! Aww that's so cute 🙂

    Has Warehouse 13 started up over there yet? It's pretty good so far, only been 2 episodes here though, so might be a bit of a delay

    SV -

    What's up with you lately? You said that were having anxiety again, did something happen? Or maybe I missed the post? I've been sucked into a black hole lately lol

    " I feel like it’s a good way of making sure you give your “all” when it comes time to have s*ex, LOL"

    Exactly!!! LOL!!! All or nothing, right? haha

    "How often do you guys have sex during the week, you don’t have to tell me, but that may help with what’s going on. He might just feel like the relationship is turning into “all sex, no play”…meaning that instead of talking and getting to know eachother more and make the relationship grow, it’s turning into s*ex all the time. "

    Ok so we have sex quite a bit, and it's usually because of him...(because when I try, all I get from him is a limp dck lol). Are you looking for numbers? We usually see each other the whole weekend, so from friday - sunday, maybe like 4 or 5 times? Can be more in a week if we see each other more than just the weekends. But he has weird issues, he has said that he feels like needs to give me sex all the time or I'm going to leave (that's his baggage, I've never said anything about the amount of sex we have). Now when he goes limp, he says he gets nervous because he says he feels pressure to make everytime amazing (and i think he thinks that if its not, i'm going to leave?)...but it's only when I initiate it, so I don't understand how that works. I think something else is going on here. As for the relatinoship becoming more s*ex and less getting ot know each other, it's possible...but I'm constantly trying to get into his head, there's isn't a lack of deep I don't know

    It's driving me nuts that I've had to wait so long to talkt o him...I hope I get a chance soon...

    "Sometimes people just do things without thinking about how the other person would react. It could just be some mundane thing that is part of a routine or something, so they don’t think that it would actually hurt another individual. Make sense?"

    yes it does...i'm not usually like this, i usually can figure out long before i do something how it will affect others, so it's a difficult concept to swallow. but i guess i just have to accept that that's how it is

    "lol, gosh what a big EGO it is kel!!! Haha jk!! "

    hehe well I do have Mars in Scorpio...I know my way

    raexo -

    SV is right, crabs never let go lol Take it slow with mr. crab 😉 even if its just for friendship

    "I hate that about aries! I never get a chance to get a word in because they always have a much better and more exciting story to tell! Haha I do love them, but I know the feeling! Sometimes I think you have to literally tell them to stop talking and to listen to you. Sometimes they get carried away haha"

    I am so glad I am not alone with this lol I may just have to tell him to STOP! next time haha

    How's your mouth? All healed up?

    Lua -

    Takes 3 months by ship?!?!?! Yikes, what a cheapskate lol

    Scorpiosc -

    "Kel, so do you think he'll come for me if I completely ignore him??? Or do you think he will take that as a signal that I'm not interested in him and he will move on???"

    Kel, that's the thing. I have revealed to him that I like him alot and that I would never hurt him! But how else are we Scorps/women supposed to reveal to Cancer men how we feel???

    To me, it seems like you've made your move, the ball is in his court now. Don't be mean or rude to him, but just don't give him any extra or special attention, treat him like a normal person. When he doesn't feel like he "has" you, he'll make a move if he truly wants you

  • update time! LOL

    so he came to the dinner and he behaved like totally normal. everything was like before. like our little 'ride' never happened.

    i could behave absolutely cool and he does dare to talk to me and look me in the eyes. he didnt pinch me around just made some nice jokes and he was very caring and nice... dont know what to make out of it.

    i mean i feel like he were a skizo. i could never do what he pulls. i mean if i had ever done something that hurtful to a person, and deal with things like he did, i would hide away forever, i would avoid seeing the person ever again. is he heartless? or is he desperate? or what is he? how does he pull this with a conscious mind?

    oh before anyone would think that i am freaking out or ranting... i am not. im more or less fine, not broken down, not fallen back... just have these questions in my mind.

    Kel? i know you are not in the best place, but when you can, do you mind to chip in? what is he thinking? what goes through his mind?

    oh he pretended that he forgot knowing about my vacation, i guess he wanted to know details so he asked: and katie, are you going on vacation this summer? and i was like: yes i am. and he went on: when and where? and i told him and he was like: REALLY??? and im sure he so much would like to know with whom... but he didnt ask and i didnt share the info. LOL

    my hair was put up in a way that you could not see the whole lenght and then once he looks at me and freaks out yelling: Did you cut your hair? (cause it appeared to be much shorter)

    i almost asked him: what is that to you? but i didnt.

    KEL! what do you think? Moon? anyone?

  • ps: Kel, im gonna be back from vacation on the 31st of July.

    oh, i also wanted to say that i really hope that i could present him again all he has lost, all he has let go off... though i must say i still love him, that i felt, how he was standing close to me and how i could smell accross the table the scent of the shower gel he uses... it brought back that feeling in my stomach... well, it's ok that way.

    Kel, im sorry i am so self-absorbed right now and dont comment on you. i just got a big dose of feelings right now that i MUST share, otherwise i explode. but i REALLY HONESTLY hope that you get better. you always told me (remember?) that i should not let anyone make a nerv-reck out of me! keep it balanced! 🙂

  • katie -

    You did a group dinner right? not just you and him?

    " i would avoid seeing the person ever again. is he heartless? or is he desperate? or what is he? how does he pull this with a conscious mind?"

    No this is a guy thing...when a guy has a problem with someone, they might blow up at each other but when time passes, they just quietly start hanging out again as if nothing happened

    "KEL! what do you think? Moon? anyone?"

    I think that maybe he was just being nice, trying to start to patch things over so that in time you two can become friends

    It could also be that he's trying to work his way into your life, but I'm inclined to think that he's not trying that again...but just be on your guard

    I'm trying to keep it balanced 😞 it's tough lol

    Is the moon really in Scorpio? When did that start? lol maybe that's what's contributing to my insanity over these last few days

  • Kel, yes we had a group dinner. i would NOT meet him alone...

    can you tell me what makes you say that he is not wanting me anymore? it is so hard to believe that someone can be like that. and can get over something that he pursued for half year. i mean i know im stupid, cause i should not approach this question with my personality, as i am very much different. i thought about it a lot and i just cant quite grasp it. interesting HOW different people are.

    well anyways, he cannot possibly think that he will make friends with me, cause i DO NOT WANT to be his friend. i am willing to behave human and civil when we are in a group and willing to have some superficial conversation with him but i am not at all gonna become his friend. it takes a LOT of energy anyways to remain that wise as to handle the situation in group. for you see... i am having a tiny relapse now, woke up and could have cried really... though i know that he is just bad for me... still memories are at work. glad im going away!!!

    when he once told me that he thanks me for my trust i told him that it is natural for me. i give trust to people that i feel i can trust, and i maintain that trust until they dont abuse it. he did very much abuse it, so whatever he wants, he wont be my friend ever again, cause he lacked all respect towards me. you have to do some pretty nasty thing in order to be pushed out of my circle of trust, but if you got out... you rarely get back in, doors are sealed... i forgive but rarely forget!

    well sorry, i am just not feeling to good right now and i wanted to share these thoughts.

  • hey Moon, thought i answer you still fast before im going away...

    For what??? OMG Katie, you have not noticed my pattern??? He's either (1) interested or (2) wants to make you a mamber of the "Crab Boy's Fan Club" You just have to figure out which one... if you want to that is, but It'll be easy enough.

    well Moon, i ain't becoming a member of 'Crab Boy's Fan Club' EVER.

    im sorry to say so, but these times i feel that crabs can be very very mean. and i would think that since you dont wanna get hurt, you protect yourself so much that you would not hurt others either. at least that is how i live. since i know what i dont like others doing to me... i dont do that to them either. im sorry i am not offensive, it just sometimes does not add up in my head.

    Yes you can. If he likes you the games will stop eventually.

    I think that man will NEVER be able to stop playing games. i think he even plays games on himself...

    *Did you order the steak yet??? aka tell him what you want from him?

    Moon, i believe i told him enough, including that i loved him... his adult and mature answer for that was BIG FAT SILENCE. that tells me everything about him...

    Ok, if he comes, and he flirts/looks/breathes in your direction... then please, call him up invite him over and have a nice heart to heart. I don't think he'll run away. I don't think he'll make the first move to do this with you... but I do think he wants you to.

    He did come as you can read it in my earlier post. and he behaved as i described above. but Moon, there is no way on earth i will ever initiate any conversation with him. NEVER. he might just wish that, but i am not a kindergarden teacher, i am sick of man who are like children. i rather spend my energy on finding a man who is actually a MAN. 🙂

  • "can you tell me what makes you say that he is not wanting me anymore? it is so hard to believe that someone can be like that. and can get over something that he pursued for half year."

    I didn't say that he was over you, but maybe he just doesn't want to try anymore. There's a difference, he may realize that he can't be what you want him to be without all the head games. But I'm not sure...crabs do move slow, so i see this more as a sign that he's trying to get back into your good graces and be friends...for now...from there? I don't know

    How did things end with the other friend that your crab dated? That's a good way to determine how things are going to end up with you and he too

    "well sorry, i am just not feeling to good right now and i wanted to share these thoughts"

    I understand, you're still hurting. That will fade in time and you'll be willing to forgive him and one day you won't even have evil thoughts about him 🙂 and you'll let him go for good

  • hey Kel! yes i understand what you mean. i even felt stupid for writing that question. i know i should not care, but I DO. oh gosh why do we sometimes go on loving people who do not deserve it and why cant i just hate him?

    i know i sound stupid cause im all the time telling that i dont care, and then here i am again. i mean i dont throw myself back into the c-rap, but i do feel unbalanced and sad today...

    how do you mean things ended with the other friend whom crab dated? he was very evil to her for a long time, lately not THAT much but he is still making cruel jokes and all.

    but for how much ive heard from her about the relationship, it went down pretty different than him and me. except that he left her the same way.

    i dont know, i guess it is good that im going away. sometimes i wish i could just sleep for a while until things are good again, if they ever get good. i hope you are feeling better Kel and thanks for your answer. 🙂

  • ps. i know it does not matter much, but i saw him from the corner of my eyes staring at me for long times last night. i did like i would not realize it, but ive seen how he was staring... well yes, whatever... just telling all ive seen...

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